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Romney (and others?) Paying for Votes in Florida...

The video is out there right now about the RP fellow traveling down to Florida with his cam-corder and basically getting a testimony out of one of the unemployed latino guys there who were paid by a "Romney Strategist group" or something like that.

Has anyone contacted the Florida Board of Elections about this, or was that video found to be a fraud? It looked pretty authentic to me, and I'd like to have an answer as to how we're going to let this go without mention.

Romney should fry for this, and if I had to take a guess, Gingrich isn't doing much better.

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mountaincat's picture

He was being paid to hold a sign

and wear a t-shirt.
I don't think any laws were broken.


Thanks for that. I was kind've wondering how such a loose end could be over-looked.

Ron Paul doesn't have to pay people to hold signs.

We just do it.