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To the People of Texas: Concerning the Republican Presidential Primary

It is no accident that so many of the books and movies about the Old West are set in Texas. There is something about Texas that stirs the soul like no other place in America. What is the reason for this mysterious phenomenon? It is not a mystery at all. It is the yearning for freedom.

From before its birth as a republic or a state within this union, Texas has been a place where people have gone to be free. As an isolated state in the Mexican republic, Texas provided a sanctuary for all who wished to live their own lives without interference from a distant capital. When the Mexican government attempted to exert centralized, despotic power over the free people of Texas, your ancestors fought with Santa Anna on the side of the federalists. When that general later repudiated liberty and betrayed the Texans that had fought for it by his side, the people of Texas stood against him and won their freedom again.

Americans have always thought of Texas as an independent state that only reluctantly joined the union and has had one foot out the door ever since. That is not to say that Texans are unpatriotic. On the contrary, Texas is the last place in America where the founding principle of federalism still seems to live. None doubt that Texas is there to support and defend her fellow states. However, any American who loves liberty has always fondly imagined Texas’ stance towards the federal government to be, “Don’t push us too far or we’ll leave. We’re quite capable of taking care of ourselves.”

What is more American than that? Independence. Self-government. Voluntary association. Self reliance. In an age where centralized power has reached into every aspect of the lives of the people, only Texas seems to exude a spirit of resistance. When Americans think of a well-armed, independent populace that will not be pushed around by anyone, they invariably think of Texans. If the unlimited expansion of the power of the federal government is ever to be checked, who better to lead than them?

What makes America a free country? It is not free just because people say it is free. America has always been different from any other place on earth because of her Constitution. Freedom does not come from the Constitution, but the Constitution was an attempt to protect freedom. How? By limiting the power of the federal government. America has been freer and wealthier than any country in history not because of what the government has done, but because of what the government has not been allowed to do.

Those limits on federal government power have been under attack since the birth of the republic. Now they are all but gone. The government no longer protects your life. It claims the power to kill you without trial. It no longer protects your property, but loots it to fund its failed social programs and foreign adventures. Worst of all, it no longer recognizes your God-given right to liberty. It believes that whatever liberty you have comes from the government, to be increased or decreased at its pleasure. It believes that it can tell Texans what they can eat, what they can drink, how they must run their businesses, where they can go, what they can and cannot do on their own property, and even what they can think.

Sadly, most Americans have forgotten how abhorrent these ideas are. However, many of us like to think that Texans have not forgotten. Have you? Hopefully you have not. You have an opportunity to say so loud and clear during this election year. There is one man running for president of these United States that opposes everything that is wrong with America. It is no mistake that he comes from Texas.

For Texas Republicans, every election must bring back the sting of Santa Anna’s betrayal. Republican candidates say that they are going to cut federal government spending and roll back federal power. They never do. Ronald Reagan promised to eliminate the Department of Education, to cut federal spending, and to “curb the size and influence of the Federal establishment and to demand recognition of the distinction between the powers granted to the Federal Government and those reserved to the States or to the people.” He did none of this. He grew the size of the federal government by over 70%. He expanded the role of the Department of Education. He increased the power of the federal government, further breaking down those distinctions that he promised to recognize.

George W. Bush made similar promises with similar results, as had Nixon and Eisenhower before him. Republican politicians are elected by those who vote for them specifically to cut the size and scope of government and thereby increase liberty and prosperity. They never do.

The truth is that no presidential candidate, in this century or the last, Republican or Democrat, has attempted to check the growth of the federal government. The Democratic Party openly admits that it seeks to expand government at all levels. At least they are honest. The Republicans claim to oppose that agenda, but have expanded government whenever they have been in power. What Republican president has ever made the government smaller?

This election year is no different. Certainly, Barack Obama makes no promises to cut the size or power of the government. He believes that all economic growth originates from some sort of government intervention. He believes that the purpose of government is to redistribute wealth. He opposes the basic ideals that made America different from any other place in human history. He makes no secret of this. At least we know where he stands.

It is the Republican candidates that represent the potential for another betrayal. As usual, they say that they intend to cut federal spending and power, but they will not name one specific program that they will cut, or one regulatory agency that they will abolish. That is, none of them with one exception: Ron Paul.

