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Sunday Morning: Ron Paul on ABC's "This Week"

Thanks for the video, SaveOurSovereignty3


This Sunday, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex, comes to "This Week" following the Nevada caucuses to make his case for the nomination.


Live Stream: tvpc.com/Channel.php?ChannelID=6749

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George is a punk. I mean who starts off an interview with a presidential candidate like this:

"So uh last year you came in 2nd there and this year it looks like you will be in 3rd. Man that really sucks to be you. I bet that feels terrible huh?"

Its patronizing almost taunting. So disrespectful and rude.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Every time

I think I have reached the top level in my mind of freedom Ron Paul humbles me by pointing out the obvious

It just seems he is looking at the host like...what are you even talking about

Of all the anti-RP media people, George Steph

is the worst. That smarmy manner, that condescending tone, that know-it-all voice. Ugh!

The Media Bubble

Dr. Paul talks about the financial bubbles that are caused by the FED, like the DotCom bubble and most recently the Housing bubble, but there is also a bubble of sorts being created by the MSM, specifically a Presidential Candidate bubble. The MSM inflates marginal candidates with countless hours of coverage, investing their 'journalistic capital' in one candidate or another in an all out effort to convince the public that one candidate is the prohibitive favorite or the only one with a chance to win. Like average investors, the vast majority of American citizens believe the 'professional' claptrap they are given, make foolish decisions, and only find out afterwards how very horribly they were misled. The campaign for president is not a horse race, though that invariably is the way in which the MSM bundles it and foists it on our hardworking, albeit unwitting, public, like some 'can't lose' Internet Stocks or 'guaranteed' mortgage backed securities with unrealistically high rates of return. Ultimately, however, it is we, the public collectively, who lose out and get left holding the bag. Why does Ron Paul get so little attention from the MSM, and why, when they do speak with him, is their disdain for him so palpable? To find the answer, you need only 'Follow the Money.' The FED has lent out more than 12 trillion dollars to central banks and int'l conglomerates at 0-0.25% interest since the 2008 crash (without Congressional approval). The recipients of this 'free' money turnaround and buy our debt and make 2-3% annually. (You do the math, because it is only going to get worse unless something is done). And, all our news org'ns can ask the only candidate in this race to address the real issues confronting our country is if he'll support another status quo candidate like Barack Obama or Mitt Romney who are bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs (which happens to have over 60 trillion dollars in derivatives in their portfolio)?! Something is seriously wrong. BTW, I wonder if the money is on the US maintaining its sovereignty or The New World Order. It doesn't really matter though to them. Either way the 99% will continue to be yoked with debt and serve the 1% like good goyem and chattel. God Bless America. The game is rigged, and it is just a matter of time before all the chickens come home to roost. Vote with your conscience. Don't fall prey to the 'pick a winner' mentality. Ron Paul is our only hope to turn this mess around.

Turning the other cheek means standing up to your oppressors when they strike you down.
We need to wake up!

You are so right. The

You are so right. The traditional media still has a stranglehold on most people out there.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Dumbfounded Ron Paul supporters.

I read the comments and shake my head. Why Ron Paul supporters are so dumbfounded that Ron Paul support is not translating into victories? It is because the general electorate (not Interned savvy like people posting comment here – and On Ron PAUL grass-root support site!) never use Interned to visit sites like this and all other Ron Paul sites and they rely on TV and another establishment media outlets!!!! If the campaign would be conducted on Internet he would win handily, but he is too ahead of time. Older voters are so brainwashed by main stream media and believe what they are fed daily, make their decisions not based on issues - but "winner" "presidential looking" "good debater", party choice" and alike. For myself it is very frustrating experience - I am 74 and I am absolutely dismayed that even four of my children (all with college degrees) do not know how or are unwilling (and lazy) to properly investigate on their own political position of candidate, his past voting history, corruption issues, flip-flopping etc. Everybody who is Internet savvy and supporting Ron Paul should watch Youtube video by Tom Woods
"Urgent: How to Help Ron Paul Among Older Voters" and TALK to their older folks and relatives. Participate in Ron Paul sign wave (as I do every week) , display Ron Paul signs on your property (if you can), wear Ron Paul buttons and baseball caps ….. THIS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TO POST DAILY THESE FANCY COMMENTS ON SITE read O N L Y by Dr. Paul supporters. .

