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What you never knew about defense contracting...

...will shock you.

I did a map at this blog post here that connects defense contractors to, um, everything. The banksters, Big Pharma, and all your cartel friends.

If you just want to check out the map itself, check this out:
It will take awhile to load as it is a humongous image.

As we battle the foreign policy misconceptions, I hope that we can break through to some people. Please share with those whom this might resonate

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Guess i do not have the right

Guess i do not have the right plug ins to view the map but it sure looks like a LOT of work..

About two days on and off

I was pretty shocked that there was so much interlock between these industries. You would think in a nation of 300 million, there would be more people represented.

It became an obsession for me, anything to wake people up.
You need flash or javascript turned on to view the map.