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Federal Reserve or Ron Paul

I would like to synthesize two thoughts and draw an obvious conclusion. First thought. After spending several hours watching the following videos all found at the Silver Bear Cafe .com:: "The Truth Behind The Income Tax", Monopoly Men", Exposing The Federal Reserve", and "Freedom To Fascism", I am one upset voter. Who could watch these videos and be anything but upset, and that is putting it mildly.
My second thought is how fortunate the American public is to have Dr. Ron Paul , long term congressman from Texas, trying to rid us of the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S., the collection agency of the Federal reserve. I know this is one uphill battle but I said to myself, " We can all take a small per-cent of our yearly income tax payment and send it to the Ron Paul Campaign or send many thousand multiples of that figure to the illegitamate I.R.S. during our working lifetime" !!! I personally think we all be much better off supporting Dr. Ron Paul and making him our next president.

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Tell us how to......

Like on so many issues, Ron Paul stands alone in his quest to abolish the sinister Federal Reserve, and the Federal Income Tax that supports it. I'm sure it can be done, but as the major media continues to paint Ron Paul as an"unconventional candidate with little chance of winning", it's time for Ron to take the gloves off, and start articulating exactly "how" his objectives can be met. He needs to offer up some "press conferences" with some notable side-men (or women) who concure with his reasoning, thereby providing a third party endorsement. I'd suggest Devvy Kidd, or some other well written person. Bring the media to your forum, and re-iterate your postition - over and over. Let it start to sink in -

If Ron Paul can convince the populace that IT can be DONE, people would flock on board in droves. Everybody likes the sound of "cleaning house", but they're not conviced it can be done......thanks to the the brainwash of major media. Ron Paul needs to explain HOW it can be done, on his turf...not to the tune of the obnoxious debate formats. I think there are lots of other Constitution Scholars that would be more than happy to pitch in their help. Also, this tactic will showcase Ron Paul's Presidential "Leadership" capabilities. Go Get 'em Ron!

alan laney

The remedy...

The remedy is not for Ron Paul to effect as President. The remedy was written into the Federal Reserve Act.


David Merrill.

And What are you going to do about it?

Don’t get mad at me, look at the posts that I have.
WE need to stop this. But how do WE do it?

I am telling you...

It is not something WE do together. The remedy is there for you to apply individually:


“Recognized Government bonds are as safe as Government currency. They have the same credit back of them. And, therefore, if we can persuade people all through the country, when their salary checks come in, to deposit them in new accounts, which will be held in trust and kept in one of the new forms I have mentioned, we shall have made progress.” The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt; 1933 The Year of Crisis; Random House 1938; page 19. Excerpt from the Address before the Governors’ Conference at the White House. March 6, 1933.

Bonding yourself chattel is a personal and private decision. It is not done class action; if that were so, we would all have to wait until everybody stopped endoring private credit on the backs of their paychecks.


David Merrill.

MSNBC is quoting Alan Greenspan "They have lost thier way"

“The Republicans in Congress lost their way,” Greenspan wrote. “They swapped principle for power. They ended up with neither. They deserved to lose.” (sound familiar?)

As the housing market stumbles and takes down mortgage companies and financial institutions, (there was a news article about a run on a medium-sized British bank) I think we will see a much bigger issue emerge before the 2008 election and that will be the economy. Its hard to imagine a former head of the federal reserve bank helping Ron Paul, but this again puts him ahead of the curve in looking at the long term consequences of the congress and the president's policies. Also on this bent is David Walker, head of the GAO. I am still a little frightened that he is posting Youtube videos because he has given up on the congress and the administration enacting responsible policies. But it is up to US the citizens of this country to make sure the next congress and president change the policies that put America back on track financially and with our foreign policy.

"In short, you see, the essential is to cease being free and to obey, in repentance, a greater rogue than oneself. When we are all guilty, that will be democracy. Without countering, cher ami, that we must take revenge for having to die alone. Death is so

So far as I know(AKA What

So far as I know(AKA What I've heard on the internet is that.) he could relatively instantly abolish the IRS, meaning there's no one to enforce the income tax.


He has no more power to do so than the Secretary of the Treasury - for one thing.


The other thing is you presume that is what you want him to do - abolish the Fed. It is not. If you are endorsing the Fed through endorsement of private credit then you are what keeps the Fed and the 1913 Act in full force and effect. All the lip service in the world fails to supersede your signature on the backside of your paychecks.


David Merrill.

Mr. Merrill on Fed. Reserve

Mr. Merrill, that may well be the case. But unless Ron Paul gets into office and has the National stage, has American's trust, he cannot convince America to stop endorsing their checks. Get him into office and he will do everything he can. The country is so brainwashed that no other plan will likely work.

So please, while we appreciate your intelligent commentary, put your money where your mouth is and register to vote. You have stated that you won't and that will not help the cause! And yes, we know their is major vote fraud, but they can only hide so many votes.

Did you say earlier that registering to vote harms your status in some way? If so, welcome your short, clear, response. Your posts get very difficult for the many to understand and are bypassed frequently I believe.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

I am fine...

You keep looking for Ron Paul to lead you into remedy written for you in 1913 - §16 of the Federal Reserve Act codified at Title 12 U.S.C. §411. You do not need Ron Paul to be President to abolish the Fed. You can redeem the national debt by the amount of your paycheck by simply redeeming lawful money instead of private credit.

This brings us directly back to the cause itself. The attitude seems to be looking for the President to do something in a dictatorial power. I am not sure I want Ron Paul for Dictator. And I think he understands the Emergency well enough that he will not be fulfilling that expectation, even when he is elected President. I say that from a comment he made, ridiculed by the Press that the Civil War was unnecessary; compounded by him hoping Congress would have the sense to go into Iraq with a semblance of Constitutional process.

What I am saying here is of benefit to anybody who has a distaste for the Fed. Quit endorsing private credit from the Fed. There is nothing simpler than that. I will show you the remedy again:


And there is a lot to be learned from the 1934 amendment during the gold seizure:


You misplace your trust by thinking that Ron Paul as President will be any kind of solution if you cannot understand the Solution itself - redeem lawful money instead of the Fed's private credit. Look how the President only has as much power as the Secretary of the Treasury:


First look at the stipulation that §95 will remain in full force and effect according to the 1933 Amendments to the Trading with the Enemy Act (the US citizen replaced the German national for Enemy). Then examine §95b:


And believe you me; if the American people want the Fed in place, and its private credit badly enough to be signing endorsement on the backs of their paychecks, the Treasury will simply apply the same old solution and shoot Ron Paul in the head. Examine this footage carefully. The Secret Service driver (Treasury) studies and determines JFK's wound not fatal. He draws a pistol with his left hand, aims and shoots JFK in the head. Two weeks after JFK ordered silver certificates be issued by the US Treasury.



David Merrill.

endorsement is endorsement

Ron Paul cannot abolish the Fed as congressman or President - so long as you and others support the Fed by endorsement. Your signature on the back of your paychecks endorses the private credit from the Fed.


David Merrill.