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Trygve Olson should be fired as Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Advisor

Our truly beloved leader, Dr. Ron Paul encourages his congressional staff to read www.antiwar.com each morning. The main antiwar.com writer, Justin Raimondo wrote this, this morning: "Can Ron Paul be Tamed? No, but his campaign can" Read it here: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2012/02/02/can-ron-paul-b...

In the article it is disclosed that Trygve Olson, the "regime change" specialist is an advisor to Ron Paul 2012 PCC. It is pointed out that Olson and Rand Paul have a relationship of mutual learning.

As you should know, as good as Rand is, especially in articulation and speech-making (perhaps better than Ron here), he is no Ron Paul when it comes to consistently Constitutional and liberty-oriented foreign policy as demonstrated here with his vote for the santions on Iran-imposing legislation (an act of war according to Ron), where Rand voted for the Kirk-Menendez amendment on December 1, 2011. Read http://comehomeamerica.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/rand-paul-di... for more perspective on Rand's pro-sanctions vote with 99 other clueless senators on this issue.

Without trying to pit Ron against Rand in anyway, they clearly have black and white different views regarding sanctions on Iran.

Please read the article, vote up this post if you think it's important (it is!), and respond with a post whether you think the "regime change" specialist, Trygve Olson, should be dismissed as an advisor to Ron Paul 2012 PCC.

Chime in on Rand's pro-sanctions views and his mutual "learning" relationship with Trygve Olson as well.

Vote this post up for strategic discussion and potential action contacting the campaign to relieve Olson of his advising role. We KNOW Ron is against sanctions, b/c they are acts of war.

Much feedback please. Bump this!

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It is the natural course to be done...WE are not STRONG ...only strong systems can undermine others at the same level of struggle..if you are DAVID and they are GOLIAS and you dont have enough distance to shoot your slingshot what do you do?you have to come close to have a perfect shot...so THIS IS THE PROBLEM..you have to get INSIDE THE BEAST to BEAT THE BEAST!!!...dont be NAIVE..this is a POLITICAL BATTLE..and only by political means you can win..GET ELECTED AS OFFICILA REPRESENTATIVE...it is the ONLY WAY...and do not .I repeat..DO NOT COMPROMISE DR PAUL BY ANY FALSE FLAG!!!dont be naive...and get serious about changing the country...BY THE SAME MEANS THAT THEY ARE USING TO CONTROL IT....by POLITICS!!!!!!!

Trygve Olson worked for Tommy

Trygve Olson worked for Tommy Thompson & John McCain before working for Rand Paul. Can't wait to here Trygve Olson response to this article.

From reading that info about Olson's career activity,

it appears quite obvious that he is a career CIA agent, specializing in foreign policy interventions, and generally being an agent of world destabilization for warmongering purposes.

I'm not sure why he has any involvement in this campaign, since he appears to be a warmonger extraordinaire, and is likely to be an opponent of every aspect of the campaign, and would be extremely likely to be a spy and agent of sabotage.

There is no shortage of advisor personnel, so it would make sense to get rid of any advisors which have a strong likelihood to be moles.
And this guy is likely to be a mole.

Here is what really bends my

Here is what really bends my noodle: He is a regime change expert... is regime change (in D.C) not exactly what we are trying to do? Well, isn't it? Peacefully of course.

It is.

But his experience is to change it for the worse.
Now that doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to change it for the better, so he might know just how to do that too.

The question is, "Would he, or would he instead be a covert mole for the people he spent his life working with?"
You tell me?

Why risk it? Get an adviser who isn't so suspect.

It's disturbing to be

It's disturbing to be sure.... But makes makes me wonder what else is going on that we don't know about.




Chime in on Jesse Benson's compromise (on this specific issue)

... on this issue re. Rand being a potential GOP VP (for someone other than Ron) and other such nonsense. This is the slippery slope of compromise, is it not?

Jesse is doing an excellent job in many, many ways (how he handled Dana Bash, etc), but not on this specific issue. Feedback please.

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

I have become concerned that

I have become concerned that the Paul campaign has become prep for Rand Paul 2016, or even worse, Rand Paul 2020, after four years of Romney! As if! This is not acceptable to me. I hope the campaign understands that we really want Ron, not Rand to win, this year! Rand is ok, but he can wait. We need Ron to win this year, or to lose trying. I will not support any kind of Romney ticket.

The campaign knows

that if Ron loses, there won't be a 2016 election. I don't think that's their plan.

If Ron can't win at the

If Ron can't win at the convention, he needs to make key demands (opposition to Iran War, repeal of the Patriot Act, No more war on drugs), and then stage a well managed and dramatic walkout and fiery speech in prime-time if they turned down. If he can't run himself at the time, he should endorse Johnson, assuming, of course, that Johnson agrees to these demands.

What about Jesse's ongoing failure...

.. to mention the shoot-out between Paul and Romney in Virginia when interviewed by the media... unforgivable.

Plano TX

Let's ask the campaign to put resources into Virginia!...

Since it's mano a mano in VA, Paul vs. Romney (no one else) and this is the scenario we want long-term! Let's earnestly ask the campaign to put resources (men, money, and material) into Virginia. There is presently zero/negligible money going into the Virginia Campaign and there is no plan to put any money into Virginia. Sorry to say, those are the facts. They need to change, don't they? Is Virginia significant or not, in terms of the one on one uniqueness as well as perception in the media? We cannot afford to be embarrassed by Mr. Goldman Sachs in Virginia where we are already blessed to be in 2nd place before the primary, with a chance to win or do extremely well in a big primary state, 12th largest! Do you agree? Will you contact the campaign asking them to send SOME (if not a lot) of resources for the Paul campaign in Virginia? If you think this is not strategic/important, explain why!

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

How do you know they aren't planning

to go after VA? Have you heard from the campaign that they aren't spending anything, there? Maybe they're hoping a bump in the caucuses will bring an influx of money.