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1997 Video of part 3 CIA: America's Secret Warriors

Caution this material may be Shocking, Dangerous, or Awakening for some readers.
More CIA operatives talk about similarities with Ron Paul’s stance on Foreign Policy back at the same time when he made statements to Congress about our involvement around the world and its consequences.
I was looking online for a video to show about the Middle East for my Geography class and came across this information.
Let me know what you think about this?
In 1997, Marc Levin independent film producer was awarded the prestigious duPont Columbia award for CIA: America's Secret Warriors, a three-part series that aired on the Discovery Channel, ONCE
Best known for Brick City TV series, which won the 2010 Peabody award

Portion of Article
March 28, 1997
Shanti RTV News Agency
CIA: Covert US Warriors Examined
by Parveez Syed

Discovery Channel in the US is set to televise a three-part series on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Agency. The series, entitled "CIA: America's Secret Warriors", begins on Monday 31 March 97 at 10pm EST and runs through to Wednesday 02 April 97.
The series instructs and warns about the secret government. It includes a number of interviews with former directors, and officers - proponents as well as some critics. It deserves some sober attention and reflection.Many critics of the Western or US intelligence community would consider "undemocratic empowerment" a valid description - secret budgets, criminality exempted from Justice Department action, policy approval that is often covert even with regard to broad issues, avoidance of public debate of many things it is assumed wouldn't be approved, etc.
However, no US government agency has been more directly 'managed' by members of the rich ruling class or fat cats than the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

This documentary aired once and is very difficult to find a hard copy as only shortly produced on VHS tape.

Link to 1997 Video of part 3 CIA: America's Secret Warriors


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I Love truth

and facts and this is why people are waking up to RP, yeah it may be taking a little longer than we all would like, but at least they're waking up...
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