Congressman Paul has stood alone for decades against the unchecked growth of the federal government and is the only candidate in any party committing to cut it. He has already published a budget that cuts $1 trillion from the federal budget during the first year of his presidency. It eliminates five federal departments, which not only saves money, but reestablishes a founding American principle. It is that the federal government has no business regulating Education, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Energy, or “the Interior.” These are all powers properly left to the states or the people. No other candidate makes similar promises because they do not truly believe in these principles. They do not believe in limiting the power of the government. On the contrary, they seek to expand it for themselves.

You may have been told that Ron Paul is “unelectable” because of his foreign policy. Yet, what is that policy? It is that only the American people may decide to go to war, through their elected representatives in Congress. Ron Paul insists that no president or general may usurp that power. If war is said to be necessary, then there should be a debate in the Congress and a declaration of war. When America followed this constitutional process, she won wars. Since she has abandoned it, she has never really won a war.

We have instead sent our soldiers to far-off lands with no definition of victory. Their hands are tied with confusing rules of engagement that prevent them from winning and allow the wars to drag on. This is suspiciously convenient for those who profit from war at the expense of taxpayer money and precious American blood. How much longer shall we go on like this? Over sixty years later, what is the U.S. military’s mission in Korea and when will it end? Germany? Japan?

Ron Paul will end those missions now and recommit our military to defending this country. Most importantly, if war should come during his presidency, Ron Paul will have the war properly declared by Congress and he will allow our military to win it. Ask yourselves if you truly believe that any of the other candidates will do likewise. Make no mistake, Ron Paul is the only president that will win the next war.

Our nation is in crisis. It faces economic collapse and a myriad of social problems. Every reasonable person recognizes that the federal government is at the root of the problem. But who will stand up and oppose it? The government has every media outlet arranged against Ron Paul or anyone else that suggests pushing back against federal expansion. Americans are daily bombarded with propaganda supporting the status quo. The leading Republican candidates do not oppose it at all. Neither do entrenched Republican Party leaders.

At this point in American history, Ron Paul may literally be our last hope. A vote for anyone else is a vote for more of what has led our nation to the precipice. Time is running out on the option to reverse course. Courageous people in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada have already cast their votes for liberty in large numbers, but they have not given Ron Paul a victory.

Hopefully, that will have changed by the time you hold the Texas Republican Primary. At that time, you will have an opportunity to strike a blow for freedom. Texas commands 155 delegates. A Ron Paul win in Texas can prevent another big government elitist from clinching the Republican nomination. Most importantly, it sends a message that a large and prominent state has rejected the unnatural form of government that we have adopted. It says to the federal government what our forefathers once famously said to the British, “This far shall you go and no farther.”

It is the responsibility of every individual to defend his or her own liberty. It is the responsibility of every state government to defend the limits on federal power. Texas cannot do it for the other states, but she can lead by example. The stand against tyranny must begin somewhere. If not in Texas, where else? If even Texas does not resist the federal juggernaut, how can we expect any state to do so?

There is a yearning for freedom within every American heart. For many, it is buried beneath decades of lies, shoddy education, and propaganda. But it is there. Ron Paul has reawakened it in millions, young and old. The forces of tyranny recognize this and are uniformly aligned against him. They despise freedom and independence. They thrive on dependence and control. One side is going to win. Freedom can only prevail with Texas leading the way. For the Texan inside every American, do not let us down. Give Ron Paul and Liberty a victory that neither the government nor the people can ignore.

Tom Mullen is the author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.

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De criminalize Liberty!

75% of Texans don't know you can vote twice on primary day

So pleeeeease---immediately after the polls close, go to caucus and vote again!

Vital bit of info, Thanx...

...I'm from Texas and never knew that! Thank you, Ma'am.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

You can't vote twice. You

You can't vote twice. You can vote, then after the polls close you can go to your precinct meeting and become a precinct delegate for your county convention.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Cool post / poem by MBL 2nd president of Texas.

Cool post, since where talking about Texas here is a poem from Mirabeau Bounaparte Lamar, 2nd president of the Republic of Texas.

