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Ron Paul Delegate strategy

Hi everyone. I'm not American, but am studying here in the US. I never really followed US politics before this, but I became interested in Ron Paul late last year (and went to see him speak at my uni). Since then, I have become an ardent supporter of his. He is a true statesman, something very rarely seen here or anywhere else in the world. I can only wish we had someone like him back where I come from. I guess I have a few questions which I hope the good people here on this forum could answer :

1. Could anyone wager a guess as to the proportion of voters who never find out what a candidate stands for, and just vote according to who is doing well in the polls? It is absolutely beyond me how anyone could vote for the others (who are so slimy/dishonest/war-mongering - there are videos where you can actually see them say A, then not A, B then not B, etc). Are voters so misinformed, or do they feel forced to vote for someone who is 'electable' (whatever that word even means - aren't all the candidates electable?). Don't even get me started on media bias/blackout/flat-out lying. I have commented (politely, I might add) on so many biased yahoo articles that I'm blue in the face.

2. If there is voter fraud, then what hope is there since the results are predetermined? I knew FL would not go well but what happened in NV seems to be totally inexplicable.

3. 1154 is the magic number of delegates and I know getting these is more important than winning primaries, etc. I am also aware that only Dr Paul and Romney are on the ballots in all 50 states. The question is - how can Ron Paul reach 1154 if Romney continues to do better than him each time?


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