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(Do you realize?) We have one in the Texas Legislature!

Great interview about Constitutional governing. The man who took on the TSA in the Texas Legislature.


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Good at explaining his positions, which are hand-in-glove with Dr. Paul's.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Marva Beck

Received backing from Dr. Paul in 2010 to defeat a long-time incumbent. - Texas District 57

I've contacted her office reminding her of such.

Please, let me not be the only one she hears from.



What do you want her to do or not do? Is she now in the thrall of big government types or what?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Let's analyze McClarinJ

Paul endorsed Beck in 2010. Therefore maaaaybe Beck should:

a) Endorse Paul
b) Do nothing
c) Endorse Gingrich
d) Endorse Romney
e) Endorse Santorum
f) Endorse Obama
g) All the above
h) None of the above

{HINT: not b-h}

Met him in 2010

I met David Simpson at the Texas State Republican Convention in 2010. He was awesome! Saw him again in Tyler last week.

He signed my constitution. Great guy!

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

thanks for bringing this to

my attention! forwarding...