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Employees/ Serfs needed

This company is called We The People, we are looking for investors in our company to buy into our products.

We sell, more government of all forms and size. You call us, are there. every problem u have, we give you more of it. More government that is.

You pay us, we run your life, yes you are the boss, but if u fight against your own interest, hey might u know...do what needs to be done.

Don't ask any questions just buy what we say. Your job will be to pay us your hard earned money, we decide what to do with it. And if we don't have enough, we will borrow on your behalf or take more from you.

But don't worry though, we will look after you. We the people is a very good company, It's a private establishment but we registered as a public company. Yes by law its public, but we know you wont care, you don't even know our true records and why we made the decisions we made and who really benefited.

We get away with this because we know you are not concerned about our decision making abilities. We know everything, that's why you have to by our product because, even though it's not safe, It is after all, for your own good.

That is why we can pass the NDAA, and have the TSA do their thing, it is for your own good.

We are all over your privacy, It is for own good.

Soon we will tell you what you can read and not read, what you can know and not know, what what to believe and not believe, It is for your own good.

And yes it is stupid to ask any one of us of our philandering ways, instead we will spend time talking about how we can bring more debt to your load, and if that not only enough, we will promise you the moon.

But seriously we need more serfs, to boo the golden rule, to praise flip-floppers, to infiltrate the tea party and take it over from its true founders so that then can support our own when time comes, remember the tea party was fighting us, but now they are voting for people who bailed us out. Yes we did in plain sight and no one saw that one coming. Sarah you are a genius, you are working very well.

Our company will not last forever, because we have no plans to ever balance our budgets.

Sign Here If Interested__________________

or Else Vote for the ONE who is not us. The one who not smart enough that he is willing to let you, run your own life, and be responsible for it. Sure this is something not attractive to you.

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Promise you the Moon....

Wow, I forgot about that old saying.....