NAY -- tell me not of dangers dire
That lie in duty's path;
A Warrior of the Cross can feel
No fear of human wrath.
Where'er the Prince of Darkness holds
His earthly reign abhorred,
Sword of the Spirit! thee I draw,
And battle for the Lord.

I go, I go to break the chains
That bind the erring mind,
And give the freedom that I feel,
To all of human kind;
But oh, I wear no burnished steel,
And seek no gory field;
My weapon is the Word of God,
His promise is my shield.

And thus equipped, why need I fear,
Though hosts around me rise? --
There is a power in gospel truth
No heathen can despise;
And he who boldly fights with that,
Will through more perils wade
Than the vain warrior, trusting to
His bright Damascus blade.

No blasts by land or sea can shake
The purpose of my soul;
The tempest of a thousand winds
May sweep from pole to pole,
Yet still serene, and fixed in faith,
All fear of death I scorn --
I know it is my Father's work --
He's with me in the storm.

Then let me go where duty calls,
Where God himself commands --
Bearing the banner of his Son
To dark and distant lands;
And if the high and holy cause
Require my early fall                  
A recreant he who would not die
For Him who died for all.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

Something for Texans to watch for

We have a lot of contested US House seats in GOP primary, chances are there are a lot of RP type candidates on the ballot. They may not be waving the RP banner, since they are appealing to a broader base. Do your homework. God Bless Sheriff Mack!

Glenn Addison

Glenn Addison is the candidate most like Ron Paul and his views. He is a fan of Ron Paul. He is running for senator. Lots of people want that guy named Ted Cruz--he likes to whip out a copy of the constitution from his pocket every chance he gets, but I don't really trust him....just a gut feeling--although he does have a better chance of beating David Dewhurst---who is one of the biggest crooks in the state.

Ron Paul, president of Texas if need be! ;)

Lived in Austin 3 of the last 5 years. Will head back to Tx and freedom if Tx would only exercise its right to secede! Enjoyed the Tea Party at Town Lake in 2007!
Great blog entry!
PS....watch that GOP in Tx...as sneaky there as anywhere...they played all kinds of havoc on Ron Paul delegates.

Texan here


yes we can


Ron Paul 2012 - Dallas County (on Facebook) has been meeting an organizing since the first GOP Debate. I spent Christmas with people I had met at Ron Paul meet-ups. The Ron Paul Revolution has changed my life in Dallas. We are fierce, tireless, and have begun voting for who we will send to run as delegates on election day.

There is an unbelieveable amount of energy in our section of the movement. I can pretty much guarantee a Ron Paul victory in Dallas county. Born and raised here, you'd love it. We have no state income tax. The city police are actually respectable because they rarely, if ever, write speeding tickets. The suburbs are another story (straight up Nazis). DPD is told never to risk lives by chasing a suspect on a traffic stop. Our downtown area has improved drastically since I was young, and our state economy surpassed Calif. to become the second biggest economy in the US. We tend to have more freedoms here, but the FBI and DEA are working hard to fix that as they never have to face angry voters.

Ha! That's a very accurate

Ha! That's a very accurate portrayal of the metroplex

San Antonio born and raised,

IN Michigan now taking Ron Paul to the Masses, NEED HELP this is a blue state, call everyone you know here and tell the about Ron Paul and what he stands for! Primary, Feb 28th

Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.

Show your support

Get on the map! Find other Ron Paul supporters in your area. Let's see how many Ron Paul voters there really are! Post this everywhere you go on the internet! http://voteronpaul.us/

Great article and the points

Great article and the points on Texas are completely correct.

Texans are a freedom loving people, and will stand and fight with Dr Paul.

There is one thing that the article doesn't mention and that is... most people living in Texas now, are not from here. They didn't move here because they loved our passion for independence and freedom, they moved here for the jobs. As Texans we understand this robust economy is partly due to our independence, but most people don't know that. They just see a job and come, but they don't think twice about why the jobs are here.

I hope the people of this great state come out in DROVES to support the message of freedom, but I have a feeling the establishment GOP in this state will steal the election like they have in each state before us. But i'll tell you this, if the fraud is as blatant here as it has been everywhere else there's a good chance it won't pass silently.

