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Nationwide newsmaking protest...

Here's how we change this news cycle to our favor NOW....

We set a date and time - in the next day or so - and we list on this site or start a site, that lists city by city meetup locations, and we bring our signs and banners and megaphones, and we march - NATION WIDE, at the same time. In broad day light...in primetime...call the newspapers and radios and tvs...let them know in every city.

I live in the middle of BFE but I can go to my town center along with others.

Let's let the people of the USA know that Paul is for real and we will not be stopped....let's make our own news...

If we are going to win, we are going to have to do more than we are...

It's about sacrifice and labor right now, but the reward will be freedom and peace for our children...

Let's go freedom lovers and revolutionaries...let's fight this fight standing up...

It's more than giving money and putting on bumper stickers...this is a war for freedom and liberty...did the fathers give up? Will we?

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ronpaulfreedommarch is available..

I checked domains and ronpaulfreedommarch is available. This is a good one and easy to remember....many web builders will offer free domain with package.

It's now or never...time to hit the streets and spread the truth!

Ok guys...let's do it...

who has the ability to do this? We can talk all day...but it's time to do more than that.

Example.... Thursday at 5pm at the corner of x street in anytown, USA. We will march for an hour or two...bring your signs and banners and be ready to rock the revolution.

Just a list of cities and where to meet up. The time should be the same everywhere. Nationwide...same time...march for freedom.

People WILL show up.

We must tweet it, email, call our friends and let everyone we know who supports Ron to show up...It's time WE take our country back.

Get url like "ronpaulfreedommarch" or "revolutionmarch2012" or something to coordinate it all, and people can easily find their city and location.

Let one person who will volunteer time...receieve emails from people in the cities, and let one person set the location, so everyone shows up at one spot. I say first person to email, gets his choice for location set...just make sure it's prominent and has max exposure.

We need this done NOW!!!! Like a march for later this week or early next week. We cant let more and more primaries slip by. We have to raise up NOW!

It's now or never...time to hit the streets and spread the truth!

This Is Election Time

Actively volunteer for the campaign. Make phone calls. Hand out the RP super brochure. If you are in a caucus state, start organizing your precinct. If you are near a caucus state, help the nearest precinct leader with caucus recruiting. Locate other RP supporters and get them involved doing all these things.

If a Ron Paul R3VOLution march

can be arranged in my town, I'll be there.

If it can be done this sounds like a pretty good idea. It'd raise morale and be good publicity I'd think.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

Power to the people!

Great concept. We will 'Occupy America'! Right On! Lets see the Lame Stream Media ignore that!