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FL neighborhood supports the Police literally watching their community 247

According to the Sun Sentinel, Police parked a vehicle in a neighborhood doing 24/7 video surveillance. The neighbors loved it and overwhelmingly supported the action. This made them feel safe and protected! (with emphasis on feel)

The policeman from the video said the following:

We've had an outcry of support from the community and the people who seem to have a problem with it [the surveillance vehicle], tend to be people committing crimes.

I few things to think about:

* If I have a problem with 247 video surveillance in my neighborhood, I would immediately be suspected of being a criminal. Their principle seems the same as DHS/TSA: "If you are not with us, you are against us."

* This is a foolish reason to feel safe. What will happen when this vehicle moves to another neighborhood? The brief period of fake security will be over and then I am sure that the neighbors will demand and support even more surveillance!