If you steal the peoples right to vote, what other methods do they have to express their political will?

Granted, they didn't know our history before they moved here,...

...but most embrace the philosophy after a couple of years (many Texans might want to teach state history to newcomers).
Many say they will never go back to where ever they came from and want their children to be born 'Texans'. I've even seen anti-gun folks move here and eventually start packing heat. Don't underestimate 'Adopted Texans', their love of freedom only intensifies.
But like you said, corruption is ubiquitous. That is the real problem. Don't be surprised if you hear about 'Secession' more often in the next few months.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

You are right about people

You are right about people adopting the Texan values and embracing liberty. Its always good to see.


In 2008 Romney had 2% of the vote! Ron Paul had over 5%! Ron Paul is from Texas and Texas is pissed at the way this nation is heading. We can only hope that they stand up and vote for the only candidate that will give give us freedom and liberty!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Mission in Korea

Just between you and me, I'm pretty sure our mission in Korea is to nail as many of the five dollar hookers as they can.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

A commercial somewhere in here

I can't help thinking there's a commercial in here somewhere, an appeal to Texans to "lead by example", reciting their history.

And let's leave out LBJ, George W. Bush and John Connally (who as Treasury Secretary with Nixon finally offed that pesky gold standard).

I'll forgive all Texans all of that, for one vote, one vote for Ron Paul.

Of course, making that commercial wouldn't put it on the air, and in Texas that is a huge cost. The number of expensive media markets rivals California.

Quite simply, Texas would take tens of millions of dollars to compete on the air...and if the Ron Paul campaign had that to spend (which it doesn't) a Romney campaign simply would spend more, to stop him.

That's always been what we've been looking at...that's always been the very difficult math between where we are and where we want to get, a convention win in Tampa.

Romney (or whomever is backed by the big bucks) simply can buy Texas, California, New York...they simply outgun our guy, who no matter how much his supporters sacrifice to give it simply ups the ante more.

Because it is so unlikely I'm prepared to give Texans credit, to forgive their past misdeeds, all of 'em, if they do this for me just this once.

Texans past misdeeds???

So all Texans need to seek your forgiveness? Good grief.

Why aren't you thanking us for Ron Paul then?

The Bush family is not from

The Bush family is not from Texas, they are from Connecticut.


LOL, This Texan Agrees! hahaha

Where's the up/down vote thing?

Beck saying he's a Texan now too. ugh.

Who said they were?

Not I.

You have Google?

Oh, how profound!

I said George W.

I did you know.

Or do you know?

And what the bleep difference does that make?

George W. ran for congress as a Republican in Texas.

Oh, and by the way, his dad, the guy you want everyone to know is from Conn. actually was elected from and served in congress from TEXAS.

In case you missed it too, George H.W. Bush was a fairly significant dude down there, Texas way, or did your quick Google search elude you?

So, what is your point again?

haha, don't get upset. we are

haha, don't get upset. we are all on the same team here.

Quick Singh, tell me...

Tell me how to get on the ballot in Conn., Singh...

Oh pray tell, tell ME.

I'm an expert, but I want to hear you tell me.

Tell me, Singh, tell me.

BTW, at this date, there IS NO way, outside of Independent, there is NO way in Conn.

That's the answer Singh, did you know that?

I've put candidates on the ballot in Conn, have you?

It's one of the more difficult states in the nation, in its own weird way, but that's what I do.

I don't do things here, like post nonsense, I actually get out there.

And I know how to do it.

I know that shit, do you?

No you do not.

It's REALLY hard to get on the ballot in Conn.

Good job getting Dr Paul on

Good job getting Dr Paul on the ballot in Connecticut. We all appreciate that.


so, why yap about Conn?

So, why yap about Conn?

Have you ever been to Texas?

Or Conn?

Do you know the first thing about either?

I've done both.

Have you?

Whoever you are.

Why ask?

Don't tell me you are on my side without ID.

I don't roll that way.

WOW!! You are completely out of line

You are completely out of line, but that's based on my own standards of respect/dignity. You are also making a lot of assumptions about what I do/don't know and what I have/haven't done.

I sent you a PM. If you have things to say to me... just message me directly, no need to keep posting on this thread.

fact is

I know what I am talking about.

