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The Real Reason Why Paul Is "Unelectable", Political Zionism!


Political Zionism has undermined the U.S. more than any enemy ever has, the Zionist organization "AIPAC" has funded most front runner candidates in the '08 - '12 Presidential races.

Zionism is also the reason for the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which is why Israel exists in occupied territory.

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Probably not the right time for this discussion

As always, follow Ron Paul's lead. He knows it is politically bad timing for many topics: 9/11, zionism, etc.

From the dictionary on my computer, courtesy of Steve Jobs:

Semite |ˈsemīt|

a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs.

ORIGIN from modern Latin Semita, via late Latin from Greek Sēm ‘Shem,’ son of Noah in the Bible, from whom these people were traditionally supposed to be descended.

Wow, wow, wow

a Lot of very interesting comments on this thread.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Most People Don't Know This~

I certainly didn't...But historian, Eustace Mullins, protege of Ezra Pound, explained it. He said the word, Nazi,is the combination of National Socialist and Zionist. These parties were not doing well separately in Germany, so they combined forces back in Hitler's time. Please don't confuse Jews with Zionists! Many Orthodox Jews will quickly tell you that they are not Zionists. Zionism has to do with British Israel. An interesting read is The Union Jack which may be read at educate-yourself.org under British Israel. Christians, particularly, will find it an interesting read, as it describes how churches are used to further the cause of Zionism.


I'm not sure this is true but

I'm not sure this is true but it is interesting, because Hitler was funded by banks.

Link to this topic

Here is the link to Mr. Mullins' lecture if anyone is interested.


Ezra Pound mentored T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway and Eustace Mullins. He commissioned Mr. Mullins to do an expose on The Federal Reserve in 1948. It was entitled, Mullins on the Federal Reserve, and later, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve. He commissioned this work while imprisoned in a mental institution, some think for his political beliefs.

Mr. Mullins attended Washington and Lee, New York University, The University of North Dakota and The Institute of Contemporary Arts in Washington D.C. He worked at the Library of Congress until he said a senator arranged for his dismissal. He was an Airforce veteran.

I am, in the words of Dr. Paul, trying "to find the plain truth of things." I trust others here are trying to do the same. Will provide another source if anyone requests it.


This is ignorant beyond all comprehension

NAZI is an Abkurzung (contraction of) NSDAP which was the formal party name: National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei

(National Socialist German Workers Party)

It has ZERO to do with Zionism.

For god's sake man, make some calls for Paul rather than wasting your time on g-d nonsense like this.

um . . .

you may disagree with the above poster, but the political beliefs of many Orthodox Jews are being ignored. Many of them do not trust "British Israel" (an interesting way to put it, btw--one I had not seen before)--

If there were someway RP could reach these Orthodox Jews!!!

They would be a tremendous support to the cause of liberty!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The Fed is destroying our once great economy,

Zionism is destroying the soul of America. The same folks who were behind the creation of the Fed and Zionism in America, were the same ones behind us entering WWI and WWII. In fact the same House of Rothschild agents, Untermeyer, Schiff, Morganthau, and Baruch were involved in the funding of the Bolshevik Revolution. Why do you think Patton was prevented from invading Russia, who by his claim were the real victors of WWII, because the war was started by the German invasion of Poland, resulting in Soviet control after the war?

These same cast of charaters were behind the creation, funding and promotion of the Scofield Reference Bible, which has undermined Christianity. Christians today idolize Israel, praise the followers of the Pharisees, and cheer unjust wars, which are all manifestations created from sermons referencing the Scofield Bible.

It's you duty as a follower of Christ to fight against this movement that Blashemes Christ's Word. This can be accomplished by using His Word written in Scripture against them, and by circulating video such as this by We Hold These Truths and Strait Gate Ministries. Even non beleivers should watch this video to understand the plague attacking the Christian majority, and thus destroying America. http://vimeo.com/29901084

It's silly to single out one political lobby...

Since when is AIPAC the only organization that funds candidates?

I could find you a HUGE list of political organizations that have nothing to do with Israel who have consistently funded political candidates...

Does AIPAC have influence? Yes.
Do other organizations have influence? Yes.

I think it's ridiculous to believe that one political lobby has some sort of exclusive magical power over our candidates...

I believe it's a huge mash up of different groups trying to keep the status quo going. Period.

To single out just AIPAC is ridiculous.

I would agree with you if it were not for that HUGE . . .

group of Christians who proudly call themselves Zionists and who 'would vote for Ron Paul if it weren't for his dangerous foreign policy'--

it's the skeleton in the closet--

It's not even oil that keeps Dr. Paul from coming out #1 on every poll and in every primary--

It's not global corporatism, because most Americans would like America to produce *her* "own" products, again.

