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Some Caucus Speech Talking Points

For anyone who is going to the caucus,who may want some ideas in case they are recognized to speak. My son and I went to delegate training, today, and on the way back, we were discussing the good doctor's life and his amazing accomplishments. If the voters want someone whose political views are informed by an absolutely amazing life, consider Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. He's the only candidate who offers a real contrast to Obama and he polls neck and neck with swing voters to defeat Obama. This is our candidate:

1. He came up through the depression, learning an amazing work ethic and spirit of perseverance. Together with his wife, he put himself through a top, private medical school, and also managed to go back and specialize. It's important to remember, as an OB/Gyn, he doesn't just hold women's hands and catch the baby. He's a surgeon and saves lives in danger as well as bringing healthy life into this world. Even before he was in politics, as a doctor, he treated women who couldn't pay, for free, rather than take federal money, and has never performed an abortion.
2. While in the Air Force, he rose to the rank of Captain.
3. He is a pilot, having earned his private pilot's license.
4. He studied economics and became so expert that he predicted our current housing bubble seven years before it came to pass.
5. He is not only a congressman, but has managed to remain completely uncorrupted in his principles over the course of eleven terms, being so well known for integrity that lobbyists don't even visit his office.
6. Through all of this, he raised a family of five fine children who all are a credit to him and his wife of 55 years.
7. Finally, Paul was an outstanding young athlete. Before injuring his knee,in high school, Ron ran well against a fellow runner who went on to compete in the Olympics. He hit a home run in a congressional baseball game, back in the eighties. He is well recognized as a very athletic and fit man.

Putting all of these personal virtues together with the most concrete plan in the campaign to bring America back to freedom and prosperity. Ron Paul's plan is this:

1. Cut $1 trillion in real spending (not projected increases)in the first year and balance the budget in ONE TERM without doing it on the backs of social security or medicare and protecting the core social safety net. To do that, he would eliminate five unconstitutional cabinet level departments, allowing the states to save the money paid to D.C. so they can afford to manage the necessary aspects of these departments at the state level, where they can remain more relevant and accountable to the voters. The rest of these savings will come from ending foreign aid across the board with no picking and choosing of countries. Private charities do a good job now of sending humanitarian aid and it goes better to the needy rather than getting soaked up by corrupt governments who don't care about their people in the first place.

2. He will smoothly transition the Federal Reserve out of existence,first by supporting our money with precious metals, as is REQUIRED BY THE CONSTITUTION. No other form of money is authorized and this provision has never been amended or superseded. This will end inflation and smooth out the booms and busts that artificially raise some prices and depress others, increasing the value of our money, which helps everyone, of every social and economic class. Secondly, he will bring FULL, GENUINE TRANSPARENCY to the Fed (Federal Reserve System) so the citizens and congress can identify how our money has been spent and managed.

3. He will end corporate subsidies and malinvestment, to quit having the government intervene in the private marketplace, artificially propping up one industry over another. No company will need subsidies to cope with regulatory barriers because those will go away when he refuses to sign any unconstitutional bill Congress would be foolish enough to send his way.

4. He will bring our troops home from all foreign wars and bases so they can defend our own borders from invasion or incursion by terrorists masquerading as undocumented workers and violent drug traffickers. This will protect us from terrorism very effectively, as will his enforcement of laws against illegal aliens receiving social benefits paid for by American taxpayers. This will provide a dis-incentive for those who come here illegally, as they will not receive the benefits so commonly given out, now.

5. His economic policies will enable businesses to make enough to hire American workers at competitive wages, which will further squeeze out cheap, illegal labor and lack of regulations would lower the cost of hiring Americans and not force them to hire under the table to save on the cost of hiring Americans in businesses with that attract high turn-over employees like teens and seasonal workers.

6. He would work with congress to repeal Obamacare, and with the improvement in the economy and the strengthening of the free market, medical expenses would come down and more companies could afford health insurance for employees.

Not one other candidate has any kind of plan to cut REAL spending. They only have programs to target one kind of spending over another. They all have a history of spending and support for bailouts and unconstitutional individual mandates. Lets vote for Ron Paul and return America to the hands of Americans and be the free nation that the world admired and that nurtured the dreams of our children for untold generations. Ron Paul 2012!