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true. The media was blacking us out right before Nevada.

A friend of mine was concerned because "I know you follow this stuff on the internet and you know the latest" but most people like me watch TV and are not hearing the things you are telling me."

Tell them

To shut off the tv and live life again

Gingrich's 2nd place in Nevada and Santorum taking a good %

I am in disbelief that Gingrich and Santorum did so well. Looks like either people have not listened to what Dr.Paul has to say or people wants to hear what they want to hear.

The only voice of sanity in this election cycle is Dr. Ron Paul. Unfortunate that people seems to be ignoring him.

Where is the GOP member's lists

Where is the GOP member's lists?
Is anyone can publish that?


That how exactly feel right now.

Dr. Paul 2012!!!!

We were supposed to occupy

We were supposed to occupy the GOP in 2008. Too late now. GOP is a dead party. Romney has no chance against Obama. Look at the pathetic vote totals. GOP must be crapping their pants. They will blame us for it, instead of their murderous policies.


I am happy the 2 party system is having problems it was never meant to be a 2 party system

When are you going to win?

I wish Dr. Paul would have answered, "Well, when you eliminate voter fraud I might win a few of these States."

Stephanopoulos is a little WORM.

That's an insult to a worm.

He dissed Dr. Paul in 2008 too by saying he was never going to win - To his face.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Paul has the look ....

of a man who knows he's being cheated . This man has been attracting huge crowds at all his events . I live in an eastern liberal state where there's huge support for Paul everywhere . He has huge support all around the nation . I 've been saying it all along that these primaries are being rigged to prevent Paul from succeeding . The RINO/Democratic one party system views Paul as a major threat to their dynasty . They will do whatever it takes to prevent him from becoming President .

I'm always amazed and

I'm always amazed and irritated at those who say "Paul shoulda said"....he's been campaigning and winning for dozens of years people. The man started the conversation wih America and got Americans talking, to each other and to their elected reps. He handles everything very well. If you think "he shoulda said" go say it yourself, to your neighbor, your rep, strangers on the street. They need you and they need the message.....this interview was excellent, both the questions and the answers, pretty sure he was given the questions ahead of time, does that happen?

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski

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Paul shoulda said

You can believe me when I tell you. In NO WAY whatsoever am I criticizing Dr Paul. Because I would be the first to say, it is a lot easier to watch someone else do something and point out ways something they could have done something better than actually do something yourself. No Dr Paul has been amazing. Considering he has been doing this by himself for all these years.

I think it is more of a way to let out some frustration about ways he could have responded. And who knows maybe someone in the campaign has time to read these comments sometimes and maybe these possible responses may be considered.

So yes, I know a lot of us are back seat drivers here, who are full of advice. And, if, we were put in the drivers seat, we would most likely panic and drive off the road.

Also I would guarantee RP is not being given the questions in advance.

Two shorten the road.

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An easy answer

When asked about when he's going to get his first win.

The simple answer 'probably when you guys start investigating the vote fraud that seems to be occuring. You'll find that we probably have already won.'

Two shorten the road.

Why not say "every state"?

Why not say "every state"? Show some optimism when talking to the public. It's not just talking shop to an analyst.

Paul should of ....

said : " I have been winning every state so far , it's just that the MSM & Dc establishment is rigging the voting and showing false results to the people " and " look at the Huge crowds that show up at my events compared to the other candidates , but yet , I place third or fourth in the polls and Santorum who has no following or even organized , places above me or close behind "

The lovely man looks

awfully tired to say the least.

I enjoyed Ron's disdainful demeanor toward S

If he had a more poetical spark, he might have responded to the "When are you going to win?" question with "I am leading a revolution. A revolution is won when the traitors are hanging by their necks, " delivered coldly and disdainfully.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Look at Ron's dazed

Look at Ron's dazed expression when George asked Ron when he's going to win a primary? Apparently, Ron is learning the cold truth that potentially MASSIVE fraud is involved at the highest levels of the GOP. Assuming Ron didn't realize the apparent MAGNITUDE of fraud, can one involved in politics as long as Ron not know the true MAGNITUDE of fraud, but just that it exists? I'm wondering how much Ron really knows about the magnitude of fraud at the highest levels of the GOP. Already, we have TWO state chairs of the GOP leaving their positions promptly after their respective primaries. If fraud can be proven, hopefully the legal system will catch up with them eventually.

