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The Ron Paul Nevada Supporter Recount!

If you are a NEVADA resident & voted for DR. RON PAUL. I have set up an independent Gmail account.


I would like you to send me an email. In the subject, I would like you to write: Ron Paul - Your county - Your Caucus - Your Name or Initials or leave out your name - One Vote.

It should look like this:

Ron Paul - Clark County - Alderson School - Donald Trump - One Vote


Ron Paul - Clark County - Alderson School - DT - One Vote


Ron Paul - Clark County - Alderson School - No Name - One Vote

Use a space then a hyphen then space between each category.

If you were turned away at a caucus venue please put in the subject:

Ron Paul - Name County - Caucus name or number - Turned Away - No Vote

Once you have the subject written correctly in the subject field simply copy it and paste it in your email so you can send it.

If your family voted send one email for EACH person not multiple votes for one email. I will use gmail to count these votes.

It will only provide a general number but, I personally want to see, how many Nevadans voted for Dr. Paul. Please pass this email address on to every one and everything related to Dr. Paul and the Nevada voters.

I want to see the numbers for myself. Any emails received that are not done properly will be deleted. I don't have time to sift through 60,000 emails. I just want numbers. I may later go through and tally up each county, but just send me your vote. I want to know just the RON PAUL VOTES in NEVADA, please don not send me anything else.






The results will be posted here:


UNTIL: Thursday February 9th 2012.

They will remain until Friday February 10th 2012 at which time the emails will be deleted and email account closed.




Some good folk are sending me precinct results, I'm trying to get a tally of the overall numbers for just Ron Paul. If you have precinct results to report please go to this link:


There you can provide the information into the appropriate fields, thanks everyone.

Please get the word out the vote tally is slowing to a crawl, want to get this as close to finished as possible by Thursday.

Thanks again, you've all been excellent so far.

This is for Ron Paul!!

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Do not reveal RP results to NON campaign personnel.

You really don't know who will end up with the information.


If you have a concern contact NV RP state HQ. The number is right on ronpaul2012.com

the Power of the Internet !

Great Idea ! Now you see why the corrupt government wants to censor the internet !

Final Tally: 2,044 Votes received from Nevada

Hey it was a valiant effort, I was shocked at the outpouring over the first two days, then things slowed to a trickle and now a drip. But I feel good for having tried something. But Ron Paul seems to know what he's doing, despite the beauty contests, he fights for delegates. Here's hoping for a win in Maine. Never give up, never surrender.

The world is watching and we all want a change. 2012, is the year of awakening, the Mayans predicted it. Not the end of the cycle, but the beginning of a new cycle of evolution, for free human beings.

I want to thank all those Paulites that sent their vote to be recounted, there were no shenanigans, just honest people trying to help find the truth, one vote at a time, you are all patriots. PEACE & LOVE.

The gmail account will be closed by Saturday, your email addresses will be deleted & you will receive no emails from me as promised... it was fun. Danz out.

There is

over 2,000 voters from Nevada on the Daily Paul? Gees.....That is Huge!

. . . . . . _ . . . _ _ .
. _ . . _ _ . . . . _ _ . . . . . . . _ . . _ . .
. _ . . _ _ . . . . _ _ . . . . . . . _ . . _ . .

Update so far: Votes 2,043

So, we won't get to any truth with this attempt, unless something drastic happens by tomorrow's deadline. But I tried. Only two more votes since yesterday.

Update so far: Votes 2,041...just 12 more since yesterday...

Well, looks like we're run out of gas... Two more days to go, if you can get this out to more folks, maybe we'll have something to work with. If not, then it would have been a valiant attempt.

The media is quite happy to move onto the next contest and the next; whilst the establishment railroad Dr. Paul and blatantly steal the election.

When will the people actually work together and really say enough. Not the slogan "ENOUGH!". But really show it, do something about it. Like send your real Nevada Caucus vote through for a recount.

Peace my brothers and sisters of the R3VOLUTION.

Notify more people of this initiative!

Hi everyone, I think this is a great idea but unfortunately I don't think it's reached enough people yet to get a true understanding of vote count. A thread for this has been started on Reddit but it has not been bumped up enough to be visible on the main page. If anyone is still interested in following through with this initiative, please bump up the link below so this can go viral.


