DailyPaul Hosting Issues Update

Dear Friends,

If the site is still running slow for you, I suggest that you log out for faster browsing, and only log in if you want to post a comment. For users who are not logged in, the pages are on a 10 minute cache, so the site doesn't need to access the database. I think this explains why some people -- the people who were logged in -- were having such long delays, while others emailed me (but few commented) that the site was running pretty fast. The downside of not being logged in is that you won't see any new comments until 10 minutes after they're posted. I apologize for this, and this is obviously only a temporary fix.

It has become clear that my current host (Dreamhost) doesn't have the capabilities to host a site with this level of traffic, and has advised that I look for an alternate solution. The problem is that even though I am on on of their "private servers" - the MySQL database is on a shared server. I need to get to a hosting environment that I have complete control over, and I'll be working on this next week.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions, and an especially big thanks to John VanDyk who is one of the main guys behind the Drupal.org project.

The hosting issues have been nearly all consuming for me these past few days, so the site updates have been on the light side. I'll be working over the weekend to get things fixed, and might have to take the site down for a few days as I move it...

Please stay tuned. Thank you all for your patience.

Michael Nystrom

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