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Our time has come! The Ron Paul supporters NOW have the numbers to force the GOP to listen to us! Please read!

The winds of change have blown through the land. It's now very clear, and widely being reported in the MSM that without the Ron Paul supporters, no GOP candidate can WIN the white house!

MSM Video:(look at the comments under this youtube video)

News Print:

And it is not Ron Paul who they need to convince either. It is his supporters and the GOP elite have finally figured that one out. WE have done it, they now have to listen to our demands!

We need a consorted effort to bombard the National GOP Headquarters with emails, phone calls, and texts. Letting them know in no uncertain terms, we’ll NOT be supporting any GOP candidate, unless it is Ron Paul.

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202.863.8500
Fax 202.863.8820
Email: info@gop.com

There was a time when every email received from the general public meant there were 1000 more out there that held the same view. Just think, a couple hundred thousand emails coming from Ron Paul supporters translate into a LOT of like-minded people who didn’t send one.

We should also be sending the same message to Romney, Newt, and Santorum!

Remember it’s free, legal, and will have an instant impact, especially if we can get the college students on board. Wouldn’t it be something if they got one million emails in a week’s time, or something crazy like that?

What do you all think? Would like some feed back on this one!

If you like the Idea, please pump it to the top of the DP.

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GOP ????????

I think the GOP has know for months now that they can not win the general election without the RP supporters. So why have they not got on board? Does anyone have an answer for that?
I have sent email after email and I never receive a reply. If they stick with Romney then all I can figure is they want Obama back into office. There is no other logical explanation.

They want Obama, will settle for Newt or Mittens.

Give me Paul or I give you Obama sounds good, but it is really not much of a threat.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


They are on the same team.

I keep saying this is amazing, one week I saw over

100,000 videos pop up on Youtube about Ron Paul, now it has been almost 2 months since i looked at the count. I AM AMAZED, they say about..... 1,340,000, it seems that youtube cannot keep up with the amount posted. You know it is not a few supporters doing this!! We are not going away.

Ron Paul 2012 and beyond. MONEY BOMB February 1, 2012!!!

We must use wisdom

"Speak no ill of another Ron Paul supporter".
If you see someone with conspiracy theory stickers on their vehicle alongside Paul stickers...politely explain that is hurting the campaign.
I failed to do this at the Myrtle Beach rally and later saw the same vehicle on the AP's image file!
Let's take special care to answer our critics with a soft and wise answer...let's humbly educate them rather than drawing a proverbial "line in the sand".
Our grandparents bled and died protecting freedom & liberty so surely we can all work together and overlook cultural and political differences?
Strange bed fellows some of us?
There's no place to go if we lose America folks.

Thanks mrsparex

I agree with you to a point, that being “We must use wisdom”.

We have many battle fronts going on in this election (this Country) regarding our efforts to regain the Freedoms & Liberty that our parents and grandparents let slip away from us.

These battle fronts include the following:

1.) Trying to reeducate the general public as to what Liberty really is, and not what the MSM and GOP are telling them it is,

2.) Help the public to see the Big Picture how both parties are the same (run by the corrupt elites of this country)

3.) Who in the GOP is truly trying to restore our Freedoms and Liberties, and who is not (only Ron Paul is doing that)

4.) Exposing the corporatism of America’s MSM, and what their true agenda really is (keeping America totally blind to fact we now have a Marxist form government, ruled by the corporate elite of this country)

5.) And for those who have matured in this movement, understand it will take MANY different strategies to unwind the mess our Parents and Grandparents handed off to us! (This did not happen overnight!)

This particular Forum Post is attempting to deal with #3 only.

The Winds of Change!

Who else could we trust B SIDES RP??



What you say grows every day!

After another Candidate drops out and the totals begin to lopside for Paul we will be in 'the driver's seat'.


Play it cool with the GOP and work on raising the numbers to that level we shoot for - UNDENIABLE.

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Sorry but

"Our time has arrived! The Ron Paul supporters NOW have the numbers to "FORCE" the GOP to listen to us! Please read!"
FORCE is the antithesis of this movement. Just saying..Not to nit pick but it's true. If we use Force against the GOP it will just encourage them to play even dirtier. We have to take the higher road. Just my opinion. I know one could just say baah it's just semantics but words are words and are followed by actions. Keep it real and keep it Wise.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

That's what the GOP wants us to do, water things down!

Thank you for your comments John, but I can assure you "pretty please" will not work with the GOP!

In my opinion the GOP has proven itself to be more corrupt than the Democratic Party has ever been.

Furthermore, I could care less if they're luring around on this site or not, nor am I worried they might become offended by something they read about themselves here.

The GPO is a corrupt political party, it is that simple!

The Winds of Change!


Already knows what you are pointing out. We don't need to rub it in their face.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

I stongly disagree with not rubbing it in their faces!

It's time for the GOP to fully understand, we are not like the rest of their sheepos who blindly follow their commands!

They have been trying to figure out a way to rid themselves of Ron Paul, hoping the Paulites will choose another one of their lacy’s to park our vote on.

They need to understand in no uncertain terms we are here because of Liberty, and will not VOTE for any GPO candidate unless it's RON PAUL!

This message of “That will never Happen” needs to come us NOT Ron Paul!

The Winds of Change!


There are about 13,000 signatures on this website all signing to say "I'm voting for Ron Paul" Each person that signs supplies an email address. Who has this database? I think it would be quite easy to get these same 13,000 to sign letters of support and send via email.

jaseed's picture

Been sending back letters

for years. especially if the mail has a postage paid envelope. But, yeah, I'll rachet up the communication. Put my Ron Paul stamp on the back of everything.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the support!

