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Ultimately this is ridiculous, Gingrich is already $600,000 in debt..

there is only one way he can continue to the convention, and then what would he owe to the guy who bought the presidency?


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I thought Newt would outlast Santorum.

Now, I am beginning to wonder. Adelson has as much as announced he has written him off. Armey has now denounced him.
If Ron Paul actually wins second in Nevada, Gingrich could be out before he end of the week.


Gingrich campaign paid off some debts, still owes $600,000
By Carol D. Leonnig, Published: February 4

Newt Gingrich’s campaign remains roughly $600,000 in debt, two months after it reported deep debts and a long list of creditors, newly released campaign spending records show.

Fundraising by the former House speaker’s campaign has stepped up markedly since then and Gingrich just last month cut by half the $1.2 million owed in October 2010. Still, several outstanding creditors remain.

At the end of last year, he owed a total of $1.19 million — nearly a half-million dollars of that to InfoCision, an Ohio-based telemarketing firm that specializes in fundraising for conservative political, Christian and nonprofit groups. Two months earlier, Gingrich owed roughly the same amount to another key vendor, Moby Dick Airlines , which provides charter flights for the candidate and his top aides to travel across the country for campaign stops


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

washington post


Squirrel with blue cheese


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

UNLESS the GOP offered to pay his & Santorum's

"expenses", so they will stay in the race to ridicule and demean Dr. Paul....all, of course, for the Greater Good, as they say.

Why else would they stay in this, UNLESS they'd been offered some Federal Reserve money deposited in a Swiss bank account, or hey, better yet, in a Cayman Islands account right along Rummy's.


you love the provided link?

....it's so purdy.....and included in the updated version!



Where did you find this?