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"End the Fraud" Money Bomb

It seems that the campaign may not want to get involved in actively circumventing voter fraud and they may have reason not to do so. That said, as a citizen, I'm frustrated that MY elections are being rigged and cheated.

How many people would be willing to give to an "End The Fraud" Money Bomb that we could then use to pay an army to be at every precinct with specific "job duties" in every up-coming state? I know I read a post before about a gentleman who specializes in vote fraud prevention... maybe we can get advice from him?

This is OUR R3VOLUTION and changing the state of the horrifically secretive and faulty election proceedings could be a HUGE game changer. I know I'd be willing to put a lot of money towards such an effort.

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start a chip in

Great idea!

bumping to see how much

bumping to see how much support there is for something like this.

Love the idea


I like the idea

I think everyone (Paul Supporters) in the caucuses should keep the tally and report to Ron Paul headquarters with the results to make sure they match up with what they are proclaiming.

If an individual cheats...

...it's a crime isn't it? I mean, there's 'voter' fraud so there must be 'election' fraud.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Is it a crime

Is voter fraud a crime in the GOP caucus? If so, under what jurisdiction does it fall? That's where we should start. Call the local authorities of each caucus State before the caucus and demand accountability and transparenty.

Not sure

The gop is a private organization. They can almost anything they want to and still not break any laws. If it where a general election that would be different.

Pvt orgs determine candidates

Well i'm new to the process. If corporate sponsored organizasions are coordinating our GOP candidate selection, that is a big problem and we should expect corruption. Are you saying that the GOP has no oversight by the people? If so, that is insane...

My goodness... I don't even

My goodness... I don't even know what to think about that. Couldn't you then have the issue of each state ordaining who it wanted without bothering to have an election. Maybe that's the mess we're in!

Gosh... I would HOPE it's a

Gosh... I would HOPE it's a crime. Could it NOT be?!

Even if it isn't a crime, we should know our rights to things like video taping and watching the vote tallies. And, if they can go around us on that one, we could have large tables set up at every precinct with professional signage where people could stop and log their vote.

I don't know, there are so many options but I think the key is having paid employees to do it and not volunteers. Also, having very specific duties for people who are well versed on those duties and what the legal implications are and won't be bullied because it's their JOB. KWIM?

I'm game

That is something I would donate to.