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Video: Girls4RonPaul "How Ron Paul Saved My Life"

Uploaded by Girls4RonPaul on Jan 27, 2012

Pro-life candidate is only Ron paul. I can get into it more on how his integrity alone pushed me to be a better person, and not be afraid.

It kinda kills the whole sexy "Ron Paul girl" thing that got most attention for the videos. It's so sad. If I put the word sexy in it, it woukd get way more hits, but I'm kinda over that on issues like this. So sad that my highest video count is the one where I say nothing and change clothes to music (and not even in front of the camera! lol Maybe they will click on one of these someday too. ROn Paul is the Man! Hey join this new page I made http://facebook.com/lovecarolpaul


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