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Las Vegas Sun: Nevada State GOP Chair Resignation Effective 12:01am Today

Wow! So this is huge:

Anjeanette Damon - @AnjeanetteDamon

To make things even better for the #nvgop, Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian's resignation took effect at 12:01 a.m. Status of the chair up in air.

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Story at the Las Vegas Sun: Vote count in GOP caucus continuing in Nevada’s largest county

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What? No handcuffs??

I would think caucuses would be MORE resistant to corruption since people need to meet in public and count in public and announce in public.

Doesn't it take a deliberate and self-evident FRAUD to take PUBLIC counts and somehow make them disappear? Can someone explain this to me -- do I not understand the "complexity" of the caucus system? Doesn't each caucus -- and every person there at the caucus (and certainly every person involved in the redundant counting) know when their caucus's results are not reported correctly in the centralized tally??

Please help me out here. In my ignorance it sure seems to me there should be one or more people going to hard time for the rest of their natural born lives ... and not allowed to merely "resign"???

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28


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Is this yet another resignation???? Now the Nevada RP

[There is no date, which is why I ask.]

NRP Statement on Resignation of Chairman Amodei

CARSON CITY, NV – Sherry Dilley, Acting Chair for the Nevada Republican Party, issued the statement below following the resignation of Mark Amodei from his post as Chair of the Nevada Republican Party.

“It is with a heavy heart that we accept Mark’s resignation today. Mark had the courage to step up at a time when the party needed strong leadership and today we thank him for his selfless service. Mark united the party with his extensive knowledge of Nevada, love of the Republican principles and an entertaining sense of humor. It has truly been our pleasure and privilege to work with Mark Amodei and we will miss his presence at the podium. I respect his decision to pursue a new opportunity and wish him well in his campaign.”

Amodei sent a formal letter to Acting Chair Dilley today formally announcing his resignation.

Old news

He served as chairman of the Nevada Republican Party until May 2011, when he stepped down in order to pursue the republican nomination for Congress.

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Strange resignation pattern:

Iowa voting fraud: Matt Strawn, Iowa GOP Chairman, To Step Down 01/31/12 10:31 AM ET

Now this resignation in Nevada after this new vote fraud.

I'm getting a headache

...and I seldom ever get headaches but I'm becoming a believer in voter fraud

What Is Going On?

This is ridiculous. Caucus? Count onsite and report in front of everyone? I don't Romne won, I think Ron Paul won.

We live in a Banana Republic,

We live in a Banana Republic, that's what's going on!

more like a tater tot republic

hell, if Napolean Dynamite got Pedro elected, whats our excuse.Besides liars ,cheaters and whores

Time for a revote

Here's another one to add to the list...it looked like voting in a 3rd world country.


Also, Google shows that with 70.4% of the precints in the total number is 1268/1800 so 532 precincts have not been counted. 60,000 were expected to vote but only 24,813 counted so far. Way to many missing to call a winner

How about.....

Time for a REVOLT!!!


Hit save twice, sorry.

wow! this is front page material!

Great post. Thanks.

NEWS FLASH: Amy has been

NEWS FLASH: Amy has been planning this for a while!
DO THE DIRTY DEED FOR ADLESON= Husband gets money for his congressional run.



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If she was planning it or not

it does not change the fact that; two caucuses down (IA & NV)and two GOP Chair resignations. We don't have a final vote count in FL, IA or NV. It is all just to convenient for the GOP.


I didn't know Florida's vote count was incomplete too. How are they getting away with this shit?

Because, just like in the

Because, just like in the printed papers, nobody pays attention to retractions; they get put on page 6 in small print.

The TV media's version of page 6, is time; they just wait say 2 weeks before they let the truth be aired, and by that time the average TV watchers are none-the-wiser to what has just happened.

What they do: On the night of the event announce "Mitt Romney Won" no matter what the percentage of precincts are reporting final results. A week or so later announce a different winner, but this time the average voters aren't paying attention.

Conduct an experiment: The next time you are shopping, or otherwise away from politically astute individuals like one finds here on DP, ask a perfect stranger, "Who won the Iowa Caucus?"

As far as the GOP Chairmen/women losing their jobs; it is of no importance, because they will get better jobs for supporting the establishment; with the exception of the NH GOP Chairman and RP supporter, that is. The whole effing thing is completely rigged and has been since the Party establishments were created in the 1850's. What do you think the establishment of the REP/DEM parties were for, anyway? The establishment of the National Party system was for the sole purpose of stealing the votes of the citizenry.

This was the whole reason I never voted with true intent before; because it doesn't matter who one votes for; the establishment will put in office who they want anyway. This will be the first time the establishment actually steals my vote, apposed to me giving it to the lesser of two evils on the few occasions which I did vote, and it is completely sickening.

Also please note: NH GOP Chairman (a Ron Paul supporter)

was also sacked prior to the NH Primary because he wouldn't play ball.

If I understand the process correctly,

the caucuses are for the purpose of selecting precinct delegates who will select other delegates who will select other delegates yet who will vote in the nominating convention. The voting that counts is the voting for delegates IF there are more would-be delegates than slots to fill. That is rarely the case.

The votes cast Saturday for presidential candidates are nothing but a non-binding straw poll, important for creating a sense of momentum but not relevant in any way to the actual nominating process at the RNC Nominating Convention.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

You are correct... MN is next...

Romney won MN last time Straw Poll but got no delegates out of the whole State!

But the morale boost for the campaign, and

the added media coverage for it, or lack thereof can gravely affect a campaign and make or break it.


You are correct. I was voted for as a delegate in Las Vegas (Clark County) during the last election. The people at our precinct caucus voted for me as a delegate. This was not the same as the poll for presidency. After the caucus then delegates go to the state convention where they determine planks and also can unbind delegates to a candidate.

...Danny Tarkanian's dad was

...Danny Tarkanian's dad was the basketball coach...


anyone surprised there's deception or corruption here?

You guys remember Tarkanian the bball coach and what happened to that program??

Jackson County Georgia

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Folks, she was already going to resign...

...nothing to do with the fraud everyone is so sure has occurred. Calm yourselves.


"Nevada GOP chair Tarkanian to resign

By Joyce Lupiani

CREATED Jan. 6, 2012

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Nevada GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian says she is resigning from her post to help her husband campaign for the U.S. House.

Tarkanian said Thursday that several party leaders asked her to resign because her husband, Danny Tarkanian, plans to run for Nevada's new 4th Congressional District seat.

Tarkanian says she will step down on Feb. 5, a day after Nevada Republicans hold their presidential caucus."

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

She didn't resign until midnight in the middle of an election

It's the timing that reveals everything.

Just because she was already resigning

Does Not mean this has nothing to do with it.
In other words, she Set the timing and was an easy way out, she was on her way Anyway, she doesn't care, moves on and like some one said here, got Buxx from Adelson for hubbie's campaign in the meantime, or from Someone somewhere even in the White House or whatever.
What I'm saying is Net Result Iowa And Nevada New chairs, trail goes cold, screwed up vote count! Victory Mitt so maybe part of his billions or from the company that folded the day after giving him million or two right?

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Maybe shes resigning because

SHE KNEW IT WAS COMING!! I'm just saying?!

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Please, spare me the BS.

In the middle of counting? Please, spare me the BS.