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I am from a small town not too far from Lake Placid NY. This is our story. It is what inspires me. It is how a group of very young Americans changed history. It is how David slew Goliath. If you have never seen the movie "Miracle" now is the time. It will make you believe in miracles.

In a sporting culture that boasts figures like Babe Ruth and Jesse Owens, and institutions like the Yankees and Bears, it seems unlikely that a team of college hockey players would make a lasting impression.
But as 1999 drew to a close, most surveys declared the “Miracle On Ice” America's greatest sports achievement of the 20th century. A few years later it was immortalized by Hollywood in the movie Miracle.

“It may just be the single most indelible moment in all of U.S. sports history,” said Sports Illustrated of Team USA's improbable gold medal run at the 1980 Winter Olympics. “One that sent an entire nation into a frenzy.” American hockey came of age on February 22, 1980, when the young Americans took down the mighty Red Machine from the USSR.

The final moment of the game

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They BELIEVED!! Against all

They BELIEVED!! Against all odds!! They worked together and WON!


made up for '72 Olympics when USA basketball lost to the Ruskies...under somewhat shady circumstances.

So it's time to make up for 2008 when Ron was hosed by the Republican Party.