As I've stated in a previous post, if repetitive cases of notable fraud can be proven, these cases should be promptly taken public as proof arises to prepare the public for a run for POTUS as a 3rd party candidate. The campaign can air advertisements if necessary to raise awareness of the issue. "Look, I didn't want or plan to run as a 3rd party candidate, but I've tried working with the GOP for months to correct the provable cases of fraud, but the GOP is stonewalling and uncooperative in dealing with the fraud so I have no choice but to run for POTUS outside of the GOP for both the sake of the country and my supporters. Time is of the essence."

Tpreitzel~~~EXCELLENT SUGGESTION you made!

My favorite comment is how Ron Paul would frame a 3rd party bid!~~

"Look, I didn't want or plan to run as a 3rd party candidate, but I've tried working with the GOP for months to correct the provable cases of fraud, but the GOP is stonewalling and uncooperative in dealing with the fraud so I have no choice but to run for POTUS outside of the GOP for both the sake of the country and my supporters. Time is of the essence."

I doubt Dr. Paul is watching football tonight. I think he is sad, very, very sad about the outcome and he'd have to be blind not to realize the depravity of the situation. My heart goes out to Dr. & Mrs. Paul...


A possible slogan for the new campaign could be "Country before party" .... politics, i.e. fraud.

Hope many listened to what

the good Dr. said. I agree with many comments here, this was a great talk from RP and he is defining this movement, well.

Don't care to resort to name calling but, do like to have some fun. What I've referred to this interviewer as since'08; G. Step-on-us-less!

I couldn't watch this

George Stephanopolous is so smug and irritating that I could only watch about 30 seconds of this. He is not a journalist, but an Orwellian propagandist hack.

The Fed creates the money, then supplies it to its member banks. The banks then provide the money to insiders who purchase or build capital-intensive media outlets, like television networks, radio stations and newspapers. The money flows to those who work for the system. Ron is a threat to their money machine, so they will never treat him fairly.

"I ain't the dying type."

Reader, writer, soldier.

I think I understand the source of the Media/Paul problem now...

Watching this gave me a flash of inspiration. This man clearly was pro-paul. It didn't come across that way....to -us-. He came across as asking vapid, stupid questions, that anyone paying attention would know the answer to. Dr. Paul points this out. The man's reply is telling - he's trying to let Dr. Paul get to the heart of the issue. This is it, this is our problem, right here.

When the media do interviews they are used to candidites who ONLY SPEAK IN SOUNDBYTES. So they ask questions geared towards that. This man threw at Dr. Paul what would be, for any other man running, a series of 'say whatever you want' questions; that would really let the candidite make a brief 'pitch' or speech or 6-second clip describing his message.

But Dr. Paul doesn't speak that way. When asked a question, he -answers-. Because he's a good guy, and because his message -cant- be reduced to a soundbyte.

I don't know the solution, but this is the problem. Even those interviewers who like him don't know what to do with him, because they are so used to their bad system.

George Scoffolopolis is NOT Pro-Paul!

I'm sorry, but I beg to differ with your statement that the interviewer was clearly pro-paul.Scoffolopolis is a notorious, and well known Paul-hater.Just youtube George Stephanopolis/Ron Paul and you'll see what I mean.Additionally,he is also a CFR(Council on Foreign Relations Member) member and Bilderberg Group attendee.If you are not familiar with these organizations I strongly suggest you Google them and find out for your self what they're about.I know you meant well, and I'm not trying to be mean,but I really despise Stephanopoulos.He is an avowed Globalist and nothing less than a mouthpiece/shill for their traitorous agenda!

You hit the nail on the head!

Very good observation.
I believe there are several journalists/reporters that do this....try to help him out by giving open ended questions and Dr. Paul doesn't capitalize on these moments like others would do.
A good example of this is seen in the debates....Dr. Paul will not push the envelope when it comes to the timeclock/buzzer going off. Notice that Santorum is very savvy when it comes to taking as much time he can in giving his answers....Paul will not.
Hopefully the campaign can help him with this.

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