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'Weekend News:" Norm Macdonald endorses Ron Paul 2012!

Hey guys, this is my first post. I've got something special today. At the Denver Airport I spotted Norm Macdonald. We talked a few minutes as we were delayed and I asked him to take a picture. He spotted my Ron Paul sweater and told me how much he loves Ron Paul. So...I asked him if he would say it on camera. Cool, huh!?!


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I would prefer the endorsement of

Gape Kaplan :)

Don't waste your time trying to be right, spend it trying to get better



Norm is the man, and this solidifies it!

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

* * * * * * * NEW R3VOLUTION HIP HOP TRACKS!! * * * * * * *

This made the front page of the Official Campaign site

It is currently mentioned on the front page of RonPaul2012.com.

Thanks Norm!!!

Way to go Bakersfieldteaparty!

Wikipedia Entry Added

Cool, man! I added an entry to Wikipedia reflecting this information. I hope I spelled your name right in the credits.

Hmm Denver Airport

Happen to notice any of the symbolism there? Creepy place.

Norm has a fairly new

Norm has a fairly new DVD:


And CD:


I bet he could use some support from the Liberty community.

Hell yeah! This is epic!

What happened to Sports show anyway? Did you ask?!

Add him to the list of

Add him to the list of Canadians that support Ron Paul.

What is a Norm McDonald? I Never Heard of him.

I must be just to freaking ignorant or something. I don't watch much TV since i work too much..

Don't worry,

Out of the Millions of people who watch Saturday Night Live, only about 10% prefer him over Chevy Chase as news anchor. LOL.

Patent Pending Magnetic Pen Holder!

Norm has been in a few

Norm has been in a few movies. very popular.

Me either

I guess he was/is on SNL... I started swing shift in 1980 and haven't seen an episode of SNL since.

I think Norm is hilarious.

I think Norm is hilarious. His comedy is stupid but I can't help but laugh at it. I figure a lot of comedians like Ron Paul a lot.

If Bill Hicks were alive today, he'd love Ron Paul.

Debbie's picture

Awesome!! Norm is hilarious. His old "Weekend Updates" on

SNL were, yes, stupid but hilarious. No one has been able to replace him and the Weekend Updates suck now. He was also hilarious as Burt Reynolds in the their skit "Celebrity Jeopardy".


Even though Bill Hicks didn't

Even though Bill Hicks didn't like any politicians, I too believe he would support Ron Paul.

He wrote in his autobiography that...

"The person who wants to be president the most should, in fact, NOT be president. It's the person you would have to drag into the White House-kicking and screaming-that SHOULD be president."

I think that's Ron Paul. Someone who doesn't want to be president for himself.

The fire rises.

Best Weekend Update Anchor

SNL's biggest mistake - firing this man.

The fire rises.


Honestly that excites me more than most endorsements. Now we just need to get Tim Meadows and Chris Kattan to endorse RP and we'll be good.

Good, quick thinking!

Germans love David Hasselhoff

Germans love David Hasselhoff and Norm Macdonald love RON PAUL!!!


That's cool.

That's cool.

Best Anchor

Best Anchor of "Weekend Update" in SNL history.

or so the Germans would have us believe...

: )

Greatest endorsement

Of all time. Norm is a legend. I have all of his greatest stand up/talk show interviews favorited.

No train to Stockholm.


here's an awesome clip of norm on conan.


Good stuff! Laughing so hard it hurts. Norm your the man!


I wish he'd get his brother

I wish he'd get his brother Neil Macdonald, a CBC journalist, on-board with Ron Paul. That be sick for those of us that live up north, eh?

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I've always been a huge fan

I've always been a huge fan of Norm. I finally saw him live and met him 3 months ago. He's a pretty cool, honest guy in show biz. Nice to see him like Paul. He always admits he knows nothing about politics but, like in show business, he can always sense the BS.

Not sure

He liked the shirt. He dug it. I really don't see that as an endorsement.

There was a telephone pole with a Ron Paul sign on it. This pole endorses Ron Paul!

Seems there has been more endorsements than.......well....endorsements.

I love Ron Paul

That's not an endorsement???

I do agree that it would have made it sweeter if he said "I endorse Ron Paul" but since he agreed to say this on camera u gotta give it to him.

I'd call it an endorsement :)

Great work!