I Support Ron Paul Source Files

I have gotten so many requests for the source files for the "I Support Ron Paul" graphics, that I'm making them available for free download here.

This is an Adobe EPS file, saved in Illustrator 9 format. The fonts I used were: Dogma Bold for the big words, and Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk for the Copyright text/disclaimer.

I am making these images available free for non-commercial use. Feel free to put them on signs, posters, postcards, magnets, bumperstickers, whatever you want, to promote Ron Paul.

Note: You will need either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to access these images:

Download here (2MB)

Best regards,
Michael Nystrom
I Support Ron Paul

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Combined PDF With All Colors

I have been meaning to do this for a couple of days. I created a pdf file with all of the I Support Ron Paul signs in it. The file is in vector format which means that it will scale well to about any size. You can print out and expand it to fit your page whatever size it happens to be. If you want to print multiple pages on one sheet you should be able to tell your printer to put two or four on a sheet.

I posted it on Scribd.com and you can download the original PDF file or a Word file of it.

Here is the link:

Click Here To Download

Asking for permission...

Hello Micheal,

First off, I just want to say thank you for making this and great job! Is it okay if we change the text and font?

Don't have Adobe Illustrator of Photoshop...

And I don't think most people do.

Could someone who does make some 1, 2 and 4 pagers in a commonly used file format and make them available on the web?

some quick one (yes, site is slooooow)


Just a quick note. I kept the files size to the MAX. If you want to make them smaller (IT'S SUGGESTED!!) just open up MS paint and then do a file + save as and then files will be smaller.

Jim Bob

Jim Bob

Links don't work Jim-Bob-Joe....

You might want to look into that!


Yes... i saw them after they were posted but the server was running to slow to go back and fix. Here are the working links:


Click the image to maximize it!

And for the time being, I have no idea why photoshop was outputting invalid files. Here are the compressed versions.

Enjoy folks. and thanks Michael for posting the source images!!

Jim Bob

Michael Nystrom's picture

I will work on this over the

I will work on this over the weekend.


He's the man.