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Nevada Caucus Results & Open Thread

Final vote tally:

1. Romney 50.0% 16,486
2. Gingrich 21.1% 6,956
3. Paul 18.7% 6,175
4. Santorum 9.9% 3,277

Update: Final results in Clark County, the largest in the state, expected Sunday (at some point). Apparently things were a little chaotic.

Update: CNN broadcasts 15 minutes of love from Ron Paul supporters at special late night caucus - Video here: Ron Paul Supporters Speak at Special Late Nevada Caucus

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  • On Twitter from @nvgop
  • Realtime precinct level results: @nvvotecount
  • Live streams: CNN - MSNBC - Fox News
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    See the remaining primary schedule here.

    The Nevada Caucuses took place on, February 4. Most are scheduled to conclude by 3pm PT, with results announced by the party at 5 pm (except Clark, the largest county). Results will be announced on Twitter: (@nvgop) Only 60,000 voters expected to participate!

    Watch Ron Paul's Final Appeal to Nevada Before the Caucuses

    Read local news from the Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas's good newspaper.

    Please share you news, observations and insights in the comments section below.

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    All of this talk of third party?

    It is said that if Ron ran third party it would ruin his sons presidency bid. What if he abides by the convention and drops out and the the grass roots ran a surrogate campaign a lot of street team action and internet advertising and such. I am not sure how feasible this is with him getting on ballots in the different states for the general election maybe if we plan now we can get him on the ballots does he need to apply himself to be on the ballots for a general election or can we just kind of do it on the sly.

    things are not right with the NEVADA numbers

    i've been crunching the Nevada numbers on an excel spread sheet. funny thing. the pattern for the first half of clark county is completely different than the pattern of the second half of clark released a day later. for example. lots of zeros for santorum in the first half released. on the second, few zeros. on the first half, small numbers for gingrich, on the second half, double digit numbers. and of course paul's is wacko also. romney seems about right on both, but i still got more crunching to do. either way....the numbers are very, very fishy....but....just maybe, its me. we'll see when i finish. it probably will take a couple of more days....so stay tuned.....

    Messy caucuses in Nevada

    "Messy caucuses in Nevada, Iowa raise questions"

    An article about what goes wrong...


    "In Nevada, hints of caucus trouble were evident long before voters showed up Saturday. Party leaders changed the date twice and allowed the county parties to set their own rules, which meant there was no uniform voting method or start time across the state."

    Please Tell Me How to Delete This Post

    All information in this post has been removed due to lack of verification. Please tell me how to delete this post. Thank you.


    It's a hoax. I hope the administrator can delete it asap.

    Ron Paul needs...

    to do a better job getting his message across in advertisements. A lot of the circulating advertisements are spent attacking his opponents, when he should be focusing on getting his real messages out (the ones circulating YouTube, etc).

    It would be 1000x more effective at attracting interest and thus voters.

    Ron Paul, 24/7.

    Why don't we organize public showing of Ron Paul YouTube videos

    Since Ron Paul does not get enough powerful main stream media coverage, why don't we grassroot people organize showing of Ron Paul YouTube videos in public on a weekly basis(town squares are good places, or other high foot traffic areas where we can get permit, access to electricity, and speakers, etc. We can combine this with sign wave rally, literature dissemination and one-on-one engagement of locals.

    We can do a "Soul" series, a gold standard series, anything you think will connect with voters. The videos are readily available, plenty, and beautifully made. A huge TV and connection to computer and we are in business. I am going to try to do this in my area.

    This is great idea. We don't

    This is great idea. We don't need huge TVs but we can use projectors to project videos direct on walls or any other white surface, something like open cinema, it will be 100 times more visible than using any huge TV. We Ron Paul supporters are so many, we can be so powerful and if we are organize we can easy cover 1000 and 1000 squares and other spots across the States and make big win over the media blackout. I am not US citizen, I live on Greek island Santorini and I have this idea for while, to do it on my island when tourist season start in April, many Americans visit this beautiful island every year. If I can do it here in Greece there is not any reason why you can not do it the same in the USA, we, I mean you, are so many that there are not limits for any idea, you are so powerful that nobody can stop you, it is all in your hands. I hope you will like this idea and share it

    Projector - great suggestion, permit and electricity?

