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What has Ron Paul done for your life?

I posed this question to myself the other night, realizing I've never really pondered fully, how Ron Paul and the cause of Liberty has affected my life. But when I gave it deep thought I realized how almost every aspect of my life has been changed by Ron Paul. I've always struggled with depression, and the idea that I was meant to do something special with my life, but as of the age of 23 I was nowhere near anything you could consider "special" at all. And then one day I was turned on to a video of Ron Paul speaking about the Federal Reserve. Let it be noted I was a novice in politics, monetery policy, foreign policy, but I was eager to learn! That was 2 years ago and since then I have been "enlightened" to Austrian Economics, Foriegn Policy both past and present, domestic and international. I spent nights reading Ron Paul's books, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Henry Hazlitt. I had to learn these things because like Tom Woods said "I have to be the best ambassador for Ron Pauls ideas I can". But not only have I been changed intellectually, my whole outlook on the world, and the importance and power that honesty & integrity have. Ron Paul has lead me to the greatest group of people I have ever met, Ron Paul supporters. You've single handedly rejuvenated my faith in humanity. I always felt kind of lonely in my views of the world. Until I met you guys, and you saved me from conforming to the status quo, because it seemed I was the only one out there. But I am not, there are millions out there, many still don't know they support Ron Paul, and every person we convert, converts 2 more. At least. Whether Ron Paul wins the election or not, which I know we can. The fires of freedom Dr. Paul ignited in me, will never burn out. I have never had a true hero before Ron Paul, and I probably never will again. So Thanks to DP and Ron Paul. Please comment, and tell how Ron Paul has affect your life???

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From reading his books and

From reading his books and listening to him, I now have a political paradigm to help process what I believe, as far as policy is concerned, in a thoughtful logical process based on a core philosophy instead of by how I "feel".

The great thing about having a core belief system based on certain truths is that it helps you see through all the propaganda and political white noise. Such a philosophy is also easily defended against the vast majority of the non-thinking public since if anything it is consistent. I am not a great debater, but I have yet to meet anyone who can go toe to toe with me on politics anymore. Its not hard to win a debate when your systematically right.

On the non-metaphysical side of the question, it has strained my relationship with my mother in law. She is very passionate, but woefully uninformed. She liked Rick Perry cause he looked presidential. She now likes Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. She thinks all muslims are terrorist. She thinks they hate us cause we are free. She thinks the rest of the world needs and wants us in thier affairs. If Fox News hasnt reported it, it didnt happen. She thinks she is informed because she watches Fox News 24hrs a day. Even though she cant defend ANY of her positions intellectually, she will declare she is right and storm off, EVERY TIME.
She asked me one time how I know what her positions are before she tells me and I say because you get all your info from Fox News. Regardless of this she still thinks her thoughts are her own. Definition of Brainwashed.

Sorry for the rant. Thats been waiting to come out for a while.