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Fellow DPer's , Lets think very hard

About what ENDORSE LIBERTY HAS DONE IN FLORIDA. Is it possible for us to put together a TV add for Ron and help swing Virgina, or Maine his way. I'm sure we have enough of a following here to do it. Anything stopping us?

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I think one on one time and

I think one on one time and door to door visits in these two states are a true key to win.

Keep the Campaign Funded

Keep the campaign funded, they still have to do the official stuff.

Otherwise, of course, keep your eyes open for oportunities.

Right now, we have what? 3 or 4 SuperPACs to choose from? You might consider going to your local cable station and find out what it costs to run one of the already available videos (ask for permission to run them): "For Liberty," or one of the others. Keep in mind there are reporting requirements in some cases.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

What about Comcast on demand?

We could put up a ton of Ron Paul videos and ads on Comcast Video on demand. They put all kinds of crap on there why not meet the candidate? It would be a lot easier to direct people who have cable, and a short ad before the video could pay for itself.

Please cite the Constitutional authority for going to war without a declaration of war by congress.

30 second ads

A 30 second version of Mitt v. Mitt, closing with Ron Paul's Constitutional Compliance


While I think one on one time and door to door visits in these two states are a true key to win, I have a great idea suited for these two states. We need an ad about the history of Ron Paul. We need to show examples of Ron staying true and saying the same things for over 30 years. There are numerous clips we can pull from. Especially in these two states where mitt is our true competition, a history of both will truly resonate. Ron Paul has a history of NO FLIP FLOPPING. No one has had that in recent memory. We HAVE to use that to our advantage.

bump for activism


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I believe that more door to door visits in this state will set us apart but ads are very important. In Virginia, we need to focus on setting Ron Paul apart from Romney(Which won't be too hard) Maine, in my opinion should be positive ads about us. His early visits are already creating a huge buzz in Maine. These are too states we can seriously win and it could give us a huge spark into grabbing this nomination. I think in Virgina and Maine, a history of Ron Paul video would generate huge power and true emotions. We show show them that he has been saying the same things and fighting for liberty for over 30 years now. You can't silence 30 years of dedication to a cause. That kind of ad will seriously get us votes especially when its us versus mitt

I think it's possible.

But there's not much time.
And it costs alot, and needs expert producers, who aren't going to make any mistakes.