The Winds of Change!

The problem is...

The problem is that the GOP would rather Obama get re-elected. Cause they know if Ron wins the nomination (and therefore the Presidency), they will loose control of their party forever.

The People's President
Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution 2012

my mail to info@gop.com

Ron Paul or nothing.

I am a conservative and i refuse to vote for Big Government Neoconservatives like Gingrich, Romney and Santorum. And don't bother throwing in a new Neocon either.

You Neocons running the GOP are now done. Get out of there, you are not wanted anymore. We want true conservatism back and we have the perfect candidate for that in Ron Paul.

Get behind Ron Paul and stop your controlled media ignoring him and demagoging him or you will loose this election and become totally irrelevant.

You and the Democrats can continue towards your totalitarian dream society and as you do you will just continue to wake up more and more people. Or you can do what you say and act conservative and hold on to some of your powers a bit longer. It is your choice, I have made mine, it's Ron Paul or nothing for me.

If you think any other candidate than Ron Paul has a chance against Obama, think again.

This lady says it well and there are millions of her out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie11Cpp-FvE&feature=related

Without voters like her your Neocon totalitarian candidates don't have a chance.


Wow! That was a great email!

Thats a great video too, that young gal is truly a sweetheart. She gives you faith in America!

The Winds of Change!

I Just Received A Republican Census Question Air Form.

The very first question is:
Do you generally identify yourself as a:
5 choices of what type of Republican are you?
And a blank space for other.
In the blank space I wrote:
Ron Paul Republican

I really hope they get the message.


I am probably just paranoid,

I am probably just paranoid, I got one too, but I could see this being used by the establishment to prevent us from being delegates unless we had a majority present at the convention. I hope not, but I wouldn't put it past them, especially since these were not anonymous.

Not paranoid - I threw mine in the trash. If we want to become

delegates I don't want any paper trail to be used against me.

I Understand Your Paranoia.

But I was taught many years ago, to stand up for your beliefs, even if it came to fisticuffs as a young lad.

Isn't Congressman Patrick Henry's declaration of;
"Give me Liberty, or give me death", one of America's most famous quotes?

After the recent passage of NDAA, it's time to make a stand !

Ron Paul 2012 !


Paul supporters being a

Paul supporters being a minority, and wanting to win, if my best chance of being a delegate is to blend in and not rock the boat, then that's the ticket for some of us! The best thing that could happen is if you, as a Paul supporter wind up running against me for a delegate position! If Paul supporters have a majority we win! If the establishment neocons have a majority, WE WIN! The Hagalean dialect has been used against us. That's where one group plays both sides in a fight. It works and we could use it against them! I hope Paul supporters show up and use this idea! BE both sides in the delegate process. Just saying....

lol, I want one of those, how did you get yours?

Wish we could get something that duplicated, and all send one in.

I'm sure they use them as tea leaves to analyze their standing with their voter base.

The Winds of Change!


I switched from Independent to Republican in 2007, simply to be able to vote for Ron Paul. I wear my Ron Paul cap and T-shirt at every Republican event I attend.
I became a "PCP" for the second time, a few months ago, and had to introduce myself to the Republicans in attendance. {about 80 }
When I introduced my self, I read from wikipedia what a Thomas Jefferson/James Madison Democratic/Republican platform was.
{It's almost the same as Dr. Paul's platform.} I received loud applause after my short talk.

Out of the blue, I got this 2012 congressional district census form.

Oh yes, they're also looking for a hand out, but I think it's worth $25.00 to send this form to the;
Republican National Committee
310 first street S.E.
Washington D.C. 20003


The ground is rumbling...

I see an incredible surge of support for RP here in Clearwater, the numbers are growing exponentially like a virus. If we can keep pushing hard for the next 4 months, we can make a dent. If we push hard the next 10 months, we could win a squeaker in a 3 pony race.

Keep pushing, it's working.

Great idea

Tmot thought of something very similar and everyone should check it out...i did a post with his video http://www.dailypaul.com/209363/tmot-has-a-great-idea

We aren't voting for Ron Paul

We are voting for what he stands for, our Liberty. If there were another Liberty candidate that we could trust that works too. But no one else like that is in the race, so it is Ron Paul or no other Republican. We vote for liberty not party.

Only ron paul!

Do not be fooled. We are voting for Ron Paul. There is no one that can take his place right now. If people think that, this is only about liberty, freedom and a message you are being fooled! Anyone can be running for president and promise these things 'obama, newt, mitt' all at some point started saying the things ron paul was saying! in 2008 it was obama thats why he won. In 2012 all three stooges are copying the ron paul message. In 2008 obama had no past record so no one questioned him except the well informed. Now in 2012 the 3 stooges records speaks for themselves. Ron pauls 76 year record also speaks for itself! And he has been fighting for your liberty and freedom from day 1!!


I think this is a a GREAT strategy, but one concern I have is

if it is too early to do this.

I saw a clip earlier this week (before Romney bounced back up) of Andrea Mitchell saying that the party elite were concerned and were talking about whether someone else should jump into the race.

By doing this thing NOW, will that encourage the GOP to put someone else into the race? Is that even possible??

Like I said, I think it's a great idea, but I'm worried about the blowback. Please, will someone who knows more than I do about these things explain if it is possible. If it is, perhaps we should delay?