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AWESOME 2 Photos Out of Maine Today Shows Ron Paul is a SUPERSTAR!

Check this out!!! Nothing better than to see Dr. Paul getting so much LOVE!!

VIEW PHOTO -> http://bit.ly/xoWAzz


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As maine goes...

so goes the nation...I love my great state...truly encouraging day up here...RP2K12!

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Wow! The interview was great

Wow! The interview was great too!!




Where's the youth?

I keep hearing about all the dope smoking young supporters of Dr Paul.

Don't see many youngsters in the photos.

Another Myth

created and perpetuated by the Hannity/O'Reilly/Limbaugh/Levin bunch that refers to RP supporters as the 'legalize drugs crowd'.

the link

seems broken

working now


Is Carol with him in Maine?

She needs to make Doc put on an overcoat. He is the only one in that photo not wearing a sufficiently warm outer garment.

Yes, she was there. Of course

Yes, she was there. Of course she got her own welcoming!


Great pics!

Now would SOMEONE please tell me if we know who the second endorsement was?? The official RP website said it was coming at 5pm... so who was it?? I only heard LL Bean endorsed him...

State rep Libby.

State rep Libby.

Maine State Rep Libby!

Supporting Paul. yay!
Along with LLBean's head, nice to hear.
I knew I liked Maine (when I spent summers there as a kid). I like them even more today!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

I just stood in the freezing

I just stood in the freezing cold for an hour at the Alfred town hall because the place was full to capacity! There had to have been 100 people outside. There's A LOT of love here for the doc!

Thanks for the up date and

Thanks for the up date and your support for Saint Paul. From N. California.

Have a hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm.

That is sooo good to

That is sooo good to hear..now if ONLY they will all caucus for him and win us a state!!
NO precincts lost. NO votes uncounted nor counted 2 times. Please, you lovers, get thee to a counting spot ahead of time and tell them you are watching!!