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Paper or Plastic?

I know everyone is focused on the Nevada caucases today, but I have some thought I needed to share.

A couple months ago I was in a local store buying some odd and ends, got in line to purchase them and was behind an older gentleman. The cashier started to bag his items and asked, "Paper or plastic?" He said "Paper, thanks".

She totaled them up as she bagged them, turned to him and said, "That will be $19.85."

He pulled out his wallet, opened it up and said to her, "Paper or plastic?"

It took her a second to realize what he was asking, and laughed, "Paper please." like paper is the real stuff. I had to giggle too. All three of us laughed about it. That was really cute. I've used that line a couple times since then when in line to purchase things.

Then this morning, reading all the topics and posts, it dawned on me about how important paper can be and started thinking about comparisons of paper vs. plastic.

Paper - Constitution, rule of law, Ron Paul

Plastic - Credit, color of law, Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, etc.

Paper - represents (or use to), gold and silver.

Plastic - represents zeros and ones in a computer, printing of money out of thin air.

I thought maybe the rest of you would like to offer your comparisions of paper vs. plastic.


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Paper or plastic? Neither! Both! What?

For my groceries I am using these: http://www.amazon.com/Insulated-zippered-Cold-Cooler-Tote/dp...

For my savings, I am dollar-cost-averaging into gold and silver (and soon platinum, gold mining stocks, and whatever else I can find that I think will manage to hold value).

Spending is a mix:
- local purchases: paper
- online purchases: plastic
- rent: check
- other recurring bills: automatic bank transfers

In at least one way it doesn't really matter how I do my spending: All spending is backed by Federal Reserve Notes because these businesses (coin shops excepted) don't accept gold or silver or chickens. (I just had a thought -- how weird would it be to go to the coin shop and buy a bunch of silver coins, paying for them with a gold eagle? I guess that might become quite common if the dollar completely collapses.)

Great story...

Paper - a real face that gets crinkly as it ages.
Plastic - a fake face created by plastic surgery..
Ron Paul is paper - Romney is plastic.
Best I can do at 1 am in the morning.

I wish she could be offered

I wish she could be offered gold or silver too.

Plastic = what you THINK is a

Plastic = what you THINK is a "public" government.

Prove it yourself. Go to www.manta.com (a subsidiary of Dunn and Bradstreet).
Narrow the search parameters to your State.
Then search for your county ANYTHING, prosecutor, “public” defender, courts, county commissioner, Collector, Assessor, Family services, school district, and on and on. ALL PRIVATE COMPANY’S (with NO lawful authority).
Now, go do the same thing for your “State” = same results.
Now do the same thing for your “Nation” = same results.
Keep digging and you will find who OWNS the “U.S.” Government.(incorporated 13 months BEFORE the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

WARNING: This project = Taking the RED pill.

Oh believe me

I've already been down that rabbit hole... I took the "red pill" in 2003. I have done so much research since '03, at times it made my brain hurt.

You got to pick your battles. Much of it requires money, time and other resources, which I don't have much of, so I have tried to wake up others and support Ron Paul.

Someone here once asked if Ron Paul would "un-incorporate" the U.S. Government. I'm not sure they got an answer.

Thanks for your reply.

I loved this story

They ARE waking up!

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut