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Wake up and smell the Fascism

Wake Up and Smell the Fascism, by Kelly Hatch, 9-14-07
The biggest weapon of mass destruction is the weapon of mass deception, and that is the Council on Foreign Relations controlled mainstream media. Every presidential candidate on the republican and democrat sides are members of the CFR or are influenced by them, except Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich.

The CFR uses what is known as the Marxist Hegelian Dialectic Techniques. They get your attention focused on Anna Nicole Smith's baby instead of the real issues. Another way they apply this is by getting the American people divided on issues and play each party off the other, so they are too busy bickering with each other over the war in Iraq so that we won't see the North American Union coming, and chances are, you have never read the report by the CFR titled, "Building a North American Community", nor have you paid any attention whatsoever to our congress continually putting "North American" language in to the bills they debate on the floors of Congress. Then they be sure to put their people in place on both sides of any given issue or election race, so no matter whom we pick, we end up with a CFR crony.

Please look into this. The CFR is the most powerful think tank in the country. That is why you see today supposed "conservatives" coming out against issues that pertain to conservative values (secure borders, no nation building, humble foreign policy, etc.). Neo-conservativism is not new, and anything but conservative, hence the single largest increase in the size and scope of our government in the history of our nation, surpassing even that of Bill Clinton. It is corporatism and corporatism is fascism.

I personally believe that one of the fathers of neo-conservatism is Woodrow Wilson (D). He is the one responsible for coining the phrase "making the world safe for democracy", (I thought the founding fathers gave us a republic, if we can keep it.). Neo-conservatism justifies the offensive use of military force to spread its ideology. Where have we seen that before? Nazi Germany 1933-1945. They too had a republic called the Viemar Republic, and they lost it by sacrificing their rights to something similar to our Patriot Act called the Enabling Act. The Nazi's were national socialists; in fact the word "Nazi" is short for National Socialism. What happens when you are not content with mere National Socialism and you try to internationalize it and spread your ideology around the world? Globalism.

If you promote globalization, then what you are really promoting is globalism, and that is international socialism. What is globalism? In short, it is 1 world communist government, otherwise known as the "New World Order". I remember when I 1st heard those words. I was watching the State of the Union address by then President George H. W. Bush on September 11th, 1991.

The people of my grandfather’s generation sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives fighting against this ideology. 10.000 in a single day on the beaches of Normandy. How dare we even think for a second of voting for any candidate that promotes this ideology?
There is no justification. There is no rationalization that any sane individual can make that would justify committing such a heinous act with their vote.

I can not in good conscience sit by and do nothing while I watch my fellow Americans become so brainwashed by FOX and CNN that the idea of pre-emptive nuclear war upon a nation without nukes who poses absolutely no national security threat to our nation is openly being considered and left "on the table".

I know what you're thinking next. "What if Iran builds a suitcase nuke bomb and gives it to Al-Qaeda?" This logic is flawed for 3 reasons. First, Iran is Shiite, Al Qaeda is Sunni, and I don't know if you heard, but there seems to be a bit of a civil war going on in Iraq between them 2. Iran hates Al Qaeda. Second, the CIA reported that Iran is 10 years away from building a nuke. The reason is because they only have 3000 centrifuges. That number sounds like a lot, but it would take 30,000 centrifuges to refine enough uranium or plutonium to the high level of enrichment needed to make 1 bomb per year. Third, Iran does not have even close to the technical skill needed to build such a device small enough that it would fit into the size of a mere suitcase. Only America and Russia do. You have to remember that Iran gained its nuclear technology from the A. Q. Khan network. A. Q. Khan is the father of the Pakistani nuclear program and is considered a national hero there, but is under house arrest indefinitely for his clandestine work in helping other nations like Iran and Libya start up their own nuclear programs, building reactors based off of his designs. Pakistan is a military dictatorship that we prop up, and they have nukes and are probably harbouring Osama Bin Laden (assuming he is even still alive since someone with kidney dialysis would not survive in a cave in Afghanistan for very long.)

Given that we are "sacrificing essential liberty for temporary security" against Benjamin Franklins warning, it should be of no surprise that we "deserve neither and will lose both", and we are. The Patriot Act trampling upon the 4th Amendment right to be free from illegal searches and seizures, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 that did not merely temporarily suspend Habeas Corpus like Lincoln did during the Civil War, but instead killed it so now we no longer have the right to challenge our confinement should the government hold American Citizens indefinitely and without charge, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2007 which killed Posse Comitatus (the law against the use of US military force on US soil against US citizens) by rewriting the Insurrection Act thereby stripping away the rights of the states Governors to be the Commander in Chief of their own National Guards units, without their advice or consent, and last but not least, the Real ID Act, which mandates that all states must issue drivers licenses with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in them so the government can track your movements. Can you say, "Your papers please"?

In closing, it is time to wake up and smell the fascism. Please do not vote for any Council on Foreign Relations cronies in 2008. For the record, my vote is going to Ron Paul, and incidentally, I get to have lunch with him tomorrow :)

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OK, but...

