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11 Maine State Legislators endorse Ron Paul

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In the Nooz

I had Faux Snooze on the idiot box this AM, just for the background noise while I had my coffee, and I actually heard them mention Dr. Paul's name, with reference to the possibility that he could actually win Maine!

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On election day in Florida

The Weekend before the primary election in Florida, A very prominent "former speaker of the house" and State Representative, was seen with the candidate that won Florida. On election day...he was seen at a major intersection "flag waving"...Are these guys in Maine willing to do this for Dr. Paul, because I truly belive it would have a tremendous impact on Maine's voters to see their representatives on the street waving Ron Paul signs, as well as being seen at campaign events.

Write every one of them...

...they just might!
Lot's of caucuses up here tomorrow afternoon...

So are these folks going to stump for Paul?

I think it is great that these legislators are willing to come out for Paul and we will likely reward them for it. However, I also know the power of the stump speech.

What is the plan to make sure that each of these gentlemen are speaking at their districts caucus?

Those types of endorsements at the caucus will turn the tide!

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That's what I was thinking.

That's what I was thinking. Credibility issue nailed down, they could give a so-so speech but being who they are it'd carry as much or more weight than the average Joe giving a great speech.

Nice list

including the veterans :-)


Now that's a BIG brushfire!

This is truly encouraging ;-)

A very exciting situation, indeed. It appears that Dr. Paul has the majority in Maine.
Ron Paul 2012


Posted on Twitter.

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our numbers are growing

exponetially from 2008. Think about how many state assemblymen and senators have endorsed Paul so far, 50?

We rail against the establishment right now, but the revolution is becoming the establishment, how sweet this is. There is nothing the old guard can do, many of these state legislators will become US congressmen.


O.K. Maine ... show the world who Ron Paul is!

I emaied Aaron thanking him

I emaied Aaron thanking him for the support. I made sure to mention I'm not a ME resident. I got a personal response within an hour.

HUH? My reps take months to email a prewritten letters of "who cares".

I think I'll take the time to thank the rest now.

Just finished doing the same.

Just finished doing the same. Let's show them the power of the people! Fill their inboxes with thank yous!

Done and already more

Done and already more responces.

Maybe, I should move to Maine, at least the reps care up there.

Heroes, all!

We are winning!

Ron Paul Legislative Endorsements

Just want to let the good people of the Daily Paul know that the Bangor Daily News-here in Maine has just been notified of these endorsements. Hopefully we will see this in the paper tomorrow and the news person I spoke with today said it will probably be on the online BDN page later today! There is another paper here in Maine that someone is going to contact. Will let you know if and when that gets done. I don't often post but all your blogs keep me going through the nerve wracking debates. God bless you all for keeping the fires of freedom burning... and Go Maine and Nevada for Ron Paul!!!!


^need more of this

Excellent. Thanks for taking the initiative.

Maine endorsement

Where is the Governors' endorsement for RON PAUL? All tea party voters and independents who voted for the coward should vote him out of office. He won the election with your help. He should do the same for RON PAUL.




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Ron promises $1 trillion in tax cuts, year 1

The embedded video brought up the $1 trillion in spending cuts, and it gave me an idea:

Ron frequently mentions the $1 trillion in spending cuts, and on several occasions he has explained that all government spending is a tax (either a "regular" tax, or a future tax in the form of debt, or an inflation tax). I think he might make some people really think if he put those two things together and started saying that he is going to have $1 trillion dollars of REAL tax cuts in the first year.

Late Night Bump

11 state legislators, that's not to shabby.

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smokes! I was just headed to bed and thought I'd check in here one more time before doing so---I bet I will have sweet dreams tonight!! Wonderful news!

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Will I have 10 more letters

Will I have 10 more letters to write :).

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

A dozen more...

and we'll have the votes to succeed. :)

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that's pretty awesome!

Thank you Aaron Libby and his posse of Maine legislators!

This got me fired up!

I see it. Do you see it?

It's momentum beginning to get up a head of steam!

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now we need some in Nevada and Colorado!

We also need this news to reach people. LTTEs may help in that regard.

If you live in Maine, consider writing some LTTEs including this endorsement info.

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I love to hear this!

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