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Is Ron Paul Racist Like Me?

Take a stroll with me through the racist history of the United States. No finger pointing, no hate-mongering, just a cold hard look at the past, that we may wisely select our path to the future.

The year is 1935. If you google "1935 Racism Laws" you will find mostly headlines about Germany enacting anti-Jewish laws. The first entry regarding the US that I found was a law that was on the books in every state except Washington. It made interracial marriage illegal. The "Law of the Land" was mandatory racism. A baby born in this year would be told by his parents "Don't marry someone from another race" the way children today are told "Don't ever use marijuana." It seems reasonable, and it has the force of law behind it.
1936 - "Reefer Madness" hits the US, helping race relations with tidbits like this: In 1937 Harry J. Anslinger, the director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics testified before Congress in favor of Marijuana Prohibition by saying: "Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind." "Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes."
1947 -At about age 12, humans begin to "fact check" the world ourselves, rather than just "listen and obey" the people we trust (parents, teachers, ministers.) Our baby in 1935 has now finished "grade school." His experience was entirely segregated, as is the custom. There is a political effort gaining momentum to end racism, but it remains illegal to intermarry and the various cultures in the US remain physically separated. Jackie Robinson becomes the first black professional baseball player. The NBA was called the BAA and it was 1 year old - and mostly white. The Harlem Globetrotters did not support the league for fear it would compete with them for black players.
1954 - Brown versus The Topeka Board of Education is handed down by the Supreme Court. Many know it made segregation illegal. Not as many realize it overturned the "Plessy vs Ferguson" decision which made it perfectly legal for states to practice segregation. Our baby is now a young man, graduating from High School. Presuming he had a fairly average experience as an young, white, American male, he has been taught not to marry black people. He has never been around black people long enough to form a personal opinion, so he is left trusting "authority" figures. In his short life, he has been exposed to World War and race riots in his country.
1955 - Viet Nam War begins. Our baby boy eventually gets drafted and he goes. Rosa Parks is ordered to the back of the bus and she does not go.
1962 - By now, our boy is a man, and a doctor. He delivers babies. I am born, he did not deliver me. He did deliver babies for many black people, and he did it for no charge if they could not pay. He did that for poor white people too.
1963 - Martin Luther King Jr. "has a dream." He is judged by most law abiding and respectable people as a trouble maker.
1967 - I start public school My parents teach their children to abide the law, and my siblings were all taught "Do not marry outside your race." In this year Loving vs Virginia would reverse that law. The school my siblings attended is now under mandatory desegregation, and there are race riots in the district and around the country. This desegregation does not prevent me from hearing teachers talking about the "uppity nigger King" and glamorizing the KKK. I see Democrat leaders (my parents were Republican) being swept into power on anti-desegregation platforms (George Wallace, Jesse Helms for example and yes, Jesse was a Dem then.) I live in suburban Ohio, I have no opinions of my own yet, I am a mirror of the people I trust, and they send me very mixed messages. But at recess, I sure had fun playing with Florence and Billy and Jeff and Cathy and Ted and Tracy. Can you tell what color their skin is? I could, but I did not care.
1968 - Our baby-doctor comes home from the war. Somewhere during this time, a brother of mine went "1-A." I remember the Viet Nam war as a list of names rolling across my TV screen.... Here are the men who are going off to war, and here are the men who are never coming home. The time spent waiting for my big brother to see if his name would roll by cemented me into a peace activist. Martin Luther King Jr is assassinated, and I hear murmuring in my little mostly-white world about "things settling down now." It is not from men in hoods or being hateful, it is a desire to return to a way that "worked" compared to the riots and murders going on in an effort to desegregate.