It's not even welfare; too many poor people are waking up.

It's not often his position on the War on Drugs--

I wasn't even thinking of AIPAC when I read this OP/thread; maybe the acronym was mentioned; maybe it wasn't--

I was thinking of my Christian 'friends' who cry 'death to the enemies of Israel!'--

Don't know what to do with them. I go to church with some of them; they aren't baby eaters, but they are scary people--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

this is a BIG can of worms--

the topic, the discussion, AND the reality--

*I*, personally, am weary of this discussion, because it's not complete--

ANY Jew who questions Israel or "Zionism" is immediately marginalized, ridiculed and called a 'self-hater'--

it's like Pavlov's dog. Doesn't matter whether it's Noam Chomsky (who is a liberal Jew) or Rabbi Weiss (Orthodox)--

the minute these people question Israel and its activities, they are accused of being 'self-haters' as quickly as Pavlov's dog drooled--

There are many similarities between people like Chomsky (MANY more than most Americans realize) and Weiss (also many more around the world than most Americans realize and than many American and Israeli leaders want to admit, in and out of Israel, in and out of America)--

and people who support the constitutional/libertarian principles that Dr. Paul teaches--

*We* want separation of church and state, in spite of the fact that many in America do not (Santorum and other evangelicals)--
so do people who question Israel who are Jewish--

both groups are marginalized, called names and appear to be in the minority.

Are *we* really (liberty-loving Americans of all religions and Jews of all persuasions who have disagreements with Israel)--a minority?!

Think of how *we* have been marginalized as Ron Paul supporters; think of the names we are called; is it any different for Weiss and Chomsky and Finklestein and the young people in Israel who protest occupation of Gaza, etc., etc.--

Just as Ron Paul and his supporters are maligned and censored in the MSM, so are the many Jews who do not like having their religion used as an excuse for the activities of Israel with regards to Palestinians, etc.--

but their voices are silenced. Do *we* like being silenced? Of course not.

As a lover of liberty *I* champion anyone who is being silenced!

God bless Weiss and Chomsky and the unknown thousands who question among the Jews.

May their voices be heard--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Chomsky was also banned from

Chomsky was also banned from Israel for his opinion.

yes, indeed--

I know there are many on DP who find Chomsky's philosophy too . . . 'liberal', but the man has integrity; therefore, I respect him.

I lost my documentation for this, but Itzhak Perlman's father Chaim had some conflicts with the Israeli state as well--

the nature of which I have forgotten; the Perlman's immigrated to the U.S. in the late 50s, I believe--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

As Ron Paul pointed out

his non intervention policy is aligned with Netanyahu. Israeli firsters should therefore support Ron Paul. That should carry more weight than foreign aid, which Israel really doesn't need, as their economy is one of the best in the world.

RP R3VOLution

Bible & Ron Paul video series....

Christian Zionism is dealt with in detail in the Bible & Ron Paul video series, segment #10 on Israel and Foreign Aid.
Send to all your Christian friends, very helpful perspective.


(this series has been up for weeks - why does the DP refuse to front page it?!!)

Roots of Christian Zionism:

this was/is a very informative thread on DP,
Must Watch: The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy -

I cringe...

... when I hear someone attacking Zionism with a broad brush. That kind of un-nuanced approach is just going to invite more broad brush labeling in retaliation: 'anti-Semitic', etc. I think it's better to emphasize what is good about Zionism, as Dr. Paul does when he speaks of respecting Israeli sovereignty, respecting the Zionist principles of independence and self-reliance, wanting to give them an edge over neighboring countries with shared intelligence, zeroing foreign aid, etc.

I think it's fine to surgically and precisely discuss faults of Israeli policy just as we do with any country. But to throw around charged labels like 'Zionism' in trying to place blame is just going to cause trouble, IMO.

of course, on HERE--

it's all right to 'cringe'--

but what about the attacking of those who attack "Zionism" who have a valid right to do so?

For example:

Those who want true liberty in America of necessity must 'attack' those who have trampled on the constitution, and in the process of doing so are marginalized and . . . especially during wars called 'anti-American' or unpatriotic or extremist--

so, are those of *us* who bring out the flaws of neo-conservativism in America . . . guilty of attacking neo-conservatism with a broad brush?

The origin of the U.S. (as a British colony over 400 years ago) began with an enlightened constitution--

there were abuses, yes, and *we* don't have to accept them (treatment of native Americans, slavery, etc.)--

*we* as Americans can speak out about them--

The origin of Israel was based upon decisions made in the English parliament by a group of British members of parliament who were pressed by Jews who espoused the philosophy of Zionism. It was then considered a valid philosophy, and it could be 'talked about', without people cringing--
there were abuses, but when Israelis or Americans try to talk about those abuses, they can only talk about them without talking about the origins of Israel?

