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Looking for a comprehensive breakdown of delegates by state...I'll keep looking, but

does anyone have a link?

I see Maine only has 4 delegates.

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They have a video and spreadsheet available for the whole United States.

He offers a clear explanation and he keeps it updated.

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spreadsheet half way down on page

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Maine has 24 delegates up for grabs

Maine has 24 delegates up for grabs, but like Iowa, they are unbound. Fun Fact: Ron Paul got 18% of the vote in 2008.

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Here is a list that has been worked on here at the DP. good list

There is so much info out there, this is pretty good.


The spreadsheet.


Edit: Please bookmark this and report anything you find that may be wrong.

Heres a great site showing primary results and rules


click on a state to bring up that states primary related info.

Maine has 24 delegates and is a closed (only Republicans) caucus.

The link is just for the 2012 Republican primary. The overall site is a wealth of historical info on US presidential races.


that's great, thanks nomoreneocons!

try here


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