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CBS vs. PBS Ron Paul coverage on eve of 2012 Nevada Primary

CBS shuts out Paul and Santorum while referencing poll that had Ron in last place 9%.

PBS covered all 4 candidates and referenced poll w/ Ron in 3rd place at 15%. The host also had the good sense to ask Jon Rolston questions about Ron Paul, and I liked his answers


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Nice, balanced, fair coverage

Nice, balanced, fair coverage by PBS...it's amazing that a government-run media company is the fairest of all to our candidate, LOL.

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Funny how the one

Funny how the one state-funded media channel is more fair than any of the private ones...

I like how this guy implies that candidates status in the media

should be about how many supporter they get to show up to a rally rather than how what random polls say.

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I think these polls are complete BS

They estimate around 45,000 people will vote in the caucus. 10% of that would be 4,500. By all accounts, Ron Paul has attracted thousands of people to his Nevada campaign stops.

We're to believe that either those people are from out of state, or the same people go to all the events, or most of these people won't vote????

I call Bulls**t on these polls!

The polls suck... they garner support from randoms who dont

even vote... they just know most of America likes the lazy-boy and war and prefer the MSM candidate, but when it comes to people who actually participate their numbers are incredibly low

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

That was good...

Good to point out that the polls are probably "wrong"...

I think the polls are used as

I think the polls are used as a good cover for election fraud.

I agree

I don't know what the percent will be but I would anticipate that his number of voters will at least double. He had 6000 last time. He's probably had that many people show up to his events this week. I'd be surprised if he didn't get 15,000 votes this time.

But it might be good to have low expectations. It will make bigger headlines when he has a super "surge".

But I'm sure they are prepared to blame Paul win on the prostitute vote.

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The big problem I see with

The big problem I see with comparing his rally turn out to project how many votes he'll get is that not everyone at his rallies can or will vote. Notice how even Ron talked openly about the issue of getting out and actually voting several times recently? This is not a small issue and one that the campaign has been noticing and working to resolve.

Everything I've seen is

Everything I've seen is 55,000 to 90,000 projected. Doesn't matter honestly, I think Ron will get second place. The more important issue is, like Iowa, could he end up with about the same amount of delegates as the guy in first place. Right now the campaign stands to win a projected 7 or 8 delegates in Iowa, which would put us up near first in the delegate count there. Hopefully Nevada will be likewise.

Nice coverage by PBS

Nice coverage by PBS

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now thats what Iam talking about

Wow, there is a big

Wow, there is a big difference in coverage between PBS and CBS. It's interesting that a government backed network gives better Ron Paul coverage than the private corporation.

Yep. Westinghouse loves their wars.

Gotta keep selling their turbines for the aircraft carriers, jets, etc. War, war, war. Westinghouse(owns CBS), like GE(owns NBC), make the turbines and always have their pompoms out for more war. And keep selling that fear to justify our loss or rights and more wars. I used to get my news from cbs back in the day. Then I found out about Ron Paul early in 2007, and even with the 07 moneybombs, they, like yahoo, ignored RP. So then I never went back to cbs and I changed my homepage from yahoo to ixquick.com