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Ron Paul and the Maine Advantage

So far Ron Paul has been placing a boring 3rd. People are starting to write him off. The mongrels have descended on the elderly in Florida fed a steady diet of main stream media and million dollar ads. Paul knows that’s not his people nor is it his game.

Tuesday, January 31: Florida (50 Delegates)
Saturday, February 4: Maine (24 Delegates)

Instead Paul has hit Maine, where things are very different. Cold weather breeds hearty tough independent people. The opposite of Florida. And it breeds something else also.

“Some other campaigns have many, many millions of dollars to run a campaign,” Paul said. “We maximize the delegates the way we’re doing it.”

One noteworthy difference between the Iowa caucus and Maine is that in Maine the caucuses are semi-closed to any person outside of the Republican Party. Potential caucus goers, if challenged, have to take an oath that they are Republicans. It is not clear how frequently challenges are issued, but there is a mechanism whereby registration is verified.

You see, on the frosty winter chill of a day when people are to go out to vote in the Republican Primary, to put on your big boots and your big coat and brave the snow and the chill of January, well, you’re gonna really really have to WANT to go vote. And that my dear, makes all the difference. Picture the typical Romney supporter who is over 60.

Before the Vote: “Romney Romney Romney”
During the Campaign: “Romney Romney Romney”
Day of the Caucus where with the wind chill its -40 degrees: “My bursitis is acting up! Fetch me a hot water bottle and some toddy! It’s nippy out there!”

Are the OLD people going to want to saddle up the snow shoes and hike down to old fort? HECK NO they’re at home in front of a warm fire. Leave it to the yunguns. That over 50 vote that Romney and Gingrich decimate with… will be trailing off in Maine.

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As a 54 year old who

As a 54 year old who regularly bicycles 45 miles in a day, I really don't need that characterization of people over 50. To win, Ron Paul will have to wake up a lot of people over 40.

the youth

should look to the elderly for wisdom ...

The evil which inhabits this world, however,

... has poisoned this truth... with various toxins including ( but not limited to )

fluoride, chloride, bromide, mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic, gmo:


see also:

" . ...It's the hidden meaning of the names of the space shuttles. "A Colombian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis... and all Challengers shall be destroyed," taken from the late William Cooper's writings, which can be read here. Cooper believed it's the symbolic language of the Illuminati.


Inspiration. This is what I long for.


If Maine snows in on Caucus day

You can bet Paul will do very very well

Decent article. I just hope

Decent article. I just hope everyone in Maine votes for Ron. :)