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Online Voter Registration

This morning I filled out the voter registration form at the local courthouse to register as a Republican so I can vote in the primary for Ron Paul. I'm not sure about other states but in Pennsylvania one must register with a paper form.

The online registration at GOP.com has you fill in a form, thanks you for registering and then instructs you to print the form. It is not very clear that filling out the form online does not actually register you, it just fills in a form that you have to print and deliver to the election office.

Be sure you and everyone you know who supports Dr. Paul are properly registered to vote in the primary election --especially those changing parties or new voters. Register early and check on the status of your registration even if you receive your card in the mail.

Whatever you think of Greg Palast, I think we have to accept that the polling system may not be perfectly accurate for a number of reasons. In a close election this becomes much more obvious.

One can think that there are large elements within the Republican party that may find it desireable to not encourage new members in their party because those new members are most likely supporters of Dr. Paul. (Who else is joining the Republican party these days?) Newly registered Republican votes are easy targets for challenged or "spoiled" votes in the upcoming elections including primaries. Please be sure that your registration is in well in order and encourage others to do the same.

I hope this is helpful.

Colin Miller

P.S. Put a bumper sticker on your front bumper, more drivers can see it.