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RP – 4 Reasons Why He CAN Win This Election

Ron Paul – 4 Reasons Why He CAN Win This Election

September 13, 2007

With the mainstream media ignoring him and other people saying he’s not a viable presidential candidate – I would like to offer 4 SOLID reasons why Ron Paul can be elected president.

1) Ron Paul is one of the few presidential candidates with a straight forward political platform. He has a consistent voting record to back up his political positions. What you see is what you get with Ron Paul. Unlike many of the other presidential candidates – Ron Paul does not “flip flop” on his positions. Actually, it’s rare to find a politician today who doesn’t have a list of “flip flop” decisions. When people actually find out about Ron Paul – they’ll like him.

2) Most people don’t even know who Ron Paul is – YET. While the mainstream media has been largely ignoring Dr. Paul to date – daily internet users (you and I) have created a tremendous amount of productive energy for his campaign. This energy cannot be ignored by the mainstream media forever. Unlike the old days when people only had three television stations from which to choose – the internet cannot be bought and sold – the mainstream media cannot keep Dr. Paul down much longer. They’ll be forced to give him air time or risk being left out of the story.

3) There are no other viable candidates to choose from. Think about it, the United States is not ready for a “Hillary Clinton” presidency. Barack Obama – most folks don’t even take him seriously as a senator. John McCain - his time was in 2000 – he has no shot this time around. Rudy Giuliani – conservative voters won’t come out and support him like they did President Bush. Rudy is much too socially liberal to get the votes from socially conservative voters. Do I really need to explain the others?

4) The Ron Paul Revolution? When the general public find out about Ron Paul - we’ll see the Ron Paul Revolution to the exponent of ten.

E Lawrence Welch


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