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IAM - Dangerous

I translated the last verse of this song by french rap group IAM (unfortunately lots of the cool rhymes are lost in translation but the content is still worth it and the chorus is fun to shake your head to: "I am Dangerous"):

If you told me one day I would be judged and filed
Simply for expressing my ideas
taking on subjects seen as Taboo
Putting down on paper what is going on around us
I thought I lived in a free country
Naive, I understood that non-passive spirits are undesirable
By refusing to be a sheep, to follow the herd
By turning my back on the format they tried to suck me into
I saw myself qualified as a rebel in a society
Hypocritical, where some have so much power
They can spit on history with no impunity
This constant darkness forces me to take risks
To liberate my thoughts, to become a journalist,
a fugitive, a whistleblower, a megaphone
Too many times placed in the crosshairs
of people who think they are safe from the aware eyes of those who bide their time and let nothing go
Freedom of speach, a vast joke
The gap is wide between what is heard and what is said
I spell out facts even though it costs me
Pictures on the wall, phones on tap
I get reproached for screaming too loud what's on my mind
For putting mirros in front of people
That's what really annoys them
And if white is a symbol of purity
Still today, in broad daylight,
Every cat is grey
I would like to do good and nothing else
But for them I'm just a black sheep,
A dangerous guy..

IAM-Dangereux Vidéo Ikam66 sélectionnée dans Musique


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