1970 - The massacre of peace protesters Kent State. I am stunned. I have worn "POW / MIA" bracelets for years now, my friends' brothers are coming home broken and ridiculed. At 8, I want to spank the grown ups. "STOP making them go to war and then spitting on them for going!" At 8, I see people like me getting gunned down by the "National Guard." Our baby-Doctor is now a baby Doctor, presumably trying to put what he saw in war behind him. In his practice, he is now beginning to see the "blowback" of affirmative action. The prejudiced acceptance of applicants in to medical school is not appropriate, but neither is lowering the standard for minorities. There was no denying the fact that many schools took less academically gifted minorities to fill quotas. That made it too easy to stereotype, and say "All black medical students are worse than white ones" in a society that was still coming to grips with its racism. (When I was a teenager, one of the most radical options available to white girls was to date a black man. You WOULD get attention, lots of it.) I worked for an ophthalmologist in Arkansas who was born in the 40's. He said he had to unlearn racism after medical school, they flaunted the imbalance in the face of the white students. White men were flooded with messages of "feel guilty" whether they had ever been racists or not, and they were told that if they still held views that reflected laws that had been in force ten years earlier, you were now a racist. Same view, new law. Ask any white man over 50 if he knows what "White guilt" means and they will tell you a tale that reflects something I have said here. Men who tried to do what their parents and ministers and teachers told them their entire life were expected to turn on a dime and embrace this new paradigm. Some did, most dug in. They believed they were fighting to preserve "the American way of life." Some of them turned to violence, some turned to politics.
1976 Baby Doctor turns to politics. It is not racism, but slavery that drives him to run for office. Debt slavery. He is motivated by a desire to see the Constitution restored and applied equally to all, regardless of race or religion.
1980 - 1990 - Newsletters are printed. "Racist" and "homophobic" comments are made, and possibly approved by our Doctor. No one bats an eye. The things he says in that newsletter are commonly heard in society. We are recovering from a history of racism and have yet to tackle homophobia. It is just where we are as a nation. It could well be that our Doctor got headed down a wrong path for a while, it looked different as it lay before us, you all have the benefit of hindsight. By now, I have a baby of my own. One of the things new mothers play is "What will my baby be?" and friends still ask me "What if she dates a black guy?" which just makes me laugh, I don't care who she dates as long as she finds love. Of course, I believe "love" includes making a child to raise together, the idea of "lesbian" is not even brought up. No one wants a gay child. Most people would love them but try to keep it quiet. It is just how things are in society. My cousin was driven to suicide. That was when I took another look at "homophobia." Sometimes you have to be hit hard with your wrong thoughts to see them for what they are.
2012 - Our Baby Doctor is our last chance to end slavery. Those who keep us in the chains of debt do not want him to set any of us free, so they will use any division they can find or create to keep him OUT of office. If racism is really the key to your vote, please consider what racism looks like in MODERN America.
"The War on Drugs" incarcerates young black men at a wildly disproportionate rate. This destroys black families. They are driven to "black markets" because there is no place for them in the "white markets" even after decades of "Affirmative Action" and desegregation. Hiring quotas are filled with black women and other races, prisons-for-profit are filled with black men. WHAT CANDIDATE WANTS TO END THE WAR ON DRUGS? Ron Paul.
The Poverty Draft. Our "volunteer" armed forces are filling up with minorities at a disproportionate rate because white daddies set their children up in business, poor (and black) daddies send their sons to war. "It will pay for college." Assuming you come home and bring your brain with you. WHAT CANDIDATE WANTS TO BRING THE TROOPS HOME and end the poverty draft? Ron Paul.
The media is digging up decades old newsletters to portray this man as racist, yet he is the ONLY CANDIDATE willing to end the racist policies that incarcerate and / or make cannon fodder of minorities and the poor.
Is Ron Paul racist or homophobic? I seriously doubt it. He had a gay campaign adviser last election. He wants "equal rights" in marriage insomuch as he wants the government out of ALL our private affairs. He wants to release non-violent criminals from Federal prisons (Read: Pot violations. Read: Black men, free.)
Did Ron Paul ever have racist views? Almost certainly. It was the law when he was born. Did Ron Paul rise above any wrong views? "By his fruits...."
He has used the Constitution as his compass, and applied the Constitution to every bill he introduced or voted on. If you are part of the race to destroy our Constitution, Ron Paul is not going to be your ally no matter what color you are or who you sleep with.
Tired of politics distracting you with nonsense about what color your skin is or who you sleep with? Look into Ron Paul. He was born and raised in a racist society, and he got over it all by embracing the Constitution. Do you love your country enough to do the same?
One last thought... If you think it is bad to be racist, you owe people like Dr. Paul and me a "Thank you." We resisted the brainwashing of our schools, parents and society to usher in tolerance.