    Just trying to figure out the logistics as I am serious about carrying it out. What about the need to secure a public area, get permit, line up electricity...? It all cost money to implement. Anyway to get around that?

    If you do it in areas you are

    If you do it in areas you are living, specially if you
    (or somebody you know) are living in urban areas with many residential buildings, you can project the videos a front of your building. You will manage to connect electricity and I don't think anybody will ask for permit, specially if your neighborhood supports you. I will specially recommend to everybody documentary movie America: Freedom to Fascism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUpZhhbKUBo , movie which clearly explains why income tax is not legal, this movie will open eyes to everybody who watch it. About public squares and areas, aggregates will solve electricity problem. Perhaps permit is required if you don't want to get in trouble, I guess you know better because I am not US citizen, but doesn't your own government every day break the constitution with income tax, IRS, FED, regulations, wars, torture, spying, Patriot Act, NDAA, lies, media controlling people minds, maybe even election fraud,...

    No 3rd Pty run says Nader and Judge N. - Romney

    Judge Andrew N. and Ralph Nader on Romney/paul alliance and no third party run:




    IF someone else gets the nomination...

    To the talk further down in the thread speaking about the possibility of someone else getting the nomination. Remember what Tom Woods said a while back. As long as Obama remains in office things will remain in gridlock, certainly far more than if Romney or Gingrich win the general election. That happens and we'll have a dozen more wars.
    So, for me, it's Ron Paul or no one - punt and hope for something better in 2016.
    But we're a long way from that situation yet. That's worst case scenario talk and I remain very encouraged.

    If Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, or Obama...

    ...get the nomination there are only three sensible things to do:

    1. Right in Ron Paul
    2. Vote for Ron Paul if he runs 3rd party, which he won't
    3. Vote for Gary Johnson if he is the Libertarian Party's nominee so that he pulls %15 of the vote from the GOP and the GOP will realize that they don't have a future without libertarian voters.

    I agree, anyone thinking about voting for Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, or Obama if they get the nomination needs their head checked.

    #1 and #3

    puts obama back in office.
    Why not just vote for obama if Dr. Paul doesnt get the GOP nomination?

    what praytell is the difference between obama and gingrich or romney?
    OH ya!! romney/gingrich would ALREADY be sending our sons to kill iranians.

    what other difference is there??

    tom Woods idea of leaving obama in there to keep it gridlocked sounds great to me!!

    Jackson County Georgia

    War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
    Thomas Jefferson

    I see a flaw in your reasoning..

    When you say: "..so that he pulls %15 of the vote from the GOP and the GOP will realize that they don't have a future without libertarian voters."

    I think you do not understand that there are only two parties, the ESTABLISHMENT and everyone else. The Republican party will not change unless it is taken over by the anti-establishment.
    The only reason why there is a two party system is to hide the fact that what is actually in place is a dictatorship, where Democrats and Republicans "take turns" applying the same agenda. When one party starts to stink too much, they pass the ball to the other party. The parties are two sides of the same coin.

    It's all an illusion.

    So to say.. "GOP will realize that they don't have a future without libertarian voters" does not cut it.

    The Establishment GOP will not realize anything.



    I try to change people every day. Do You?

    I see your point


    That's a fact. 5 minutes of

    That's a fact. 5 minutes of watching CNN or 5 minutes of Fox News. Both show you the same thing. The system, as-is, is failed. I believe our only hope, and this is a long-shot pipe dream, is that Americans will come to realize, through the tireless efforts of true patriots, that our freedoms, voices, and power are not given to us by the gun of the government. Using your ballot to better your situation at the expense of your neighbor only entrenches the corrupt and weakens us all. Our freedoms, voices, and power come from our Creator and it is our responsibility to remind our neighbors of that. Reminding and counting on politicians with this doesn't do any good. It is the very nature of the public sector to be a parasite, seeking to absorb whatever power from its host that it can while it can.

