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YES! Mission accomplished

Well today I got a Ron Paul sign in a couple of pictures for santorum's events.



Bump it!

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Its way too good!

Good job...love it!

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Are the signs reversible?

White in the photo and blue in the article?

Gee, if I donate $100 to Santorum, I can have an official sweater vest too! Nah, never mind... Wouldn't take it for free, much less over pay for one. Wonder how many fools donated $100 at that event and how many sweater vests he had left over when it was done. Now that's an article I'd like to see.

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Yah, this made

my day!! Thanks you da man!

Yah, this made

my day!! Thanks you da man!

deacon's picture

ever notice?

there is always one in the crowd?
Ron Paul supporter that is
way too funny,thanks

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Great Job!

Great job! I'm originally from Bemidji MN and it was great to see pictures of places I'm very familiar with Ron Paul signs! Wish I had been there with signs myself!


Thanks for the pick-me-up!
If you scroll down on the second link you see a picture of Santorum looking at sweater vests, lolMaybe we could start a "Santorum looks at__________!" website, which of course would link to a "Kin Jong Ill looked at __________!" site, sorta tie them together as "RED lookers but not doers".

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Wear a

Sweater vest when you wave it:)

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


And comb your hair just like Santorum.



They are sleeping

Wow. His crowd looks as lively and exciting as he is.

I love that!



I wish it wasn't too late to do stuff like that at Gingrich events here in FL...



LOL Nice!

They even mentioned you in the caption for people who couldn't tell who you are! ;)

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Caught in the middle?
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good job

good job



I like how you're peeking around the sign in that news article lol.

Haha yea

I was actually talking to one of his aides who was trying to get me off the sidewalk. I said that im sorry but i pay taxes here and your just visiting from where?? He got pretty mad at that

LoL you are awesome--don't forget to vote and BRING FRIENDS!


Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:



that pisses him off, I love it! His temper is as bad as Newt's only he can control it a little better but he can't hide it. Just look at his face, it gets red and he's almost gritting his teeth .

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Yea he was mad

I went up to him before anyone else saw him and shook his hand and said thanks for stopping in Bemidji, MN and was behind him the whole walk. Thats why you wont see to many pictures. of him outside in Bemidji, MN only inside private property

Awesome! Keep up the good

Awesome! Keep up the good work man it's appreciated!