Nice to see those signs going to good use!

A big, double thanks to Ken Harris, first for getting me to make bigger, printable versions of those little "I Support Ron Paul" icons. Second, for taking the image, enlarging it even further, making a double-sided sign and taking it to the Ron Paul rally at USC where it was a big hit. Everyone, including people from the campaign, wanted to know where he got it. Then got Ron Paul to sign it for him! Here's a picture of Ken with the sign:

Thanks Ken! Ken is a professional photographer, and here are some pics he took of Dr. Paul at the rally (click)

Download the printable versions of the images here.

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Images from the Ron Paul rally at USC...

I just finished enhancing the raw images that I shot at the USC Ron Paul rally. Here is a link to that page on my site if you would like to view them:


Thumbs Up!

Good work, Ken! Keep it up!

Can't see the pictures, though. Just get a blank page.

Good for you and Ken

Nice work. Ken's photos are terrific, but why did he put his logo across each one? To discourage me from putting one on my desktop? He succeeded.

Still I am glad that your poster was a hit in California.

watermark logos...

Sorry for the inconvenience. These images of Ron Paul at the USC rally (on the website) are the "raw images" taken directly from the camera and have not been enhanced yet. The watermarks will help to discourage their use at this point. After I finish working on some of these, I'll make them available without the watermark. I do appreciate the compliments, thank you.