9 votes

Ron Paul wins AZ State GOP Straw Poll Results

1. Ron Paul 256 votes

2 newt 20 votes

3 mitt 17 votes

4 Rick S 8 votes

Arizona is officially Ron Paul Country!

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I had to post a comment to get this noticed again!

RON PAUL TAKES TWO STAW POLLS TODAY, VISITS MAINE, GETS TWO ENDORSEMENTS, and I am getting about 500 super brochures to spread across campus!

Wooo Hooo!

2 in one day!


INSANE GUYS! We are rocking the entire country. Huge Huge day today. We are going to win this!!!!!!!

Haven't you learned anything from the bankster media?

"Only Ron Paul supporters have computers so obviously he wins all of the on line polls..."

In the age of universal deciet, Truth is a revolutionary act.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.