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establishments "endorsement trumping" tactic

I believw I have discovered the strategy designed to keep news of doctor Paul out of voters minds. With each endorsement Paul gets, one of the others get a new endorsement from a previous contender.

Tom Davis endorses Paul = Jon huntsman endorses Romney.
Three SC state senators endorse Paul = Rick Perry for Gingrich.
Two endorsements today in Maine = Cain endorses Gingrich.

So lets get another endorsement for Paul, and get Michelle bachman to endorse Santorum already.

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Very nice

observation... Dr. Watson! :)

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Let's Have A Guessing Game - Who Will The Next Person Be That

comes out to endorse Getrich? Just who will they pull from their hat of tricks? The 1% think they can beat us but it ain't going to happen! President Paul will be moving to the White House next year and we will all be behind him!


Okay, I'll Go 1st - Santorum Will Drop Out & Endorse Newt

( :


Good call


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Endorsement video

Just a compilation of semi-famous or famous people saying, " I like Ron Paul" or "I support Ron Paul".... no sentences, no reasons why, just one after another endorsement for Ron Paul.

Perhaps under the person face could be their name and a small bit on who they are ... but that is it.

It would be powerful.


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Excellent idea!

Excellent idea!

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Palin just before SC, Cain just before FL

They are desperate!

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