    A bit of clairity

    If it wasn't clear from the first comment, I am in favor of continued gridlock as opposed to 8 years of brand new tyranny coming from the other side.
    I agree. It's completely insane to look at the other 3 as an option if all else fails.
    Not one of the others will end the wars.
    Not one of the others will pursue a full audit of the Federal Reserve.
    All the rest will remove regulations for some private sectors and impose new regulations on others.

    Only one offers a peaceful revolution and a return to a sane, small government.
    All the rest will push our citizens closer to violent outrage at the loss of our freedom and heritage.

    My Error! I spread this

    My Error!
    I spread this thinking I was leading various private efforts to an official site. Sorry for my ignorance! Apparently Nevada HQ is not asking for vote tallies.

    There's been some haggling about

    the young vs. the older voters. Hey, they all count, big time. Get out of bed, drag all of your family and friends with you...provide rides if needed, and vote...for Ron Paul, of course. No excuses, find a way. Please.

    Im so tired of the MSM

    Lou Dobbs Show on FBN just had a bottom screen graphic that said Sanatorium was third and Ron Paul was 4th in Nevada. This has seriously become so ridiculous!!

    On Morning Joe as well!

    It was graphic screen of Nevada's final vote results with false numbers for Santorum in third place and Paul in fourth..I tried to find the segment on the video list but it was the only segment missing from the entire show! I'm sure it was not a poll!


    really ?

    u sure it was not the PPP poll where Ron was fourth ?
    maybe they are showing the poll results,since the caucuses dont matter.
    oh wait ...was it the other way round ?
    oh, basically just show the polls or caucuses where Dr.Paul is last. that must be it !

    Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


    Couldn't agree more ya'll! Liberty or bust! I'm just hoping we hit critical mass with this election cycle and then the population will REALLY wake up during four more years of Obummer. I can see insane growth already! We just have to work our way through all the corruption! Keep it up everyone, Liberty is getting very very popular!

    Ron Paul will win it all!!

    maybe driving over to a precinct with a favorable demographic?

    find out where old folks vote and vote there... I think they will pay more attention to accountability...

    for good measure..

    A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

    Official Ron Paul Reporting for Caucus's

    This needs a separate post! I'm just bumping it to the top here, it's below. Thank you!
    FYI - Official Ron Paul
    Submitted by danni on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 12:45.
    FYI - Official Ron Paul reporting form
    Submitted by danni on Sun, 02/05/2012 - 21:51.

    If you have results to report from your precinct, please do so here: https://ronpaulnevada.wufoo.com/forms/nevada-gop-grassroots-...

    Got this from Nevada for Ron Paul Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RP2012NV

    FYI - Official Ron Paul

    FYI - Official Ron Paul reporting form
    Submitted by danni on Sun, 02/05/2012 - 21:51.

    If you have results to report from your precinct, please do so here: https://ronpaulnevada.wufoo.com/forms/nevada-gop-grassroots-...

    Got this from Nevada for Ron Paul Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RP2012NV

    It's About Delegates People.......

    Just talked with my brother...the delegate chair in Maine....

    He had to have a meeting with his county's GOP officials today....they didn't know he was a Paul supporter. When you read the conversation that took place, you will run to become a delegate. The GOP fear a hijacking at the convention.

    I am going to post the conversation in a thread titled...Fear And Loathing In Maine: Delegate War

    I'm waiting to talk to my brother again to make sure I have the info correct....probably in the next hour.

    They may be able to screw with the vote....but they are absolutely terrified about what's happening with the delegates.

    Everyone...become a delegate if you can!!

    I will post the conversation soon....don't miss it.

    That's why our delegates have to be stealthy

    about not letting the GOP know we are RP supporters. It's none of their business, so don't say it, or don't wear RP paraphernalia when you go there, and don't talk RP when you are around them.
    Just be a nice delegate and keep quiet about it around the GOP.
    You'll get your chance to say what you need to say when you are at the convention and we need you to stand up for RP when it counts at voting time.
    Don't get "made" by the establishment, and they won't throw you out. You have to be there to do the job we need you to do.