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Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary

If I were the campaign manager for the Gingrich and Santorum campaigns, I would be suggesting that all conservatives vote for Ron Paul in Virginia. Ditto the conservative movement leaders from all conservative points of view and throughout the conservative media.

More: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/...

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Gingrich and Santorum are paid lobbyists acting as spoilers

They will never promote Paul even if it would seemingly be in their interest.

These guys are looking to serve their K-street clients by knocking down Ron Paul in the news. That is their sole purpose in the race... disinformation and minimize Paul.


I've been working hard

...to convince all of my friends and extended family here in Roanoke. Most of them are now planning to vote for Paul either because they actually believe in liberty, or because they can't stand Romney. I'd prefer a more principled "pro" vote for Paul, but I'll take what I can get, and keep working on identifying cognitive dissonance and baseless fear as I can. I still have a couple grandparents to work on...one of them thinks Dr. Paul is pro-choice, and another who is subtly but stubbornly old-guard Republican. I wonder where they've been getting their news from?? Oh wait, it's the Huckabee show on a weekly basis. Right.

It's hard to understand someone who says "I like a lot of what Paul says, but Romney's not so bad." I mean...how does that even compute? These are usually people who don't like his foreign policy.

As always, keep spreading the wildfire of the cause of liberty!

It's all about Virginia

The caucus states taking place in the next two weeks are huge. RP needs to be getting lots of 2nd place finishes (a 1st would be a huge plus) so that his name is at least forced to be considered in the media as they continue their search for a Romney alternative.

Romney will probably win most of the caucus states and so RP needs to get 2nd.

Then, all focus and resources should be on Virginia. The fact that Newt and Froth aren't on the ballot is the opportunity RP needs to get the "unelectable" lie exposed and put himself in front of the masses of media-programed sheeple who stand between him and the nomination.

If RP got fair media play, it would be obvious to the masses that he's the sensible alternative to Romney, as it is apparent the establishment has been unsuccessfully trying to satisfy these masses with Newt and Froth. All resources should go to Virginia -- it is way more about the publicity than the delegates -- publicity that would win him way more delegates down the road. A win in Virginia blows the lid off the whole process and a loss will put a ceiling on the candidacy's level of achievement.

I wish Virginia was its own

I wish Virginia was its own day, instead of Super Tuesday. That would force the media to, at the very least, focus on Paul vs. Romney

Virginia Governor

Our Governor has endorsed Romney, and has really been on the stump for him lately, even in Florida.
I think this has to do with only Romney, and Paul being on the ballot. The establishment doesn't want Dr. Paul to win Virginia so they are pushing the Governor to promote Romney a lot.
I have not heard him talk badly about Dr. Paul, in fact I haven't heard him talk about Dr. Paul at all probably on purpose.
They probably have put him on the short list for Vice President or cabinet position.

Check out this idea I posted here:

Not for Nothing

but the Virginia primary isn't until Super Tuesday, March 6. Ron needs to win one state Real Soon Now so that the MSM that has lost interest in his campaign / calling this a two man Newt-Mitt race will get stunned back into reality.

Focus your near term efforts on Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri and a few others...cause if something drastic doesn't happen in those places, it's curtains.

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Oh hell yes!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.