Currently it is item #174 and is titled "Ron Paul Nevada Supporter Recount". YOu can also just do a search for that title if you have trouble finding the thread.


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Donating voters to cross reference NV Support? - Worth a Look!


Select NV state obviosly.
Select Candidate

Donor details that probably voted in NV. Select the 3 digit zip code from the drop down to get contribution details for year 2011.

Notice that RP was second to Romney in 2011

There must be other legit local and national political webpage stamps out there that can show commited enthusiasm for Ron Paul in Nevada with diffent people attracted to it to raise reasonable suspicion on obvious voter fraud.

2012 Presidential Campaign Finance
NV Contributions to Paul, Ron by 3 digit Zip Code

My Error! I spread this

My Error!
I spread this thinking I was leading various private efforts to an official site. Sorry for my ignorance! Apparently Nevada HQ is not asking for vote tallies.

Next Update will be tomorrow...

I will update the numbers tomorrow, whether they change or not. Thanks folks.


recount and revote

Are you telling me that a

Are you telling me that a THIRD of the votes we got in Nevada are of people on the internet who somehow found out about the above website and went there and filled it out?

I can't believe that. A THIRD? What about the folks who don't get on the internet? Are sick today? Are someone's grandma? Don't come to DailyPaul multiple times per day? Just don't plain care enough?

I'm I not reading this right?

It's also very possible

That people who didn't vote are lying and saying they did to inflate the total and make it seem like there was fraud.

Given how many people will see this only 1 in a thousand would have to do so in order to make a big difference.

Well, the votes have stop coming... well to a trickle.

.. for all we know 10,000 people may have voted for Ron Paul, which would make it one fifth of the vote. Some sent multiple votes from the same email address for different members of family & friends. But I was very pleased. Will keep it up til Thursday. What are you not reading right?

I don't get it. The campaign

I don't get it. The campaign said they had TONS of ID's. If someone can get the list, all we have to do is call them and see if they voted. If they did, then a group should HAUNT the GOP, newsmedia and anywhere else, WITH that verified list. People who said they would vote, and did vote in their caucus. End of corruption. I would sure chip in to get 20,000 people called. I would even call some.


Good thinking, Crickett.

Folks the votes have stopped coming....

The votes have stopped what's happening, is no one spreading the word? I'm doing what I can but I can't do it alone. We're a third of the way, according to the "official" results. Where are the other 4,000 voters, why can't they post their vote?

They might be at work, Dan~~

Also, there might be a lot of folks who voted that aren't affiliated with Daily Paul, right?

I've posted on youtube, facebook, &people have been tweeting

Those that sent in their votes must know others that haven't. Anyway, I will hold firm. Daily Paul people can push this where ever they think it will link with Nevada voters. You can even mass email the link out, like I have. So, there you go.

Thanks anyway to those that have supported the effort, we got a third of the way there. If I had received 8,000 votes wouldn't that be an eye opener.

However the account will stay active until Thursday, Results will be published & then Fridy 12pm the account will be closed.

If you want to stop the possibility of vote fraud,

you need to get with Jim Condit at www.watchthevote2012.com
Everybody is wasting their time after the fact, because your not prepared. I still have failed to figure out why these early primary/caucus states haven't used Jim for advisement? Especially, after a Ron Paul support, Edward True, advised by Jim, found the vote fraud, that changed the Iowa win from Romney to Santorum. If people didn't think they 'knew it all' and followed the well intended inexperienced campaign people, and let Jim advise them, maybe Paul would of won. At least we would know if the counts are acurate or not (I'm definitely leaning to 'not'.
Jim's been watching and finding ways to monitor the vote, and confers with Bev Harris from Blackbox voting, another expert who has done documentaries on vote fraud. So, my question is, why are we not going to Jim and at least, and have a chance to prevent anymore voter fraud and have a more accurate count. His main site is www.votefraud.org and the site he created to monitor Dr Paul's votes is www.watchthevote2012.com

PS: Don't fall for the false accusations of racism and anti Semitism against Jim. He has written some factual views about the AIPAC lobby control of our foreign policy, and the Zionist dual citizens advising the GWB foreign policy, which isn't anything, but the usual 'say anything negative about Israel, the Fed , or Zionism and your a racist anti Semite'

