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Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN's Piers Morgan Fri, February 3

Full Video: (thanks bluepoint951


Broken into 3 segments below:

Videos thanks to SaveOurSovereignty(3)

Ron Paul Interview On Piers Morgan Part One 02/03/12


Parts II & III below:

Ron Paul Interview On Piers Morgan Part Two 02/03/12


Ron Paul Interview On Piers Morgan Part Three 02/03/12


I believe this maybe the first time that Piers would be actually interviewing him for the entire hour!

Piers is also asking his viewers to email and tweet in questions for the Doc, so fire away!


"FRIDAY: Representative Ron Paul answers your questions

As the race for the GOP nomination moves west, Republican Ron Paul joins Piers Morgan from Las Vegas for the hour, Friday at 9pm ET/PT.

At 76 years old, the Texan has managed to make a unique connection with young voters, thanks in large part to his social media acumen.

If you have a question for Friday's guest, please tweet us using #PaulOnPMT or post it on the "Piers Morgan Tonight" Facebook page, and Ron Paul may answer it on Friday's show!"


For me personally though, a few caveat with Piers; although considering his background as a tabloid hitman for Rupert Murdoch, he has been surprisingly cordial and fair to the Doc, in the previous two or three times that Dr. Paul were interviewed on his show.

But, as is always the case with these things, since they re-kick started smear cycle no.3 on the you-know-what last weekend, hopefully Piers won't ambush the Doc with it, especially the night before NV Caucus, dang it.

Piers, be fair. That's all we ask for.

But as always, I'm sure the Doc would easily handle anything thrown at him, and do fine as his 10,000 other previous interviews.

Well, here's to a few Prayers, & Positive Intentions to match!

Please NV R3VOL, let's make history this Saturday at the Caucuses. Please hand Dr. Paul his 1st GOLD victory!


TV stream link: http://tvpc.com/Channel.p...

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Piers Morgan Interview w Ron Paul Broken Down by No Agenda

Listen to the breakdown on this interview and how Ron Paul nailed Piers point by point and get schooled till the end of the interview. Also the shocking introduction of Piers Morgue, how he doesn't listen and just being a totally a Dbag.

This is one of the best interview of Ron Paul and educate everyone on the matter. Just a straight shooter and honest argument that no one can refute.


"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."


he would not let Ron finish a sentence, just another dirt bag CNN mouth piece.

Boo to Piers Morgan

He has lost all respect from me.

This interview was not productive and he is not interested in any productive and sensible answers.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Effing Hypotheticals

The unbelievable amount of hypotheticals Morgan asked annoyed me so much. Hypothetical questions are the tools they are using to attack us. And the questions are always bull sh*t.

I've noticed that all the MSM

I've noticed that all the MSM can do is to make hypotheticals questions? Have you noticed that om most RP interview? It seems that they are evading and are afraid to ask reality questions for fear that a lot of people may know what is really happening. So if they do a made up fantasy question they are presuming that people will not listen. But they are wrong a lot of people are reading the lines, the tactics and the agenda of all MSM and unless they ask real, sane and truthful question credibility and trust on the MSM will never ever be restored.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."


That's definitely their strategy, to use hypotheticals that make him look bad instead of reality.

"If a nice old granny had just made cookies for you but she was also very sick and couldn't afford healthcare because all her cash burned and she couldn't depend on her family because they all moved to a base on the moon and she couldn't depend on her church because it was taken over by osama bin laden (who we are still using to scare you), would you still deny her free government healthcare??!" --MSM

WOW! Is anyone watching CNN Special Late Hour Caucus

right now??? Everyone from the audience is standing up and talking about Ron Paul. Different ages, races, genders ALL speaking out very eloquently for Ron Paul. Just amazing! Not one comment for any other candidate as of yet.

Send emails to CNN, and Piers.

This interview was nothing more than a well-prepared (albeit ultimately poor) attack. He attempted to silence Ron Paul every step of the way.

Not to mention EPIC FAIL on

Not to mention EPIC FAIL on Piers trying. Such a douche.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Piers Morgan you are a POS

Did Piers Morgan let Dr. Paul answer even ONE question without interrupting?

What a rude P.O.S.

"He's not going to be President..."

"Great" way to start what turned out to be a good interview...

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"


This interview helped our man. My neighbor just called, asking about Ron Paul:) He had expressed no interest, at all, up to this point. He saw the PM interview, and liked what he saw. He also said ”PM is a DI@#! He said he had no idea why I liked RP so much until now.

I wish all of us should ALWAYS ask the interviewer this question

"That is an interesting question, let me ask you are you a liberal, a progressive, a socialist? How do you think of yourself?"

Turning the question around on the questioner, is a great strategy now that the Media is hated as much as Congress.

Most of all, it will tell the listener, "hey I am being interviewed by an out in the open socialist".

Peirs Morgan, Lawrence O'Donnald, Cindy Crowley, etc are all socialists.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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Ron tells Piers he'll drop

Ron tells Piers he'll drop out after someone is inaugurated in January, sounds to me like a 3rd party run if he doesn't win.

