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What Is The "follow The Money" Reason "they" Are Keeping Us Down?

Can we start a list of who would suffer financially under Ron Paul...and how....What I am getting at is what else is keeping up this money bubble.

Would Goldman suffer? Is that why they support Romney? What would they get if Romney is President versus Paul?

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Former Goldman Sachs people

Former Goldman Sachs people are in positions of power in the White House, various agencies, and the FED. They are among Obama's bosses, as they are Romney's. GS would no longer being running the White House. Goldman Sachs would be tossed out of all administration positions immediately.
A commodities backed currency would prevent them from playing the infusion game with the FED, and it would take power away from the FED, also would put a serious crimp in GS/FED stock manipulation. I have a guess that the banksters and Wall Street would be decoupled, which would immediately end some of the greener pastures for corruption.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Counterfeiting is the top of pyramid of corruption

Everything else is downhill from the Federal Reserve and Fractional Reserve bankers.

Fractional reserve bankers counterfeit their own money, the government gets counterfeit money from the Fed, the banks get counterfeit money from the Fed, and large corporations of every type get counterfeit money from the Fed.

The counterfeiting of our money robs value from us all, effectively turning us into slaves.

That counterfeit money is then used to further corrupt and distort our economy, media, elections, government and all institutions.

American Interest (corporation profits) in foreign countries

Referencing oil & gas pipelines, and war machinery sales.
Large corporation's government subsudies.
Special interest pork.
Total Global Dominance.