Potential Nevada voter fraud GOP 2012

I don't know how many caucus locations there where in Clark County but what it needs is a keen journalist to track down the chairpersons for each of the caucus locations in Clark County and obtain first hand the number of votes per candidate - even if the journalist doesn't capture all the caucus chairpersons - a sizable sample across Clark County may shed some light on potential vote fixing/rigging. Even though the final vote count has been declared, the GOP did not/has not provided a plausible explanation for conducting a recount of Clark county votes, whereas the GOP accepted votes from elsewhere in Nevada without question or query - WHY is the question to both points. The only televised caucus in Nevada showed Ron Paul with a huge majority - caught CNN and possibly the Nevada Republican GOP committee completely by surprise and totally unexpected I suspect.

I have some precinct tally's sent by observers...

In the results Paul seems to be doing very well, but where do I go online to see the precinct by precinct results? Send me a link if there is one. Thanks

Why reinvent the wheel here... you are brand new to DP!

I realize you are brand new to Daily Paul, and maybe to the Ron Paul campaign... I wonder if you are reinventing the wheel and therefore without a hope of ever actually communicating with even a fraction of Ron Paul supporters in Nevada?! Further, how would anyone, other than by your 'promise' know your real intent with this information! It certainly can be used as a vote block to stop Ron Paul delegate success, going forward!

If you are really for Ron Paul, I would suggest reading the below... if you are in Nevada and participated actually in the process, then you should know this. Following this process below is far faster and far safer for the end game!:

The solution to the problem is a 'no-brainier' for a campaign with as much 'feet on the ground organization' as the Ron Paul campaign!

Already by Saturday night, maybe earlier, the state campaign chair would have instructed each county coordinator to have ready a spread sheet with the responses, collected as they were received, from each precinct leader. Those responses would be from each voter listed on the Ron Paul supporter tracker site, or donor list, and simply give a yea or nay to the question, 'Did you attend Caucus and vote Ron Paul?'!

At the end of the day, the counties would have responses tabulated and totals ready for numbers of supporters who actually attended, how they voted, at which caucuses, what location, the totals for RP, and any other pertinent observations!

Where are the totals?

Where is the state campaign director?

Where are the county coordinators?

Where are the precinct leaders?

That is hands on campaign organization! Every state should be doing this! The life of the nation hangs in the balance! This is not some once in four years Olympics you are preparing for... it is the life and death of a civilization of peace, liberty and freedom! It is the rise and fall of an era!

Come to think of it, Olympians maybe take it far more seriously... apparently some Ron Paul supporters did also for the 'super-fool' Sunday afternoon, instead of for life and liberty!? One would not have thought so.

Let's find out... state director?



error sorry

Athenian system would be self-validating.

If, instead of using elections to appoint our officials, we use the system they used in ancient Athens -- appointing officials and representatives by lot from among the whole citizen body -- any cheating would be obvious from the results. By the laws of statistics, every segment of the population should be represented proportionally among the officials or representatives selected. If any particular segment is over- or underrepresented to an extent greater than the laws of statistics permit, that would constitute proof that the supposedly random selection was in fact rigged.

Lived on CNN, when they

Lived on CNN, when they recounted, Ron Paul got over 30 more votes in that special caucus (Adelson). If they agree to recount the rest of Nevada (not just Clark County), Paul has the potential to get MUCH MORE votes.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.

Update so far: Votes 2,029....crawling - got to beat 6,175

Folks, this is dismal if you live in Nevada & you haven't posted your vote, if you're one of the 2,000 voters that have already submitted your vote for the recount, please urge people you know voted, to also submit their vote.

Today has almost come to a stand still. There are 3 more days until the deadline, so there is still time.

Let's do this, it take 3 mins to send in your vote, come on guys get on facebook, tweet, gmail, hotmail.. whatever. You will receive no emails from me on this, not interested in your email. Just the vote count. Anyway, 18 votes in one day, compared to 2,011 votes, still have time to try and beat yesterdays count. Let's do THIS!!!! For RON PAUL!

It's time for a Third Party revolt.

We have a strong and honest candidate in a corrupt party. We should ask him to consider leaving that party, while he still has the chance to make political history this election year.

Support the Constitution of the United States