16 votes

Ron Paul Wins Arizona Straw Poll

Ron Paul: 256 votes
Newt Gingrich: 20
Rick Santorum: 8
Mitt Romney: 17


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I was there all day..

and it was a very strong showing. I also wanted to make two observations.

#1 Arizona hasn't been given the most resources to work with, but we have nonetheless, remained very well organized and this wasn't the first show of force to the GOP in AZ.

Two weeks ago, the Maricopa and Pinal county conventions were flooded with Dr. Paul's supporters. Unlike those events, we were treated with the utmost respect by the other Republicans... EXCEPT FOR LEADERSHIP. Party leadership attempted to filibuster some silly bylaw debate and keep our speaker from getting a chance to address the quorum.

Not only that but they attempted to stash the straw poll results away and only gave them up begrudgingly after being hounded by those in the crowd who had stayed behind.

2. This new level of respect I am seeing probably has two catalysts:
-We are not going away and have the strongest support. I received a number of compliments about how polite and enthusiastic we were as a group.

-Ron Paul supporters, by request of the campaign have been presenting themselves much more professionally when it comes to dress. I came in a suit, but that wasn't entirely necessary. Many came in slacks and a button down, or at least wearing a nice sport coat. I hate to say it, because I love dressing casually, but it's helping.

Percentages look good. Ron

Percentages look good.

Ron Paul = 85.0%
Newt Gingrich = 6.6%
Rick Santorum = 2.7%
Mitt Romney = 5.6%

RON PAUL Is Only Going To Win

RON PAUL Is Only Going To Win By Continue Pushing His Message. Word Of Mouth,Net,Tv,Protecting,Flyers.

The True Spirit Of Heavens........Protecting Saint Paul.

Does Anyone Have A Video of them Announcing the Winner?

The room had to be mostly all Ron Paul supporters.


We need this front page

The Tenn. straw poll made it. So lets get two in one day on the front page. If today's events don't pump you up, then you need to wake up! We dominated today

We had a straw poll?

We had a straw poll?

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You Didn't Know About It? The Media & GOP Probably Blacked It

Out knowing Ron Paul would win it, just like he wins most of these straw polls! Hip Hip Hurray for another Victory! The Revolution continues to grow!