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He's talking about you

You'll read it 5 times.........really.......you will.

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Not on a Billboard!

It's got way too many words for a billboard - it could cause a traffic hazard. If someone could boil it down to three or four words, then I say OK. Maybe "Let's bring back the Constitution" or so.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I'd also like this...

to be the wallpaper background for my computer. That way I can see it every day.

Minnesota Mary

I'd like to see this...

picture on the next cover of "The American Conservative."

Minnesota Mary


Oh how I wish we all had enough money to make this a billboard all across our country! I sent to everyone, even the ones who, not yet, see the truth!

This photo + his words = Priceless!

Where did this originate? And how do we get this on t-shirts, posters and billboards? Today I dug a little deeper and sent the good doctor $100 to help save our country. I love this man and his timeless message. Ron Paul or none at all!

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"

HD Version

I love this.

Is their a high-resolution copy of this or the original image anywhere?

The Ron Paul Vote + Moderates Can Beat Obama

We need to show moderates that we can beat Obama. The Ron Paul vote will scatter if he is not campaigning as President, and moderates alone will not be enough to overwhelm the incumbent. The Ron Paul vote includes fiscal-conservatives, libertarian-republicans, independents, and disenchanted-democrats. Add the moderate vote to that, and we are a force that can prevent 4 more years of Obama, and fill the entire party with the same enthusiasm we see in Ron Paul's base.


If moderates want anyone but Obama, fiscal-conservatives want Paul, libertarians want Paul, independents want Paul, and disenchanted-democrats want Paul; Ron Paul is the best choice to beat the incumbent.

MAGNIFICIENT! Want it on a

MAGNIFICIENT! Want it on a black t-shirt.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica


I've been looking for a good timeline cover. Found it.

The Liberation

of humanity out of false debt slavery. The modern day Moses, Ron Paul.


I just made it my desktop

I just made it my desktop background at work too :) and I have a huge monitor in a high traffic area... booyah...

At 76 years old

I am just amazed by the stamina this man has. Nobody can create a fictional character with that level of integrity and fortitude.


Someone needs to make this into a poster! ASAP! Beautiful!

So glad you posted!

Someone had posted this on my Facebook page and it struck the very core of my soul. I was traveling when I saw it and didn't have a chance to post on my wall. I was going to search the vast Facebook world on my page today to try to find it but you saved me the time :o) This photo and quote represent the escense of Ron Paul...whoever did it is amazing and I thank them!.

just added to..



would make for a powerful billboard

Lets get this done!

Lets get this done!

Got myself a new wallpaper

Got myself a new wallpaper tonight. Thanks Shootist!

This Picture is Now my PC Wallpaper...

so all at work can see. Love it!

It's About the Work; It's About The Message

This quotation from our champion is spoken with a calm fervor projected from an inner strength of conviction. Liberty and freedom cannot be measured like an economic statistic. It is a knowing of the natural right of every American's personal independence. Dr. Paul is fearless in the face of the establishment. His words are matched by his deeds and love for the republic and its history of limited constitutional government.

We, as Dr Paul's supporters, are committed to carry on his operosity far beyond this campaign. We must educate the citizenry, especially our children to be ever vigilant when government proclaims to give a benefit to the public. How will they fund it? What is the cost of the bureaucracy that must be created to administer it? What authority will this agency and its agents of power have and what controls will be implemented to keep it from abusing the rights of the people? We must be disciplined to ask critical, probing questions of the political ringmasters, something corporate "journalists" have long forgotten how to do.

This movement is the start of a new genesis that will transcend the rote trappings of a presidential election. We are the new patriots of our own destiny. We must use every platform of communication to alert the population and inspire them to question the daily government dogma.

We must breathe the fresh air of freedom and eat the food of liberty to keep our independence alive. We must also teach our fellow Americans to do the same.


The eloquence of the quote and reflective pic embody the power of the message and the messenger in a beautiful way.

Ted Mackie just posted a positive article today (with nice thumbs up pic of Dr. Paul)doing a twist from the concession theme to describing RP’s logistics for winning; he closes with a rousing “Go for it, Doctor, we're right there with you!”
Don’t know how long the link will function; if not go to the red county home page and search for the latest articles.


Takes my breath away.

shared on FB. It's traveling...

Ron Paul is My President


Perhaps this is billboard material or inspiration.

ecorob's picture

This man...

is my President!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

"It is the duty of the Patriot to protect his Country from its

government." - Thomas Paine

Just when I get the most discouraged, I'm reminded of Dr. Paul's lone fight for so long. If he can weather the storm and persevere. So can I.


I think it's the perfect picture. Reflective, humble yet serious. I about dehydrated myself from crying though after reading the quotation (and yes, I read it 5 times! LOL!)

Love the quote, but not that

Love the quote, but not that impressed with the picture. A photo with his head up, in my opinion, would be much more powerful.

I think it looks like

he's praying, backstage somewhere, waiting to go on and speak for us and our nation.

I Think It Is a Humble Picture - Speaks Volumes - It Is Not

about him but the message. However, he will go down in history for being the person, the patriot who started the message and spread the message, and we too helped him take our country back. This is a beautiful message, so inspiring for all of us whom are involved in this campaign. I want a t-shirt with this message on it and him looking down. I too would like to think he is in prayer just before he has to go on stage against the establishment and media and the powers that be. We Are Going To Win This!