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Unfortunately it will do little to free the Campaign from a popularly perceived 'racist' association till RP exercises principled leadership by

1) privately identifying the ghost-writer of the newsletters and dissociating with them until a public apology is made

2) publicly denouncing the ideology of bigotry (ex. refusing donations from openly stated prejudicial groups)

3) philosophically defending the innocent (ex. someone saying "I will injure you because you are black/gay/woman/Muslim etc") through forceful Constitutional policing (ex. 15th Amendment)

Tower of Babel

While tolerance seems to be a good thing, it is how political correctness was ushered in to create the multicultural nightmare that is the united states today. It is what the Zionists hide behind while they destroy this once great country.

A country must be united with a single purpose and language or it can not stand much like the Tower of Babel.

Snoop Dogg likes Ron Paul

He posted RP's picture on his fb wall, and the response was tremendous. Guess he's not worried that Ron Paul is racist as the msm would have people believe. He might be getting a lot of former Obama voters interested in RP now - Thanks Snoop!

RP R3VOLution

I was beaten up . . .

on the playground for playing with a Hispanic child--

the memory is always there--

We didn't have any black children in our school; I am older than fishy; there was an Asian child, though, and when I tried to talk to him--

he acted afraid.

So I left him alone.

Later, my family moved, and we lived in an area where there were black kids. A black kid and I wanted to hang out together during gym class, and the black friends told the black student to stay away from me, because I was 'white'--

Fact is; I am of mixed race from one hundred and fifty to two hundred years ago--Asian and black--

but I look white, and my family passed for white; I had one older relative who didn't look white, and his life was hard for him in a white family/culture.

I never understood, ever. I never 'got' racism, and I can remember arguing with college roommates over it; I was always in trouble for my racial ideas, and I didn't find out about my own family's mixed blood until I was older--I was the one my elderly relative chose to tell about our family's 'secret'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Yes!! You tell the truth!

I remember questioning racism when I was about 12. At that time my aunt and uncle lived in Kennewick, WA. Segregation was the practice then. Black people could work in Kennewick, but by 9:00 p.m. they had to be back across the river to their homes in Pasco, WA.
I remember thinking how awful it was to treat people in this way. I lived in a small community in N. Washington at the time and we had one black family who owned a farm. They kept to themselves so I never got to know them but they seemed like nice folks.
I never heard anyone speak bad of them and I didn't get the feeling anyone was racist toward them---but I suppose I just didn't know? They probably had reasons to keep to themselves that I wasn't aware of as a child.

And I will say this

if I ever hear Ron Paul use the word homophobe, homophobia or homophobic as a definition of someone who doesn't accept the deviant lifestyle then he will loose my vote and I will actively campaign against him.

It is a word derived by deviants and is the same as calling a black person nigger or an asian gook.

wow sounds like you're REALLY dedicated to the liberty movement

it's the rEVOLution, not the rETAHlution

i hope Dr. Paul doesn't use whatever words you don't like because we need every vote in order to get freedom and responsibility for all

I'm all for free speech

But even using those two terms for blacks and asians as an example in your post I find below the dialogue of people who believe in Liberty for everyone and want to move the country forward. We all know the terms others use to collectively hate groups of people so I don't really find it necessary or helpful to your comment to include them.

You miss the entire point.

The MEDIA is painting him as a "racist" and a "homophobe."
And I am curious, do you consider someone born with no genitals or both sets of genitals a "deviant?"

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

What does genital

deformity have to do with it except that it is also abnormal? Just because you have a physical deformity doesn't mean you are deviant. A persons actions are what makes them deviant.

And no matter what you or anyone else says there is no way that a genetic deformity causes people to want same sex relations. Just because some men are born more feminine and some women are born more masculine does not make them homosexual. But the deviants would like you to believe it does. What comes next? Rape-aphobes? Beastial-aphobes. Pedophile-aphobes?

Maybe I did read wrong when you said "We are recovering from a history of racism and have yet to tackle homophobia". If I did I am sorry but that doesn't change my position on the subject.

The world has been and is being brainwashed and if you don't believe me then go back and watch every episode of your favorite television show or sitcom or movie and show me one, just one that casts a bad light on the homosexual character. Show me one that casts anyone who doesn't accept their deviance in a good light. Go back and watch the old ones from the 70s and earlier and up until now. You will begin to realize just how brainwashed society really is.

I did not say that "we have yet to tackle homophobes."

Edit: I now realize I used that phrase to describe society at a time period. Regardless of one's views on homosexuality, as a society it was still "in the closet" and now it is not. Now on to my rant.