You simply do not try to get on the ballot past Super Tuesday.

Everyone like me tells you that.

Ron Paul already knows that..and not because I told him so.

But I would.

Typically, it takes a myriad of people to get on the ballot.

In his case, extreme luck.

You know nothing of that.

So, I'm completely out of

So, I'm completely out of line because I know ballot access laws like the back of my hand.

You sent me NO PM because you lie.

You don't have the slightest clue what you are talking about.

I know all those states up there, I've run them all. I've also got a running knowledge of Texas, current knowledge, DO YOU?

Of course not, you have no clue what I'm talking about.

I'm an expert, one of maybe 5 or 6 humans in the nation, and you are, what exactly?

Ever been there?

I am out of line because I know what it means to get on the ballot, in Conn and in TX.

You don't. I do.

I've spent ALOT of time up there doing it, and you have spent NONE.

Or am I wrong?

How much have you messed up?

For I have seen that too, idiots belonging to one org or another who are idiots.

Are you merely feeble or did you graduate to idiot?

Okay, "Mr. Expert"...

I don't care if you do list your name. Why do you sully it by acting in this manner?

I do not know you by your true name any better than I would by a screen name. In this environment screen names are more important than true names because they represent an ideology in a medium that is based on thought and communication.

There is no PM and there is no out of line

Ive run these drives, all of them imaginable, have you?

Tell me one ballot access drive you have run?


I've run several hundreds?

Moreover, I've one of maybe six people on the planet at any given time who have done what you dismiss as easy.

Tell me again you have been there, or even are there...who are you?

I use my name, why do you not?

Courts ask this stuff, or do you have no belly for that?

Courts ask this stuff.


You ever heard the slogan: "Knowledge is power?"

How much power do you want the world wide web to have? Do you sign your name everywhere? Why not give thumbprints instead?


I don't know about out of line or not slevin....but just from an outsiders point of view....you're an *sshole......just sayin......

and you never have been there, have you dalek?

It never ceases to amaze the idiots who have no balls even to list their own names and yet who have the gall to denounce others, and all in the name of knowing absolutely nothing.

Or, do I do you an injustice dalek, do you, in your anonymity, know anything?

Keep tabs on the primary date

Fellow Texans, if you haven't already, subscribe to the TxGOP email list via texasgop.org to get updates about the redistricting saga that is causing the primary date to change. While so far it's set at the beginning of April, they say it will likely change again.

Delegates delegates delegates!

If you're in Austin, help us sign wave - check out bravenewbookstore.com for more info. There's marches and a jog also. They're all covered by local media. Last sign wave, we had huge banners at multiple intersections and a lot of people came up to talk about RP, both pro and con. A lot of dems are on the fence after Obama stabbed them in the back.

Travis County

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

OH so pleased to have the name of the BOOKSTORE!

I believe that's where a "Debate-Watching Party" was held, and I watched it on local alternative program! AND someone with whom I just crossed paths told me about the bookstore, but he couldn't remember the name... but the location was surely close to being accurate! Wear my "Reclaiming America" shirt when I'm out and about...and it's a really good conversation starter without my saying a word to do it! (Actually wear it backward in order that the TEXT will show!)

Today, talking to dear friend of 35+ yrs here in Austin(and I believe she supported the current prez - as did my children-in-law in 2008), good friend, after our visiting -"gently" about Dr. Paul is NOW supporting RP! AND she believes her parents in CA have come around to him!

Susie Austin

Susie 4 Liberty

Delegate Request

Where can I get more info about becoming a delegate in Austin, TX?

texas delegate

I am also on a mission to figure out how the process works.
Have several family members that are wanting to become delegates in Texas.
I have the time and determination so I will keep calm and carry on! And show my family the way.


I'm GOP Chairman of my precinct in TX, and have been delegate to the County and State conventions twice.

This is how I did it:

1. Register Republican - This is easy. In my case, on the DAY OF THE PRIMARY, Declare (say) to the person at the poll that you are Republican ("I Am Republican"). They will register you as Republican and give you a ballot right there on the spot. You may be able to do it early at the registers office, I didn't have to and as far as I'm aware you can still do it right there at the primary place.

2. After Voting, COME BACK!!! - When the polls close, the Precinct Convention begins. If you are the only one there, you make yourself chairman, secretary, and treasurer. There SHOULD be a packet there at the place you voted for the Chairman. Pick it up if you're the only one there. If there's others there it should be pretty easy, you'll just be a delegate. This is also the time you would submit your resolutions. But really the important thing to remember, is after the polls close GO BACK. Your Day Is Not Done, you will be up later that night than usual. GO BACK WHEN THE POLL CLOSES. GO BACK WHEN THE POLL CLOSES.

In my case, I had some resolutions ready. That first time, there was one other person there, the current chair. He didn't want to be chair.

Those are most important, Declare Republican at the Primary, and after the polls close, GO BACK for the convention.

Once that was done I got the date for the County convention. Wandered that aimlessly, argued my resolutions, and wandered into the credentials room where I got myself added as a delegate to the State convention... think it was credentials... been a few years... but you're in a good spot if you can even Make it to the County.

From there you get voted to be a delegate to the State convention. Hope to see you there.

Now, for the Chairman part. Once I had made it to the County conventions as just a regular joe delegate from my precinct, I started going to various repbulican meetings... Pachyderm Club, Republican Women (very important group), and was invited to an Executive Committee meeting where I was voted in Unanimously as my Precinct Chair as the current one didn't want it and didn't even live in my precinct and I was the Only One There! lol

So there we have it. I'm Precinct Chair, and I'm a delegate automatically from my precinct. I'm also secretary, treasurer, and whatever else.

It's less organized than you think. Most of the time, all it takes, is to just...

Show Up.

Hope that helps. If not, or any other questions I'll try to check back and answer. I'm a pretty dumb average guy so if I can do it LITERALLY ANYONE can.

just a quick question

I am new to Texas. A few weeks ago I sent in my voter registration information but have not heard anything back. How do I find out where my local primary is held/will I need to show proof of registration? Thanks- and sorry if these questions are obvious.

Texas delegates!

Excellent synopsis of how to be a Texas GOP delegate.

I would only add one point for emphasis: get your voter registration card stamped by the poll worker who validates your registration.

The stamp typically states something like "Voted in Republican Primary". This can be a stickler of a problem if your credentials are ever questioned when following the procedure to become a delegate. In 2008, my poll worker did not stamp my registration card ... I made sure to request it be stamped. She commented that "nobody ever asks to have a stamp", which, to me, means 'No one ever cares enough to fully participate in our representative republic."

See you at the convention! (If they ever get our primary date set!)

they shot reagan

then bush took control

I am a Texan and...

I have noticed several of the Larger Ron Paul banner signs popping up on fences and in front of businesses in my little area East of Dallas. There are more yard signs and bumper stickers popping up as well. I have yet to see another sign or sticker for any other candidate except Ron Paul.

Even through our business we have the super brochures out and people will take them. I just gave one out this morning and the guy called me back to personally tell me Thanks for telling him about Ron Paul because he watches Fox News and they don't talk about him. He said he is now almost certain Ron is who he is voting for in April. All it took was 5 minutes to read the brochure. Love it. = )

How do I become a delegate in Texas?

I know others that will volunteer also but we don't know where to start.

First you have to attend YOUR

First you have to attend YOUR precinct convention when the polls close. That's where you get selected as a precinct delegate. Then you go to the county convention, submit and vote on resolutions for the Republican platform, and try to get volunteer for the State convention as a delegate. You have to go through a screening process with your county Republican party to be a State Delegate/Alternate delegate. Getting in as a precinct delegate is usually as simple as showing up, many precincts don't even fill all the available spots.

Contact your Ron Paul meetup to coordinate and further info! Get a copy of Robert's Rules and learn them.

Texas Republican video on Precinct convention:


"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Too Many Religious Conservatives Here

I fear that R.P. may not do any better here than he did in Nevada. There are too many people here who think it would be a good idea for the force of government to be used to promote so-called christian values. Romney will win because people think he's the best chance to beat Obama. Gingrich will come in second because he's seen as the best chance to beat Obama who is not Mormon. And our good Dr. Paul will come in 3rd.

In Texas

They don't even have a set primary election date yet...