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Possible SECURE VOTING option? Hmm... interesting idea.

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Voting on Newt's Moon

It's not rocket science. One simply puts an enveloped (candidate specific) paper in a box. All in public, like the emptying of the box and the counting of the votes. It's been done a million times all over the world. Voting fraud is extremely simple to preempt. Extremely simple.

In a modern world

of convenience and instant gratification too many don't see the benefit of waiting to hand count hundreds of thousands or millions of votes.

Many are naive (like I once was) as to how much vote fraud we would get, and so embraced more automated counting of votes.

I totally agree with you it's not rocket science, and people should WAIT if need be to ensure the integrity of the election. Ballots shouldn't move. No chain of custody. The vote should happen in public and people should just WAIT and observe. But too many people don't realize this is actually needed.

Thankfully, as mentioned below it IS now possible to include technology with voting for improved convenience, cost, and efficiency, and STILL ensure full transparency and integrity:


I took a look at this

It's nice, but adds an unnecessary step. It's not needed to store the list of votes in Bitcoin's blockchain.

I agree with others below that the best and most effective solution is the one proposed by David Bismark:


This method ensures each voter maintains their anonymity, and the integrity of the vote is maintained because the scanned encrypted votes are all shown on a website where people can verify their vote was counted.

That's all that's needed. Such a system would be MORE transparent LESS costly and MORE efficient than all current voting systems.

Again, it's not necessary to encrypt and store the list in Bitcoin's blockchain when it will become public anyway.

It is totally possible to

It is totally possible to have a completely secure and verifiable vote! Why do we spend millions on corruptible machines that don't work and are not secure?


Thanks Liberty4me for the great link!

Single most important issue -

Single most important issue - voter fraud.

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for further consideration.

you know the little numbers that you pull at the DMV ?

Theres one for renewals, new licences etc. Why not install the same exact, simple, dated-reel machines at the precincts? The voter pulls a tab for Paul, Romney - whoever, and they have a receipt that tells them what day and in what order they were present and voting and for whom. Tear it in half. One half the voter keeps, and the other half goes in one of 4 candidate boxes or maybe a 5th box for 'other'.

Maybe the number issued could

Maybe the number issued could be checked online to see who the vote was cast for?

We need to codify something

We need to codify something to insure a fair vote count and keep presenting it to all the states until approved. This may be a possibility. I am in favor of having my signature assigned to my vote to check, but the founding fathers wanted anonymous voting to avoid persecution.

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Something to check out


This presentation was over a year ago. I don't know if it's gone anywhere since then, but it seems like a good idea.

Absolutely TRUE!

It is totally possible to have a completely secure and verifiable vote! Why do we spend millions on corruptible machines that don't work and are not secure?