It is my medical training you are going to have an issue with, here. The abnormality that causes mixed gender ot neutral gender does not stop at the genitalia. These people are abnormal all the way to their chromosomes. They are a "deviation from the norm" but they are exactly as their Creator created them. What kind of sex is OK for them in your narrow view?
Now, there is a physical range of sexuality. That is a fact. The sequence that decides if we are "boy" or "girl" is oversimplified as "X" or "Y" but we are really a series, and we might be XXXX, XXXY, XXYY, XYYY, or YYYY. XXXX and YYYY will be totally boy or girl, everyone else will be somewhere in between. MOST of us are in between.
As for open displays of sexuality, DON'T ASK DON'T TELL is a great idea. If 2 people are born with penis and ovaries, and they find love and quietly live their life, why do you care? The problem is when we want the government to sanction this marriage and negate that one - who is the government to define ANYTHING about my sex life or my morals?
One last point - a person who feels homosexuality is a sin against God is not necessarily a "homophobe." I know doctors who are afraid to touch patients who appear gay, they are that afraid of catching AIDS. It is an irrational fear, "appearing" gay is not being gay and being gay is not being HIV positive. It is an irrational fear of homosexuals. It is homophobia.
Funny thing is, I agree with your general thought. We are sliding toward normalizing pedophilia and such, that is why it is so important to clarify what is a variation from the norm and what is actually deviant.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Racism does not exist. There is only ONE RACE.

Dr. Paul likes to use proper terminology, so I compel all those who use the term "racism" to find something more appropriate, since there is no such thing as racism because THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE: HUMAN. What you are talking about is cultural discrimination or the like. There may be people who would like to believe there is more than one race, but this has been disproved scientifically. Referring to racism in my opinion mean you subtly support the idea that it could exist at all.

JJ Jones, Singer / Performance Artist. "You're the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich" and "Ron Paul - The Downtown Song" available on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ron-paul-the-song-parody-do...

Um, tell the media that.

They are playing the "race" card, if you have not noticed. The media is calling the newsletters "racist" regardless of your fantasy world.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The last time I purchased a handgun

in the space where you are supposed to state your race I put "human":-)
The application was rejected, so I put "unknown" and it went right on through!
The US government does not recognize us as members of the human race.



Thanks a lot for your essay

Thanks a lot for your essay Fishy!

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

The problem with perceived racism

is that it is always aimed at white people. The liberal establishment loves to use the race card for political gain but the black community is the most racist. We have groups like the NAACP, Black police union, Congressional Black Caucus, etc... These are politically motivated racist organizations that are totally accepted by this country.
I remember a few years back when some "black leaders" in the Houston area had a "black leaders" meeting and they threw out white reporters for trying to cover the event. Where was the outcry? Where was the anger at such a racist action? What were they planning behind closed doors that they didn't want white America to know?
It is the black community who keeps the race issue alive because it is a meal ticket for so many. Where would Jesse Jackson or so many others like him if they didn't have the race card.

Racism has always existed but whites have been singled out because they have traditionally held high positions. But now that blacks share in the power they are not held to the same standard and their racism is accepted and even encouraged.

I would say that racism is alive and well in this country it's just now more obvious that it's not a one way street. And now being accepted it is worse. The brain washing has worked well for the PTB. Did you really resist it?

Yes, I resisted it.,

I live in Idaho. I am as comfortable with a "White Supremacist" as I am with an illegal Mexican immigrant. It was moving to Idaho that taught me it is OK to be white, and I needed that lesson. I did not go overboard and decide it is superior to be white. Around here, it is the Mexicans that are the focus of most racism, and I learned Spanish to take care of their eyes. They are here, they came because they were trying to have a better life. I really don't hate them for it, but I am pretty pissed at my government.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


My grandfather's life (RIP 2007) almost to the letter followed this same path. On the surface many would consider him racist by many of his comments. I'm sure all of us "white folk" have someone in our family tree that was like this. It was a natural result of the divide and conquer efforts of "affirmative" action (just what was it affirming anyhow, that the people who instituted these laws were the real racists? Hmmmm...) Just like he was taught to "hate" the Japs in WWII for what they did to us on Pearl Harbor Day (never mind those memos passing by FDR in the weeks and days leading up what is now practically a national holiday).

But take it down to a personal level, and my grandfather was always compassionate and respectful toward ANY individual who showed they were worthy of it. All of the institutionalized racism would just melt away, like when one of my cousins married a black man and had two beautiful young boys who became the apple of grandpa's eye, or the Japanese and Mexican friends he made bobbing around on a fishing boat in the Pacific for weeks at a time, and whom he kept for life because it's what's inside that really matters.

This paragraph is wonderful:

"Tired of politics distracting you with nonsense about what color your skin is or who you sleep with? Look into Ron Paul. He was born and raised in a racist society, and he got over it all by embracing the Constitution. Do you love your country enough to do the same?"

Couldn't agree more. Well done.

p.s. After my grandpa passed, we found a $25 donation to Dr. Ron Paul in his check ledger in 2006, before the doctor ever ran for President. My grandpa was one of the founders of the local painter's union, and a lifelong Democrat.

You put the whole thing TOGETHER

We have come a long, long way. And it didn't come easy. An excellent essay. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate