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From the perspective of a Jerusalem tour guide.

I posted this in Facebook political debate group tonight.This person happens to run one of the finest archeologist museums in the nation here in Georgia. I can post that information here because none you know who he is.

I had a very interesting dinner guest tonight at my house. He is originally from Brazil, but now spends his time doing tours of the Holy Land in Jerusalem (he is also very Jewish). I would tell you who he is, but given the reaction of many here I would hate for him to be accused of hating America or the troops, and since he runs a business here that may be damaging to him. When I remembered that he was from Brazil, I brought up the trouble they have had controlling their currency in the past. He expressed concern over our own currency now.

On to the good stuff. I wanted his opinion about our foreign policy. He expressed concerned over how it appears that most of the time our presidents are too quick to force something to happen in the region for political gain. Mainly Clinton during the time of the peace talks. I asked him what he thought about Dr. Paul's proposal to just eliminate all foreign aid, and if he thought that would help or hurt Israel. He confirmed that the best thing America could do would be to simply stay out of it. The only productive thing they could do is provide a meeting place for the two sides to talk. A place where both parties would feel comfortable.

I then asked him what he thought about all the issues of the past and how they have affected the region. He went on for awhile about how people here in America have no idea how things are taken in that region of the world. He told me how when you do something with good intentions, you have no idea what other problems are going to pop up because of it. He never used the term blowback and I was not going to try and put words in his mouth so I never mentioned it either. He talked about a great many other issues that he was concerned about as well, but I will try to be short.

This is what really hit home for me. He brought this up, NOT me. He asked me how I would like it, if Pakistan came he and put up a base in Georgia, he didn't think I would like it very well. He told me that Americans don't have a clue what it feels like to have to constantly worry about being blown up while walking down the street. Here is the kicker though, do you know what type of bomb he was referring to? It was not from a terrorist. He was referring to those that come from drones trying to kill the bad guys. He said the fear from that is much worse because it is impossible to know where it may happen. It may be just while the bad guys truck is passing your vehicle in the road. You may be completely innocent, but you or your family member is still dead.


I really didn't have a clue what he thought about these issues, and before tonight I personally had never talked to someone who had actually lived though all this mess as a citizen. Before tonight, I thought that a non-interventionist policy was right, NOW I know that it is the right policy.

P.S. This whole time Ron Paul was not mentioned, because I didn't not want to sway his true opinion. Plus he is not a citizen so he can't vote anyway. lol

Thoughts? I'm assuming many of the interventionist here are just off their computers for the weekend. There have been quite a few things posted that are very thought provoking and I haven't seen one comment..........

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We shouldn't be surprised that those who

are most affected by our foreign policy would know the consequences. They live with it on a daily basis. I hope and pray we can turn this horrible situation around and learn to embrace peace once again. God help us all.

I hope you will ask him what he thinks

about Ron Paul next time you meet. IMO Paul is by far the most popular and respected member of Congress in other countries.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.