The difference is that the establishment of separation of church and state in America 200 years ago was done by constitution--

the establishment of a religious-based nation by the British government 70 years ago . . . was not done by constitution and did not have the approval of ALL members of that religion--

It doesn't matter how embarrassed those of *us* who are not Jewish might become when the origins of Israel is brought up--

there are Jews who feel threatened by their religion being used for the purposes of establishing a nation--

there are also Jews who don't like many of the things that Israel does--things that don't bother most Americans, who accept genocide quite easily.

Many Jews don't--

*I* am a Christian, and I am strongly opposed to the Christian neo-conservatives who think it is all right to decimate an entire race/religion in the guise of 'protecting' Israel--

but if I speak out about that . . . I am marginalized? Will I make *you* cringe?

*I* don't like *my* religion being used in this way. I don't like the idea that someone who has been decimated by this hateful philosophy (call it what you will) of perpetual warmongering based upon propaganda . . . might come back and accuse ME of being hateful, when *I* had NO participation in it--nor did I support it.

As a Christian I will make Christians who are neo-conservative warmongers angry if I voice my concerns; I HAVE made many of them angry--

and they will try to marginalize me.

The idea of solidarity comes around again. I express *my* solidarity with Jews who question Israel--

even though I am not Jewish, because I understand how they feel about this abuse of their religion--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

thank you

Zionism is over, Israel exists.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

and so does . . .


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

A Great Video To Educate Yourselves

Mearsheimer and Walt: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
World Affairs Council: Washington DC


America's interest should be

America's interest should be above Isreals's interests.

Norman Finkelstein

is now no longer afraid. The Zionists still call him "self-hating". They tried to stop him from talking. He's still talking!

bless his heart--

well, he knows he is not alone now! (He never was, but it's pretty rough when the MSM crushes you)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

"Who controls the media? Who controls America?"

The Big Six media conglomerates:

Most of the CEOs and senior officers are Jewish

Ditto for Hollywood, the Fed...most of America is controlled by Jews.

^ That is a pretty good link there.

I love Jews but not Zionism, and NOT censorship when we try and say "it's Zionism." Or, at the very least, "Wow it looks like the Jews have the most power BY FAR!!!!"

Zionism is a front.


You're right, antisemitism is a big problem!

Ron's position is that Israel, like South Korea, Japan and Western Europe, is a wealthy nation with an advanced military and is primarily responsible for its own defense. He recognizes that Israel is a sovereign nation and has a right to defend itself. There is nothing anti-Zionist about this position. On the contrary, it RESPECTS (but doesn't take responsbility for) the Zionist position that Israel has a right to exist. And, by the way, when someone tells you they are a "proud anti-Zionist," as someone does in these comments, please keep in mind that Israel's right to exist is THE central tenet of Zionism.

Sadly, a gaggle of anti-semites comment here and all over the internet, continuously trying to move our respectful and neutral position towards one of enmity and hatred toward the "Zionists." Why is it that these "anti-Zionists" are so passionately opposed to a Jewish homeland?

This denial of Israeli sovereignty is the negation of Ron's position of non-intervention with peaceful cultural exchange and trade with all.

Zionists are not . . .

Jews. Jews are not Zionists.

The argument isn't with people on DP; it's not even with 'anti-semites' (though there ARE bigots and racists who rant)--

it's with the existence of both Jews who question Israel's activities (and even origins) and the existence of a group of people who have no homeland and whose homeland has been taken away.

As an American this is NOT my business. As a human being, it is--

as a Christian it IS my business when I hear of people being oppressed. I don't have to take it to a national/political stage to care about it--

I don't have to be a follower of Dr. Paul's principles and the constitution to . . .--

care when I listen to Rabbi Weiss or Noam Chomsky or hear the testimonies of the young Israelis who have been imprisoned for refusing to serve in Gaza.

But I happen to be a person who agrees with Dr. Paul on the constitution--

and I don't like the idea of *my* tax money being spent to hurt people ANYwhere--

the sovereignty of any other nation is not my business as an American, but the suffering of people anywhere is my business as a human being . . . --

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Please tell me where I called

Please tell me where I called for an end to Israeli sovereignty. I want Israel free to do as it pleases, but I also want it to face the consequences of its oppressive occupation and apartheid policies. I would prefer that they provide a just peace to the Palestinians, but I want all nations to have the freedom to do as they please and to face the consequences.