Solid case,no doubt.It is hard to say should it be so bluntly presented here, or perhaps entered some other place at the appropriate forum as a subject for a further study.There is always this urge to awaken others to things of great importance.Nevertheless, lets try to help Dr.Paul first to lead the way out of the tunnel,think,and do things in slightly less harmless to the campaign ways.Why open up more doors for more attacks and suffer the Paul supporters bad name calling games.

Whoa bortha!

Alright, mang. I know your excited you just "found out" who controls the world and all.. and if you believe that .. cool I guess but just frame it light in your conversations, you sound like a mad man to normal people.

BTW corporatism is not fascism.

Corporatism is business in control of government.
Fascism is government in control of business.

In the end its probably the same effect however.

To Jaydee on Fascism

Is not Fascism, government in control of business.....and "the people?"

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Deflecting the Conspiracy theory argument.

I think everyone has to be very careful not to frame their arguments as "plans" by the CFR, or anyone else. This makes people look alarmist, or just downright crazy and opens the door for all kinds of sound bites that can discredit a candidate or a group - the most recent attempt to suggest that Ron Paul said that Mall guards are better at maintaining securiy . . . blah, blah blah. .

I really doubt that much of what you see probably isn't a designed plan, but just a consequence of the prevalence of statist / elitist views during the last century and apathy towards government, because of how Busy most people are simply working (to pay taxes). It also goes back to the structure of the school systems (read some John Taylor Gatto)

The CFR has an elitist philosophy which is different from some grand evil plan. Even if it does have an evil plan, you are not going to convince people of it. To use the CFR association of Candidates, you need to talk in terms of the philosophy, not in terms of a "protocols of the elders of zion" conspiracy theory.

The biggest problem is how

The biggest problem is how to wake up the people to the CFR without sounding like a John Bircher (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Ron Paul has railed a bit against the "neo-conservatives" and the "corporate elites" but how to call attention to what is in fact a conspiracy without being labelled a conspiracy kook needs some study.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Tell people to put "CFR

Tell people to put "CFR member quotes" into a search engine, read what the search returns, and let them make their own decision.

The fact of the matter...

Found in the Politics forum at Totse.com:

"So in theory, the people make the government right?

The people allow the government to rule, and they would need us to survive.

So, in theory, if we want to get rid of it and start over, we have the right to, correct?

So, if we really really want Ron Paul to win, he does get elected by some fluke of God, and gets assassinated by the CIA or anyone, (which we would know to be true because the only enemies he seems to have are neo cons) they would need control of the people to actually rule.

So the government really doesn't have the power to rule us because if we actually stood together, they couldn't really do shit, correct?

My point, is they can't kill us all for more than one reason.
and if they tried, it would only further the cause correct? So what is the match for our powder keg?"

Do we have a powder keg here? Just an injection of truth and knowledge might just set the people off. And if they feel helpless a ray of hope is all hey need. I don't completely rule out going to war with our own government, because they can't kill an idea as much as they try to. But if politics doesn't work, and you KNOW that there are many others like you, why not try to educate and change things? We really could stop all this, but we would be called Freedom Fighter AND terrorists at the same time.

The first casualty in war is truth.

Very well said!

Believe it or not, I was just about to turn my computer off after a sleepless night on Wikipedia and countless tangent websites researching the Nazi war flag for an article for a design magazine. My intention was to compare the psychology of the designer with the American mainstream psychology and point out how we're leaving ourselves wide open for fascism. I ended up comparing and contrasting the build up of the Third Reich to the NWO for god knows how many hours. I always knew of the obvious similarities and even some of the laws and legal steps that were used to take control, but the more I researched the more it just seemed like a playbook for the Bush/Clinton dynasties. I figured I'd check in on DailyPaul before I crashed and I found your very well written piece. Spread the word. Scream it from the mountain tops if you need to. Just don't ever stay silent in the face of fascism!

I'll add two things for the sake of anyone who may care:
1) the Reichstag Fire Decree was the first step before the Enabling Act
2) H.R.5122, introduced April 6, 2006, by none other than our "good friend" Duncan Hunter

Look At All The Happy Creatures

I think it goes back further

I think "neo conservatism" goes back to the inquisition and probably before that. "make the world safe for democracy" or "make the world obey our religion" This idea has always been around, whatever they called it.


I apologize if I freaked anyone out.

In my view, there is just cause for alarm. Coincidently, during Nazi Germany, when the Enabling Act was being passed, people were called "alarmists", and then taken away to the concentration camps. Today we call them "conspiracy theorists", but the end result will be the same if we do not educate our fellow citizens about the CFR.

In truth, you folks are intelligent enough to see what is happening, hence, why your voting for Ron Paul, but the vast majority of Americans are brainwashed sheeple, and they need our help. On another forum I posted this same thing, in a reply to an existing thread, so I am seeing responses from people who are neo-conned. It's not pretty, lol.

In other news, I met Ron Paul yesterday and had 1 of the most exciting days I have had in a long time. I saw him speak 3 times, and I walked him and his entourage out to his van and talked a lil about the NAU protest here in Seattle a few weeks ago. I got a couple pictures with him, and he signed my shirt too :) The speeches were incredible, especially the one at the Westin Hotel. He seemed to get more energized throughout the day. The Freeway banner thing we did went awesome too!

In the future I will tone it down a notch, and drink less before posting, although, drunken internet activity is not a crime, hehehe :) Take care all.