I think the Dr

was his usual affable and articulate self, but he COMPLETELY BLEW IT on the abortion question. This discussion went on for minutes and minutes while he argued his case against abortion, but NEVER ONCE did he mention that this should not be a Federal issue. Anyone listening to this interview would be absolutely convinced that Ron Paul would outlaw abortion nationally. I was so disappointed in this because this is such a hot-button issue and I'd be willing to be that he lost a lot of single-issue voters in this interview simply because he concentrated on his own opinion rather than keeping it political. Bummer.

I disagree with all the Piers

I disagree with all the Piers hate, I think this was one of the best interviews of the campaign yet. Piers had a calm tone, the setting was good, and he asked very tough questions many which he obviously held a different position on.

Paul did an amazing job answering them all. He was calm, direct, properly paced, and very strong in all of his answers. This was a great interview for anyone who wants to get a crash course in where Paul stands on a variety of issues.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

I'm sorry, I think you might have missed something.

Did you not catch the opening? "Ron Paul will not be the next president".

That is why you're seeing Piers hate. I could have handled the rather aggressive interview because yes, Ron did quite well. But if someone is going to be so obviously biased out of the gate, they deserve to lose all credibility as a journalist.

Completely agree. As if he

Completely agree. As if he declared war before signing a peace treaty. MSM are losin' it !!! Completely and Blatantly Biased against Ron Paul. The last part of the vid was great and Piers defeated. Liberty Prevailed. Ron Paul 2012.


"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

That was the only issue I

That was the only issue I took with anything in the interview. The difference between you and I, I didn't let that affect my objectivity watching the rest of the interview. He also clarified that statement by calling Paul an underdog, which isn't inaccurate. He most certainly is an underdog in this race, but he's a damn good one that keeps nibbling at Romney's feet (in Paul's own words.)

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

Totally agree with you, jgibbons

All the negative & hateful comments about Piers Morgan has been sad to see.
CNN doesn't owe Ron Paul, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum a thing....they don't have to give their airtime FREE to anyone....they don't have to interview anyone.
I see too much of an entitlement mentality with many of these negative comments, sounding like spoiled children....."not fair", ....hey! Piers didn't bring up the newsletters or ask about running third party....what he did do is ask about the poor/healthcare, Iran, abortion, gay marriage, and touched on the personal life of Dr. Paul....his good health, good marriage, good work ethic, and really WELL RAISED CHILDREN.
Yes, it was a good interview, a somewhat tough one, but Piers was actually very gracious and even complimentary.

jgibbons, I like your quote by Lao Tzu.....so true!


Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

Thanks heart4wisdom and I

Thanks heart4wisdom and I agree with your entitlement perspective. That's exactly how I felt reading many of the comments.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

Best Part: "Let all the British kids goes over there and die."

My old man, a Romney supporter, laughed so hard at this point and said, 'Morgan had to back peddle right out of that one.' Ron Paul owned him.

MORGAN: I think Iran is a different situation.

PAUL: Why?

MORGAN: Because I think that they would, if they could, consider attacking Israel. If you're America, you can't let that happen. The Israelis --


PAUL: Why shouldn't they depend on the British? Why doesn't the British take care of them? They used to -- they have a lot of influence over there. Let all the British kids goes over there and die.

I mean, why -- why is it assumed that we are the policemen of the world, that it's our moral obligation? Besides, we're broke.

Make that

"Pink" Morgan, rather than Piers. Get thine arse back to the UK,Pink. Your state healthcare is missing you.

Extremism in the cause of Liberty is no vice.

Piers has a license to kill

Only half way though the video, but Piers tactics are obvious & consistent. Ask Dr. Paul a question, then cut him off before he can elaborate. The interview is all about Piers defending his socialistic philosophy, and not about Ron Paul.

Ron got some good points in about the government's role is to protect contracts, and not break them as in the case of the GM bailout. Piers elitist "Greater Good" agenda became loud & clear when he tried to defend "the ends justify the means" of the GM bailout. When Ron Paul began shredding his argument, "OH of course it works, like when a bank robbers robs a bank and gets away with it" Piers shifted quickly into station break. Cowardly snake.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

Onward and Upward

Ron Paul chewed up Piers Morgan and spit him out, now it's on to Minnesota! Check out these pics from today, and a great sign on the side of a cow??



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I am quickly losing respect

for more and more journalists. Can anyone conduct a professional interview that's objective and fair? This brit (?) would not let RP finish a single sentence. For me, the shining moment in the interview was when Ron suggested that Britain step up to the plate to defend Isreal. Said something like why don't you send your British boys...Morgan could not respond...because the only neuron firing in his cortex was screaming "he's right! Quick, go take another commercial break!"

Why do they keep shooting him up like that?
As long as his lungs have breath in them, he still carries the message...
-Saving Private Ryan

Piers Morgan

He's so smug.. He has no real intention to understand what Ron Paul is saying. He doesn't appear to have any concern for the issues. He's not a serious person. PM is really interested in his own agenda: Piers Morgan. He's the worst and most common kind of person: Ignorant.

Other than the uncalled-for

Other than the uncalled-for opening line, that interview was pertty standard Piers Morgan. He's not there to give candidates a one hour infomercial, he's going to challenge them on any controversial stand they have.
The format worked to Ron's advantage because even though he often got interrupted, he was the only candidate on the stage and was consistantly able to get his viewpoints and arguments across.

Uggggh Pierce

You are such a douche.


serious douche nozzle..