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What has become of our fundraising efforts?

Are we suffering from burnout? Or are we putting Dr. Paul's campaign on a penny pinching budget?
No widely advertised money-bombs, no front page super brochure chip ins.
I'm guessing after the outcry about the brochures it has been relegated to the little ad on the right. No coordinated effort with the dailypaul by sticking it on the front page anymore.
I know the brochures ate into the money-bomb totals which made a lot of people depressed because we were expecting a growing number of donators to sky rocket the totals past the 08 numbers which hasn't happened.
If finances are the issue have we suggested things like collecting soda cans or glass bottles for money, or something like plant sales.
Even gem mining or metal detecting on the weekends can make you extra money. Sharing your wireless internet with neighbors for a monthly fee is an idea. Just remember if they have a laptop they are ready but if they have a desktop they will need a wireless network adapter. Newegg or Amazon carries them cheap, and easy to install.
How about a rewards program for certain donation totals like Dr. Paul autographed Constitutions to get the morale back up.

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I simply do not understand

I simply do not understand this post...Ron Paul raised over $13 million in the last quarter that just ended! 2nd only behind Romney. The "No One But Paul," Money Bomb is scheduled for Feb. 14th. January is THE toughest economic month for almost every American! Everyone's paying off their Christmas and holiday expenses, and it takes the whole month of January to recoup their losses.

I own a business and have not been able to donate as of late because the end of the year is a real you know what. Every insurance bill comes due, and the taxes are even higher because the 4th quarter is usually the highest sales months for most businesses simply because of the holidays. I am happy to say that all my bills are now paid, and I will be donating 201.12 on Valentine's Day.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I still think the campaign is

I still think the campaign is having email problems. I've tried signing up for email notifications at three different email addesses, and never gotten any but verification emails. I've donated multiple sums and used different emails as the contact. I've submitted 'contact the campaign' things regarding it on their website. Never any response.

So, if fundraising is low, I'd say they have computer issues.


how about start to promote this one


There is always so little promotion and always in the last days only..

Seems too late.

Only 10 days left to this one and still silence.

Well what do you suggest to

** This was meant as a reply to LegalizeLiberty **

Well what do you suggest to boost morale?
Is the rewards program I suggested a good idea or not?
Also my understanding of money-bombs is that they are suppose to bring in a massive amount of money in a short period of time for media attention showing that the campaign is popular, and successful.
Bringing in a massive amount is simply not possible with all these poorly advertised minor money-bombs, and the super brochure project going on at the same time.
Which is why I have noticed the brochure being stuck in the corner gathering dust probably with the hope most people will put the money back into the campaign.
Oh and by the way I have always enjoyed reading your posts, and comments legalizeliberty thanks for commenting.


Look people don't even care to support an event to be held on February 7th:

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The no one but paul is just a few days after that.. So i can understand why there not trying to go out of there way to support two money bombs at once!

I was

thinking the same thing. The banner encouraged me to give what I could each time.

I was all psyched up to give on the 1st and again on the 14th and then it all disappeared.


Feb 14th money bomb

Ron Paul or no one !!

An Overabundnace Of Moneybombs Devalues Each One

Sort of like the dollar.

If there is a moneybomb all the time, I know I for one won't get all geared up to contribute.

But if they are a real "event" I will gear up and contribute everything I can.

I believe we have a moneybomb coming up February 14. Am I correct?

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Thanks for the comment, and I

Thanks for the comment, and I agree.
The problem is where is the front page sticky advertising this Feb. 14th money bomb? Is it against some sort of F.E.C. law to advertise it?
What do you think about the rewards program idea for certain levels of donations with prizes like autographed Constitutions, maybe signed shirts, hats, books etc.
Is it even legal not sure?



Thanks for the bump. If you

Thanks for the bump.
If you have time check out my other post.

it would be dumb for Paul to do that

First, it would be a HUGE waste of money.

It'd be stupid for the campaign to do it.

Broadcast and cable advertising is less important in caucus states.

A very, very low percentage of people go to any caucus; fewer still stay around at the caucus to do the real work; and, finally, FEWER STILL do the necessary follow-up, which is going to the state convention to elect the national delegates.

The rates paid for advertising on television are for the entire audience, not for that tiny, tiny sliver of it the campaigns need to reach---those who will be at the GOP caucuses.

What IS important in the caucus states is boots on the ground. None of the other candidates have the organization of Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney has some since he ran last time and since he's well funded, but even he can't match the numbers and fervor of the Ron Paul supporters.

With ALOT of money a candidate might want to do some broadcast and cable advertising...but it'd be spending a ton of money per delegate, and you won't often see that.

Speaking of that...

has the campaign been running any commercials in Nevada, Maine, Colorado or Minnesota? I feel like we blew our load on Iowa and we haven't seen us advertise on TV lately at all.